[Alternatives] – Television – Theory Crafting: How To Get Away With Murder S01

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Theory Crafting:
How To Get Away With Murder S01

Initial Thoughts:

There are spoilers below. If you haven’t seen the finale, don’t read any further. You have been warned.

So I thought since so many of you murderers watch this show, it’d be fun to open up discussions as to some theories swimming in my head. I know streamlining comments/replies on WordPress might not be the best buuuuut let’s hope it works! Please feel free to add to my wealth of convoluted brain farts and argue everything (I will edit this post accordingly).

This is a giant work-in-progress post and isn’t very coherent.

(This post was last edited on April 15th, 2015)


Finale Questions—Looking At Rebecca Only:

  • Who did Rebecca contact? 
  • What does “Eggs 911. Lawyer’s House” mean?
  • At what point in the timeline did Rebecca die // who “killed” Rebecca?
Producer on the Finale:
  • Pete Nowalk said [concerning Eggs 911]: “I’ll just relate it to the fingernail scratches: If you could figure out that, then you could figure out Eggs 911.”
    • Looking at the cause > effect of the PCP (Phencyclidine) intake > fingernail scratches, we know that Rudy wouldn’t have been in his right mind but he didn’t die.
  • Also to note is the alternate ending mentioned in an interview:
    • “The one that we didn’t use, I (Annalise) just walk down the stairs to the cellar and I’m calling Rebecca’s name and I find her dead in her chair, tied up. I love the ending by the way”


Nail Scratching Related To Eggs:

(Open the images to see a larger, clearer version.)

Image shown when Wes/Laurel visit Rudy at the Enfield Behaviour Hospital (EBH):


How many scratches are in each set; does it correlate to another meaning (in roman numerals)?

  • Example Interpretation (read from left to right):
    • Set 1: 3 scratches (III)
    • Set 2: 4 scratches (IIV is not considered because it isn’t a proper number re: Set 4 below)
    • Set 3a: 6 Scratches (IIIIII); but why not VI instead?
    • Set 3b: 4 scratches in brackets (IIII); the two outer ones are unlike all the others
    • Set 4: scratches look like VII (7)
  • We know Rudy mentioned he spied on Rebecca (re: thin walls). It could be that he was referring to 3447 as Eggs and have knowledge that, “Eggs” is an alias for Rebecca (3447). 

Image shown when Rudy post-intake of PCP:


  • Example interpretation:
    • This one is more of a doozy to consider but there are still enough sets to suggest in a random order: 4-4-3-7/8. Although the markings on the far left weren’t very clear to definitely say there aren’t more numbers in play.


Meaning of “Eggs 911. Lawyers House”

What could Eggs mean?

  • Reb”egg”ca, a nickname given to her or her alias in connection with her drug dealing. It might make sense for her to identify herself since Michaela’s phone was used to text (215.555.0183)
  • Eggs could be the name of the individual she was contacting
  • Eggs is a drug slang for “heroine in rock form”
    • “After the initial effects, users usually will be drowsy for several hours; mental function is clouded; heart function slows; and breathing is also severely slowed, sometimes enough to be life-threatening. Slowed breathing can also lead to coma and permanent brain damage.” (Source)
  • Eggs could be a typo (3-DEF, 4-GHI, 7-PQRS) and EGGS wasn’t the intended message at all.
  • “Eggs” can have a double meaning; an alias and the drug itself. Rudy could have been scratching her name because she put him in there (trauma?) but Rebecca might actually be seeking the drug. He could have over heard Rebecca saying Eggs in the dorm and assumed she was referring to herself, as a nickname, which is how he learned of it in the first place.

What could 911 mean?

  • Emergency in terms of help required (needs someone to aid danger/distress)
  • Emergency in terms of “needing” the drug now (needs someone to hook her up)

What could Lawyer’s House mean?

  • If Keatings office is on campus (since Connor often parks his car there re: bonfire), and the drug operations were campus-run, then it could be common knowledge to just call Keating’s house “Lawyer’s House” (Assuming that Keating’s is the only Lawyer’s house on campus)

How does the timeline work?

