[Top Ten Tuesday] – #38 – Top Ten Books On That Winter 14′ TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.


This Week’s Theme:
Top Ten Books On
That Winter 14′ TBR

Initial Thoughts:

I remember Winter last year. I was reading a book a week, and now it’s like a book every month if I’m lucky. I just realized for consistency in book cover photos, this is indeed 12…and not 10. But now it is time for me to try to get back into the swing of these weekly memes!

monsters of men patrick nessRyan Graudin - The Walled City coverbrandon sanderson - firefight (cover)

Monsters of Men – Patrick Ness

I’m more than halfway through this one (but I also started a month and a half ago…ish). So until I finish this, I’ll assume that I will be reading this through the beginning of winter.

The Walled City – Ryan Graudin

I’ve just started reading this. That is all.

Firefight – Brandon Sanderson

Now, please.

redrising__coverE. Lockhart - We Were Liarseric walters - the fight for power

Red Rising – Pierce Brown

I realize I have this growing trend that all the books I want to read I just defer until the sequel comes out (and then I pray by then I’ll have enough willingness to start it). Golden Son. January 2015.

We Were Liars – E. Lockhart

Now that I only see news of this 1:100 posts instead of 1:5 when everyone was getting hyphy, perhaps it is time.

The Fight For Power – Eric Walters

That moment when a book ends abruptly and you didn’t know it was actually part of a trilogy…

anthony doerr - all the light we cannot seemockingjay - suzanne collins (cover)endgame - james frey (cover)

All The Light We Cannot See – Anothy Doerr

I’ve attempted to convince myself many times to start reading this; including having read it by the year end. And maybe it will be possible to start it, at the very least, once I finish Monsters of Men, I can have this book as the lengthy book I carry around on commute.

Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins

I think I will forever remember the opening weekend of Mockingjay as the weekend I was dying with food poisoning (not that I was actually seeing the movie though). But I’m surprisingly not dying to see the movie, but I know that if and when I do, I’ll need to have this read.

Endgame – James Frey

I read the first three chapters at Coles and I knew I needed to take my pen and post-its and go to war on this puzzle of a book. But then I realized I had no cash on me. And despite that casino that is apparently holding the $500k USD is undergoing bankruptcy (I will still choose to believe that there is a pot of gold at the end of it…)

marcus sedgwick - the ghosts of heavenaristotle and dante covernever never - colleen hoover and tarryn fisher

The Ghosts of Heaven – Marcus Sedgwick

All I’m saying is: dat cover tho. I’d put a frame on it. (Note: I actually don’t even know what it’s truly about LOL.)

Ari and Dante – Benjamin Alire Saenz

I don’t even need to type the entire book name for everyone to know how often I say I will read it—BUT BEHOLD—I have a copy of it now. And I just realized the chapters are fairly short. I read shorter chapters with much expediency than longer drawn out chapters.

Never Never – Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher

Unpopular opinion: Joseph doesn’t gravitate towards covers with purely romantic undertones; popular opinion: I like limbs.

And maybe is all I can say to all the doubters that Joseph won’t read NA. Cue that J. Biebs, “Never [say] Never.”


I also just realised that though I write these TBRs, I usually only get to one of them LOL.

And if anyone is hoping to snag a copy of Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater, I’ll be holding a signed hardcopy giveaway of it in due time (probably later this week), so be on the lookout.


44 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #38 – Top Ten Books On That Winter 14′ TBR”

    1. It really seems as though I’m the last reader in the world who still hasn’t picked up Mockingjay. But I think big part of it is due to spoilers that I stumbled over (which might be ruining the book before I even go into it!)

      Thanks for commenting!


  1. Ooh, I’ve been meaning to read quite a few on your list too! “Aristotle and Dante” and “We Were Liars” especially. Everyone speaks so highly of them, I can’t help but be curious.
    From your list, I’ve only read Mockingjay so far. Thumbs up for it!


