[Top Ten Tuesday] – #22 – Characters Who Could Pass As A Talk Show Host

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.

This Week’s Theme:
Top Ten Characters Who
Could Pass As A Talk Show Host

Initial Thoughts:

This was a freebie week (whatever that means) that allowed you to stray from the weekly topics (which I do most of the time anyways). I have about 20ish topics ready for freebie weeks such as these. Most of them don’t make sense to me, so I hope this somehow works out. Huehuehue. 

There’s honesty for the sake of honesty…and then there’s honesty delivered through unorthodox measures that get the message across through different means.

Sometimes you come across characters that are there to provoke thought, to inspire, or are simply there for the sake of comic relief. Other times, it’s all that and more when there are characters who in the midst of all their nonsense provide rich meaning. To give feedback is to listen; and to actively respond is to grow the value of the dialogue in exchange. This could have easily passed as a post about characters grounded in active listening. Instead, it considers another level of characters that are indeed engaged but are personable enough to provide entertainment value passable by talk show hosts on television–they range in diversity from being controversial table-topic driven to the plain hilarious.

the helpfellowship of the ringproxy cover

The Help – Abilene Cooper/ Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan

Though you can always try to understand your audience and what they want (or don’t want) to be engaged in, without the exploration and consideration of uncomfortable dialogue—sheep will inevitably be sheep. Making self-sacrifices for the sake of integrity is often a variable of a successful host. From what I gather, these two (though, I’m erring towards the journalist side of Skeeter) would be stellar candidates for being realists with self-awareness in considering the unlikely.

(Oh look another book I haven’t read but have enjoyed the movie well enough to have positive thoughts about it.)

The Lord of the Rings – Gandalf

What’s more to say than simply: Sir Ian McKellen (or Gandalf I suppose) could talk about a brick wall and I’d be all ears. Is it weird that he gives me elderly people feels…if such a thing exists? This man is wisdom.

Proxy – Mr. Baram

The man likely to know things before you know things. While he spoke with a jumbled precision, it really made me wonder if his old-fashioned outlook and conversing is what it really is superficially, or if there’s deep meaning in that. The latter is likely. Otherwise, there’s this hidden honesty in voicing that really worked for me personally as he doesn’t really tell you how to think but rather what you should think about; to be intuitive and rational at the same time.

daisywhitney_whenyouwereheredivergent - veronica roth (cover)more than this cover

When You Were Here – Sandy Koufax (…A Dog) or Kana

While the ideal (and more serious choice) is Kana, let me just start off by saying that while in this reality, humans talk to animals for that feeling of unconditional love and comfort…maybe possibly, in another reality…they’re actually totally judging you as they give you the look of understanding. (I’m speaking from experience, of course. Re: my lazy dog.)

On the other hand, Kana is essentially your tell-it-like-it-is best friend you never knew you had. You know, the ones who make fun of you but you laugh it off…when really, they’re trying to constructively put you down and really it’s supposed to be a joke…but really it isn’t? For better or worse, realistic talks are what they are for a reason. And Kana delivers with her outlandish personality.

Which leads me to…

Divergent – Christina

So she’s essentially programmed to tell it like it is (re: in Candor fashion). If memory serves me correctly, she’s tall and passable as a dark-skinned beauty in the novels; basically likening to the fact that she’s a passable, fictitious  version of Tyra Banks—who had her own talk show in the based and covered some thought-provoking tabloid-talk discussions.

More Than This – Regine/Tomasz

Regine is in many ways similar to the previous two (Kana and Christina). Her honesty comes from her rationality but she’s not afraid to tell it like it is. Tomasz is just my favourite, ever, and comedic rainbows spew from his mouth when he speaks. Both of these individuals are wiser than their age and they certainly speak their mind if given the opportunity. So there are two ways I can go about this: in the present day, I can see them being advocates from a social media point of view (using the Tube of You as a platform, maybe even a blogger of sorts?) But more importantly, they’ve delivered the idea that while understanding and the revelation of truth results from what we in our capacity understand, it’s in the journey itself that becomes most important. And any conversation is an ongoing journey in itself—they are what they preach.

a song of fire and ice - george rr martin (cover)sorc stone coverfellowship of the ring

A Song of Fire and Ice – Tyrion Lannister

Power can come from words and the message one may want to deliver. When keenly executed, being understood is simply incomparable to moving mountains and leaving no stone unturned in one’s mission; whatever it may be. To earn the respect he thinks he might deserve, Tyrion tackles the hardships and prejudices as a dwarf on an ongoing basis using his wits to realize his goals as an outsider looking in. It’s the compounded misfortunes in his life which may make him a compelling character enough to garner the respect of thinking and talking on his feet—seemingly no different than any day-or-night time host dealing with unwarranted audience comments or tough guests. Because in the realm of wits, logic is King.