  1. Asher shows up at the house. Rebecca sends out the text. Keating 4 moves Rebecca downstairs. Bonnie/Annalise return back to the house.
  2. Asher and Bonnie speak outside. Keating 4 in basement + Frank. Frank tells them all to go back upstairs.
  3. Laurel in kitchen and asks Frank to “take care of it (her)”. Michaela leaves the house to have lunch with Aiden’s mother.
  4. Rebecca speaks to Annalise (still alive) and then Wes (could be alive)
    • Something to consider is the placement of the laundry hamper in front of washer + where Frank stands at the end of the episode.
  5. Annalise then goes out to speak to Nate; Frank should still be under the orders to “watch over them” (it is very convenient for her to leave at this time to speak to Nate)
  6. When Annalise returns, Keating 4 are sitting in lounge with Bonnie at her desk. Frank isn’t in the scene immediately but does show up
  7. Annalise heads downstairs (it takes her around 30+ seconds) and realises Rebecca’s missing. Frank/Connor/Laurel/Michaela head outside. Wes is downstairs. Bonnie isn’t in the picture
    • Rebecca could have been moved during this time; still alive
    • Or she was already dead during this point
  8. Wes is crying on the stairs; Michaela is at the bar where Laurel arrives late; Connor heads to Olivers; Bonnie is not seen, Frank is expected to be downstairs. Keating 4 believe Rebecca is missing. Asher is met by a detective at home.
  9. Frank and Annalise reveal Rebecca under the stairs.

Who Did Rebecca Text?

(The important question to ask is what motive each might have for getting rid of Rebecca.)

  • Campus Police / Supermarket guy (Roger Loftiss(sp?): he moved to Delaware to seek employment. It is a solid argument to say he’d come back
  • Campus Police, Rebecca’s “friend’s brother”: This friendship could also reinforce how Rebecca seems to be coming in and out of the campus police station plus her having technology to track Wes’ phone 
  • Nate: Both of them had a working relationship regarding
  • Griffin O’Rielly: We know he does drugs but could he deal as well? Their relationship seems rocky still but we haven’t heard much from Griffin since the initial debacle. He could have a guilty mind in acting towards all the grief caused by Rebecca.
  • Rudy: might not actually be as ill as he lets others to believe him to be. He also studied law at Middleton and there could be a deeper history between Rebecca and Rudy since the accident (i.e. she called 911 to save him from drug overdose—which was still his choice to try)
  • A third party linked to her drug dealing

 Theory Crafting

Exhibit A: Rebecca Wasn’t Killed

  • Rebecca wasn’t killed or isn’t dead—she’s induced in a coma (but can still technically be “killed off” in the show—no real role moving forward aside from flashbacks. Or she could have really died because of being overdosed. They’re essentially synonymous.
  • This follows the eggs = drugs theory and dismisses the Reb”egg”ca alias but assumes a third suspect is involved and has influence over her “death”
  • Rebecca acts on her own impulses because of her past (remember the “she hurts others before she herself gets hurt”). She might know the effects of certain drugs and requested these eggs be brought to her so she can essentially overdose on it.
Theory Holes:
  • If brought in by a third party, how would they get into the house?
  • Where does Bonnie go during the scene when Annalise discovers Rebecca “missing”
  • Why would Rebecca want to overdose on heroin? There hasn’t been much of a story that centered on her willingly taking drugs (or had a reliance on drugs except for PCP at Griffins frat party).
  • The role of Asher to evolve in the second season (re: for Bonnie) should be explored.
    • Supporting a “third party theory” (re: EGGS 911 text)
      • Text was sent when Asher was on the porch and Keating 4 relocated downstairs (this is known). Also note that 911 suggests an emergency
      • Asher left the house but spends time talking outside with Bonnie (who might also have interacted with this suspect)
      • Third party could have been looking for “someone” NOT Annalise/Frank/Bonnie at this location (who Asher is assumed to believe are the only ones present in the house) and made contact with Asher, who then investigated further, having known about a back entrance, and upon entering—assuming it was unlocked—sees Rebecca tied up with the third party making him complicit in the act.)
    • Depending on how long Asher waits, the timeframe doesn’t add up (unless Asher + third person waited in the basement) because Annalise/Wes still has to talk to Rebecca.


Exhibit B: Annalise Moved Rebecca’s Body

  • Going back to the alternate ending it is highly possible that Annalise discovered Rebecca on the chair either alive or dead. She had to have moved Rebecca’s body (plus the laundry hamper that would block her way under the stairs) and staged it to look like Rebecca got away when in-fact Rebecca was under the stairs the entire time.
  • Suggests Annalise’s willingness to protect the Keating 4. Would likely tell Frank because they have a deep history together.
  • But it still brings the question of who did the deed and/or if it could be linked to Exhibit A.
Theory Holes:
  • Anyone semi captured would likely make a rouse to get attention, not to mention Annalise only had half a minute to go about this.


Exhibit C: Rebecca & Ex-Campus Cop/Nate

  • There’s a running theory that “Eggs 911 Lawyers House” does not see “Eggs” as an identifier for Rebecca’s nickname (as suggested above) but instead opens the door for eggs to mean ex. (Ex-911) implying a Cop (a has-been) who might have something to do with or was at the Laywer’s House.
  • Campus Police who saw Keating 4 at night of Sam’s death & Nate are both prime candidates to fill this role.
  • The phone number Rebecca texted was  215.555.0183. What’s interesting to note is that number that was given to Nate 212.555.0192. It’s interesting is all.