    1. Great to hear that you found enjoyment in Mockingjay–perhaps you’re in the 30% group of those I know who enjoyed it (while everyone else was slightly disappointed :()

      Ari and Dante definitely comes highly recommended by [basically] everyone so I can’t help feel the pressure because I’m not one to always “get” contemporary fiction (like how I didn’t love Patrick Ness’ A Monster Calls).

      I hope you get a chance to enjoy them when you can!


      1. It’s totally one of those books I just wanted to ramble about (hence, the lack of my blog review about it). So much craziness happens that I didn’t even know where to start haha.


  2. Aw, man. It makes me so happy to see you have a Colleen Hoover book on your list And I think it’s a good choice, not because I’ve read it (it’s on my Winter TBR, too) or because you know I love her and NA books, but because it’s a collaboration with Fisher. And Tarryn Fisher is dark and twisted. So, this will probably feel less NA-ish and you may like it! That’s me convincing you to try it. 😉

    We Were Liars didn’t live up to the hype for me, and I’m in the minority on that, but I hope you enjoy it. I hate when that happens and maybe I should have waited to read it. You had the right idea waiting.

    Ah, Mockingjay. I am one of the few who dislike this series (don’t shoot!) and stopped after book one. IN MY DEFENSE – I was pregnant at the time I read Hunger Games and the whole kids killing kids was REALLY disturbing and I just couldn’t deal. I tried the second book and gave up pretty quickly. Have you read the first 2 books? Honestly, I think the movies are a better deal for me. I did enjoy the first movie, and will hopefully see the other two. Someday. Probably when they’re cheap rentals on Demand.


    1. Great to hear that it’ll be dark and twisted! And the cover/blurb definitely made it feel less NA-ish which is what might have attracted me to it in the first place (NA writers take note!)

      I think if I read at the speed of what everyone else is capable of (well, I don’t read slow per se–just my attention is usually video games first then reading LOL) then perhaps I might have read all these “hyped” books when they were released!

      That’s a fair judgment to me. And I’m actually surprised that you tried to pick it back up again. I think the movies might be less explicit. But I don’t have clear memory of the detailing in the text to say that definitively.

      I did read the first two books; coincidentally, I read them as each movie came out (which is why it was now time to read Mockingjay). Catching Fire, as a movie, is so much better produced (in my opinion) than its predecessor. I just wished they didn’t jump on that need to Part 1/Part 2 movie bandwagon because the ratings for the third, I’m guessing, could have had full potential to be that great third film finisher. But now it’s meandering along “just okay” from what I see at least.

      essay responses–I like this!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I did! I think I personally found growing enjoyment from as the book progressed (except for the earlier sections of Catching Fire). But this likeness might be highly correlated to wicked arenas–I can’t get enough of them.

      So I’m hoping that when I do read Mockingjay (despite my knowledge of certain deaths) it’ll still be a positive experience (even though most people I know were iffy about how it ended).


  3. Great list! Is the Patrick Ness book part of the Chaos Walking series? I still need to start that one… I’m excited for The Ghosts of Heaven because (yes) the cover, but also because Midwinterblood by the same author was a book that just blew me away. Have fun reading this winter!


    1. Yes! Monsters of Men is the last book in CW!

      I think I’ve only seen comments on passing regarding Sedgwick’s “She Is Not Invisible” so I can’t really comment on him as a writer but it’s awesome to hear that you had that kind of reaction by an author I might consider dabbling into!


  4. Yeah I’m reading slowly right now too. I didn’t like the Chaos Walking trilogy much. It was well written, just not for me. Red Rising was good, not what I expected, but I can’t wait for Golden Sun, because my main problem was Darrow and I’m hoping he matured. Sorry to hear about your food poisoning. I didn’t like the whole PTSD part of Mockingjay. (Not for character weakness but personal reasons) Good list, I hope you get to finish some of it! 🙂


    1. You love some, you hate some–that’s okay!

      I’m glad my food poisoning only lasted a day with a bit of lingering fatigue the next. I’ve never experienced it before so it was pretty interesting (not that I’d want to go through that again).