(Insert preface here that I haven’t read or watched any of these but have heard things about them on passing. Eventually, though.)

Harry Potter – Hermione Granger

Being informed and basically a know it all has it’s perks. I mean, who else is going to correct people for being politically (or blatantly) incorrect. But not only that, she stands up for what she believes in–something most talk show hosts try to advocate on the daily. But with Hermione, you know her conviction is tried-and-true and she’s not shitting you for viewership when she stands up for a cause. Even if she’s not a standalone talk show host…if she’s on an outlet similar to The Talk, I’m sure she’ll garner vocal attention.

Now to take a turn for the comedic approach:

Lord of the Rings – Merry and Pippin

Of course, realistsclaim they’re of little value to the fellowship and why anyone would ever regard friendship above the power of a mighty warrior (well, too bad, because Gandalf did) but there’s an unparalleled comic relief and positivity which reverberates with these two specifically that I could see them being one of them late night talk show hosts (because let’s face it—magic happens when they’re together.)

Harry Potter – The Weasleys

Similar to the above, the comedy styling of any Weasley cannot go unnoticed. I’m sure Fred or George could live up to your Conan’s or your Kimmel’s, but I think above all else (assuming events didn’t happen the way they happened…) one could even imagine a situational comedy (sit-com) for this family. Like, just imagine a Modern Family-esqe camera work for them. Magic—in the most non-literal sense.


So, here’s the thing: I’ve returned to MMORPG gaming recently and while I had this idea for a while now…it just never materialised. And today is Wednesday morning, but you know what…I’ll pretend I live on the West Coast for now and pretend it’s up on Tuesday.

It also doesn’t help that while I started to write this…I started skim reading Elliot Rodger’s manifesto (but that’s a discussion I’ll steer clear of on this blog–but will talk about it if prompted to!)


25 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #22 – Characters Who Could Pass As A Talk Show Host”

    1. I’ll take it! It’s not as strange as other ones I had haha. I just enjoy trying to push the envelope a bit while keeping the overall list-read relevant! But I certainly hoped that you enjoyed the read.


  1. This is a great topic! I definitely agree with Merry and Pippin, and Hermione. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


    1. Tell me about it LOL. Sometimes when you’re 1-2 off the 10, these lists start to get real stressful. If you ever need some ideas for top 10 lists, give me a shout and I’ll throw some table topics your way hah!


  2. I love your topic!

    I definitely agree about Sir Ian McKellan, he did an unabridged audiobook for The Odyssey and just… oh man, I loved it! His is a voice I could listen to for hours on end.

    Oh my gosh, I would love for there to be any sort of talk show with Fred and George as hosts! I don’t care if it’s on TV or the radio, I would be watching/listening! If I still read fanfic, I would demand someone write that right now 😀


    1. 14 hours of McKellan. I’m sure his narrating would make the whole behemoth that is The Odyssey easy for a simpleton like me to understand too!

      I think Fred and George would bring lots of fun to the table. I was about to liken them to a Comedy Network show but I couldn’t decide what they’d be better at (comedy sketches/stand-up/or both!)


    1. Hey man, if you ever need some ideas from this messed up brain of mine…shoot me a message and I’ll give you something to work with!

      Each of them definitely brings something different to the table and they’re all capable of laying down smack while they’re at it.


  3. Thanks for stopping by!
    This is a great post! I can honestly say I haven’t read any of these books except The Help (which is fantastic) – and I agree with you. I guess I have read Harry Potter but I am one of the few in the world who’s not made it past the 3rd book, yet. *ducks and runs*.


    1. Hey, join the club! I stopped somewhere around there and naysayers can chirp me all the want but I still don’t see myself finishing the reads post-movies cause the drive isn’t there anymore (and great, now I sound anti-HP books…)


  4. Ha, I’d definitely tune into a Tyrion Lannister talk show, no question about it! I’m a big fan of the Weasley twins and Merry & Pippin, which probably says something less than flattering about me… but I love that you included them! Great list, and cool topic!


    1. How could I not?! When I imagined mainstream nighttime talk show hosts who use humour as a vehicle for their talks and stuff–both Wesley’s and Merry & Pippin popped up in my mind first. They could totally turn a serious topic on its head and make fun of it while speaking some truth–that’s the show I’d probably gravitate towards!


  5. Elderly people feels. You know what? I get those when there’s that sage voice in the room and you grow still listening to every word and you realize that you know nothing compared to them. I’m getting the feels just typing about it.


    1. Ha, there’s so much wisdom to be had in all of them! I went back to TERA Online (after quitting for a year or so) as I needed another MMO/MMORPG to play after quitting a different one (post 3 years of playing that one). Annnd Blade and Soul isn’t released in North America yet soooooo yeah.


  6. What a fun idea!! I would absolutely love to see Merry and Pippin’s talk show, haha! (&&The Weasley’s!) I never would have even thought of this as a topic, well played sir!


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