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Card Games – Exploding Kittens


So I’m not sure how many of you follow Kickstarter or any crowdfunding websites but there was this game released last week that has gone viral and has currently reached over $4 million USD in funding in less than a week…for a card game. That’s presumably more than Cards Against Humanity I think (even if they are different games entirely).

Either way, this might be the best thing since slice bread.

For more official information on Exploding Kittens, visit their official Kickstarter page by clicking here.


Each player takes turns drawing a card. If you draw the Exploding Kitten card, you lose. Sounds easily enough, right? But wait—that is unless you have one of many Defuse cards to mitigate that draw. There are also various Action cards to Skip your turn, Attack other players, Relocate the exploding kitten, and Peek at the deck—among other things. Below are graphics detailing how the game works (courtesy of their Kickstarter page).





The concept is hilarious, fun and I love the web-comics created by the guy behind The Oatmeal (I’ve been following him since forever). His Dog Paradox comic still gets me in the feels every. damn. time. (Click here to view the web comic.) The drawings on the cards might be a bit crude to some but I guess its catering to a specific sense of humour; which is like the only right kind of humour for people with(out?) a soul. I’m pretty interested to see what cards are being designed for the NSFW (not safe for work) deck as that’s the reward level that I backed—nothing short of hilarity I presume!

While Exploding Kittens isn’t an entirely unique concept for a card game, it’s the quirk in game design catering to Team Internet’s love for cats, among other things, that make this project wildly successful.

And I’ve already convinced a few friends to back this project as well, but what say you?


(Disclaimer: This was not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share the love for Exploding Kittens.)


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