      I hope Darrow redeems himself for you in the sequel! The book lives and dies with the protagonist for me so I’m hoping I don’t read into that same sense of immaturity (or variant characteristic) as you mentioned.


  5. Ari and Dante! Pick that one first! You will not regret it!!!
    Also, I want to read SO MANY of these books! That’s the first time I have seen the Firefight cover….SO AWESOME! I need to read Steelheart real bad!
    Also, I am catching up on The 100 and will respond to your tweet when I know what you are talking about! 😛


  6. I didn’t really enjoy We Were Liars that much but a lot of other people did so it might just be me.
    I do really want to read The Walled City though. I’ve been really psyched about it ever since I saw it.


  7. YES YES YES YES so much of this list makes me happy!
    Monsters of Men is fantastic, and I cannot wait for Firefight to be in my hands (I’m so jealous of people with ARCs!). Red Rising was pretty good, and I haven’t read Ghost of Heaven but I’ve loved all the other Marcus Sedgwick books I’ve read.

    I’m listening to BL,LB right now on audio, and I’m really enjoying it! I’m excited for that giveaway 🙂

    – Kritika @ Snowflakes & Spider silk


  8. I’ve seen The Walled City pop up a lot, and so far I’ve heard good things. Also, Red Rising…I’ve heard many people read it and are still not sure what actually happens? haha. Good luck with We Were Liars- I’m interested to hear your thoughts, and good job on going so long without it being spoiled for you!


    1. Well the only true spoiler/comment I’ve seen of We Were Liars was (dare I say): white people problems. I mean, I can sort of deduce from there but that could mean anything! I’m not sure if I want-to enjoy the read or not though. I do love me a good negative ranty rant. What a dilemma.


  9. I think you’d love Endgame, gold or no gold. And I don’t think it matters what Ghosts of Heaven is about- that cover!!! PLUS it’s Sedgwick, it will be amazing I’m sure. I need to get my hands on a copy!


  10. We Were Liars STILL sticks in my mind even months after I finished it, it was a great read.

    I saw Endgame in the bookstore a little while back and was really tempted, but so far I’ve managed to resist. I might wait for the paperback and try it then, which will hopefully give me a bit more time to clear my TBR list before I start it 🙂


    1. Sounds like you really devoured We Were Liars!

      I had that eternal debate that I might break the taboo of writing in your book. Because I know there are puzzles and clues and the like, and while I could post-it everything, writing in it could make it look more lived in (if that makes any sense?) But then again, I wanted the hardcover–and writing in that would probably hurt my soul. Just a bit. A lot of a bit.

      I hope you do enjoy it whenever you get the opportunity!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Great list! Cannot for Firelight as well. I’m actually midway through We Were Liars (or rather, I’ve been midway through it for months despite the fact that it’s so short) and it’s kinda draggy for me.


  12. HAHA, i never really complete my list too, but i like making them! super eager to get read All The Light We Cannot See, it’s the only historical fiction book my friends have been taking about this year =) WATCHED MOCKINGJAY TODAY. BRB CRYING. GET ON THAT STAT!

    alicia @ noverly things


    1. I think All The Light’s the only historical fiction that’s really piqued my interest this entire year (but I guess it’s not saying much considering I don’t even read hist. fiction that often…if at all).

      Glad to hear you enjoyed Mockingjay!


  13. The Walled City looks pretty good. From what you’ve read in Endgame: The Calling, do you think it has some similarities to The Hunger Games? I was reading a few reviews of the book, and people were calling it a blatant rip-off of THG, that’s why I’m asking.


    1. The tiny bit I’ve read of Endgame is really just the introductions to the characters, so I can’t really say much (but +1 point for Endgame for diversity/POC).

      But I understand why people make the comparison since the narrative intent does sound similar. Though it makes me wonder if those who wave “anything that sounds remotely similar to hunger games is not the hunger games because hunger games did it first” flag really gave Battle Royale some thought because arguably, one could make the same comparison that THG is by all intents and purposes a ripoff of BR.

      But “tomayto’s, tomahto’s” to it all!

      Liked by 1 person

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