Other Exhibits to Explore:

  • One of the Keating 4 killed Rebecca (particularly Michaela/Laurel)
  • Bonnie killed Rebecca
  • Frank/Annalise killed Rebecca (which imo, I don’t think is the case unless their “not that guy” conversation wasn’t referring to Rebecca but talking about Lila instead.)
  • Third party (including new character) did the deed–“Eggs” becoming a suspect.


Oh geeeeeeeez this was so fun to write up even though I could be completely wrong with all the little things so far. I will follow-up and continue adding to this page when I flesh out more ideas.

I’m not so much concerned right now as to the “who did Sam call?” regarding how quickly Lila was murdered by Frank. It might not have been anyone related at all to the Keating practice.

To revisit:

  • Who did Rebecca contact? 
  • What does “Eggs 911. Lawyer’s House” mean?
  • At what point in the timeline did Rebecca die // who “killed” Rebecca

Let me know some of your opinions on anything! I’d love to hear how you’ve theorized the happenings.


14 thoughts on “[Alternatives] – Television – Theory Crafting: How To Get Away With Murder S01”

  1. Okay, talk about theories!

    1. Thanks for this, because this is awesome!

    2. 3447 = genius! I am thinking she texted Griffin.

    3. I really wanted Bonnie to kill Lila, but it wasn’t her. So I am hoping that Bonnie killed Rebecca. Because Bonnie is fishy.

    4. Frank is one suspicious man. He moves like a fox, sneaking and tiptoeing and showing up places suddenly.

    5. If it wasn’t Bonnie, it was Wes. He was really emotional on the stairs with Annelise.

    6. Why do we have to wait 7 months AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My theories are incomplete!

      For a while, I thought Rebecca was an undercover cop! There’s a bit of doozy gray areas in where she is if she’s not with Wes.

      Griffin is a tough one to sell. Would he want to kill Rebecca for griefing him? Yes, I can see that, but to come to her “rescue” so to say–I don’t know. Unless he’s one of the head honcho dealers to back up the Eggs drug == Eggs Nickname theory.

      I too wanted Bonnie to kill LIla. It was a double red herring since she had so much motive to do it! I can definitely see Bonnie killing Rebecca (with the help of Asher, actually). I don’t think Frank would have killed Reb unless it was another favour (Bonnie?!)

      If Wes did it, I feel like it could be built up as being accidental–and then having to get away with murder from that front. I actually just wish Wes died… LOL. He’s such an annoying char!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You are putting ideas in my mind and I am not liking it because we have to wait for friggin’ 7months!!! It’s just wrong, why are they making us feel frustrated and come up with theories!
    One thing though, what’s with Annalise and Wes’ relationship?
    AAAH the wait is gonna murder my brain cells from theorizing lol 😀
    Great post Joey! 🙂

    Ella @ The Filipina Booknote

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The list of theories I have above is tiny to the wealth of knowledge on the HTGAWM subreddit!

      I’m not sold on the Wes being related by blood to Annalise. I think I’m more inclined to believe that his cruddy upbringing is similar to hers and so she’s trying to both push and nurture him into the same path she took. What do you think about that?


  3. OMG this post is amazing. I am literally clapping at this for all the work behind.

    The finale was shocking! To be honest, I was so not expecting to be Frank the one murdering Lila. BUT, I was sooo not expecting Rebecca to end up dead.

    So, my bet is… whether she is not actually dead or Laurel did it! (Wes and Frank are just too obvious)


    1. But it is still incomplete!

      I was telling myself “no way…no wayyyyy” during the last minutes of the finale. Brutal stuff–didn’t think they’d do it…but it makes sense that they did. I was sure it was Bonnie (re: Lila). I felt so duped.

      Laurel is a tricky wildcard since she’s connected to Frank, is emotionally stable and logically sound, has a questionable upbringing (dare I say mob potential), and I don’t find her as weak as Michaela. The “nice” ones…you know?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I think Wes did it by the way he kept saying it was all his fault and all emotional on the stairs. I mean yeah he could have been talking about Sam’s death but maybe he was reffering to the fact he killed Rebecca. That may be a stretch also Bonnie could be up to kill Rebecca since it kinda was Rebecca to be the reason Sam was murdered and Bonnie wasnt too happy when she found out about what happened. Also like its said in this post Bonnie wasnt seen for a while. She could have hidden somewhere and when there was a chance could have went through with the murder. I know this is so much of a stretch but you cant help but think. Rewatching and paying close attention really helps to figure out the ‘Eggs 911’ text Rebecca sent. My brain is adding up stuff and these theories are piecing things together. Thank you for the theories what I have read makes tons of sense. Cant wait for season 2!!!


  5. I think Laurel killed Rebecca. she is sharp,observent and has dark side.its the quiet ones you need to be wary of.and I also think she is perfect for Frank.they have good chemistry.


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