[Retrospective] – A Rewind Of: February 2015

Retrospective is a monthly post to rewind all of the happenings, thoughts, and discussions here at thoughts and afterthoughts. 


A Rewind Of:
Februrary // 2015


Francesca Haig – The Fire Sermon (ARC)

Think Aloud:

#7 – Legitimacy of Staff Recommended Books
#8 – The Diminishing Utility of Love Triangles
#9 – Discovering the Reality of Atmospheric Reading
#10 – I lost the Goodreads YA Bingo Game


Interactive Games: Escape Rooms
Movies: The Last Five Years

He Said, She Said:

Not Just Vanilla Sex: A Discussion on Erotic Fiction

Memes (Top Ten Tuesday):

#48 – Comments Regarding Romances In Books
#49 – Book Related Problems
#50 – Anti-heroines In Television


2015 Discussion Challenge Sign-up
2015 Book Blogger Love-A-Thon: Questionnaire
2015 Book Blogger Love-A-Thon: Haul Spine Poetry
2015 Book Blogger Love-A-Thon: High Five!

Other Feels:

Television (Not a full list of what I watch):


The Blacklist: Welcome back, Reddington Mr. Spader.


Suits: Darvey is spectacular.

Reign: becauseishipmarywitheveryonebutfrancislolbye.

The 100: I’ll have whatever Jaha’s having…

House of Cards: Why haven’t I started Season 3 yet?

Fresh Off The Boat: This show is essentially my life in America. (Except I’m Canadian, so…)


Theory of Everything: I basically died during the croquet scene. like, what are these uncontrollable feels? why??!

American Sniper: I did not enjoy this very much. Cooper was aiight though.

Kingsman: The Secret Service: I enjoyed this a lot more than I expected it to, but why Samuel L Jackson?


So now that I feel like I’m throwing up more content, this is a great time to start writing monthly reviews of all the posts that actually do get green-lit and posted. Achievement unlocked: write a monthly recap post. It’s like a rite of passage to becoming a book blogger, am I right?

Also fun fact: NPH’s opening song at the 87th Oscars has been added to my shower belting repertoire. IT’S SO CATCHY.

Hope you enjoyed all this nonsense!



(disclaimer: retrospective banner textures from topwalls)

13 thoughts on “[Retrospective] – A Rewind Of: February 2015”

    1. I will say this in the most non-spoiler way as possible in-case others are reading:

      I theorized the killer incorrectly but was pretty close. It was like red herrings everywhere–and now I’m dubious about the theories I’m reading on the HTGAWM Subreddit for you know who. AIUDHGASYBUADHAJGDSAYDSAVBYDSHAU.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Another person who watches The 100!! I’m really enjoying the second season, and I agree with Jaha statement lol! It’s also AMAZING to see queer representation in a main character that, until this point, has be presumed to be straight. It just made me really happy to see the producers move in that direction, and I hope we get a real relationship from Clarke and Lexa.


    1. Yeah it’s great that more television networks are getting with the times to promote nuances in stock character archetypes (although I can’t speak for whether or not the book takes it in this direction either). But I think the main point is that they aren’t making a big deal out of it (not yet, anyways). And while it’d be interesting to explore…it is what it is and shouldn’t be the focus or exoticized just because of the representation it’s getting.

      I’ve seen tweets that chirp other primetime shows for not having these kinds of characters and/or relationships. And while it’s fine to promote what you like, most of these “waving the proverbial flag” as I’ll call it, seems to grossly misrepresent the actual number of shows that do show diversity in their characters. It’s really not a new thing in television (because there are so many shows out in the world). But that’s just ranty thoughts haha.


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