[Top Ten Tuesday] – #16 – Top Ten Bookish Items I Own In An Alternate Reality

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.

This Week’s Theme:
Top Ten Bookish Items I
Own In An Alternate Reality

Initial Thoughts:

This weeks theme delved into bookish items (excluding books) that we all want to own. And of course I attempted to change it up. But you can definitely just fast forward to the actual numbered list and skip the blue highlighted text.

So fear the sentence fragments and terrible rhymes as I take you through the journey that could as well be one of yours. I didn’t actually intend to write it like this but it began this way and I just decided to continue the trend of displaying these lists differently. I hope you do enjoy it? (and it was kind of difficult in some parts :/ …)

Eyes open, alarm unbroken. Still groggy, mind’s a foggy. Morning routine: make yourself clean. Check the weather? Dress for better. Styling with flair? Dishevel that hair. Accessorize? All a guise.

1. Silicone Wristband/bangles – #nojudgment but I’m totally hipster and don’t own enough of these from various retail outlets and charitable organisations. The next-level wristband action would be quotable messages from books and/or apparent designs from them. It’s really the only thing I wear aside from a watch that counts as an accessory.

Dapper achieved? You better believe. Itemize the desired, pocket the required. Need any other? Bag em’ together.

vintage bookbag2. A messenger bag –
So it’s not that I don’t own a messenger bag…I just want a new book bag (probably not a tote though) for all of the shit that I carry around. Alas, mine’s so scrappy and worn-out that it’s lost its appeal. It’s funny cause I’m not a particularly organised person (my room is a testament to this) but when it comes to carrying luggage around, things need separation and compartments for easy access and storage. Call it a murse if you will… pant pockets just ain’t cutting it these days.  

Down the stairs, careful… still impaired. Proceed with caution every so often. Mental fart? Stare at the art. Wall to wall, a mind rehaul.

book art3. Art – I think I have an inclination to hang up art pieces once I’m
in my own abode (currently not allowed to put anything up due to potentially threatening the paint on my walls). But anything from surreal photography, comic/manga inspired wallscrolls and panoramic posters to calligraphy-driven book quotes would be a rad addition to the canvas called home. Additionally, those book carvings are neat. My heart would hurt to ever try to make one myself out of fiction books – I’d sign up all of my encyclopedias and the like though. Also, I think getting a tattoo is on the bucket list…although I don’t imagine myself wanting a quote, my opinions can easily be swayed.

Forgot something, ideas erupting. Think it through: it’s a novel or two! Stand your ground, swivel and it’s found. Selections made just come as they may.

4. Staircase bookshelf –staircase bookshelf I just think it’s a cool concept to have a bookshelf integrated with your staircase. Though, I’d be indifferent of using it since I like to eat my food everywhere (not in the literal sense of course) but I do often eat and bring my food upstairs by the computer so I have fears I might spill something and would risk damaging the goods. Otherwise, I’d imagine it’s just smart designing to fully utilise the space available to have an integrative storage in each step.


5. Bookcase Panic Room –
bookish panic roomBookcase-themed aside, I just think these rooms are kind of the coolest thing ever. I can’t think of a non-morbid situation where I’d ever need to use it but just having it is pretty neat I guess. And assuming it’s the bookcase themed one…books be keeping you safe yo.

Footwear laced, ready for the race. Doors open, the world’s in motion. First stop? The coffee shop!

voldemort coffee6. [Insert Name Here] Tea/Coffee Order – Assuming all shops take names and I was less caring for public judgment, I would totally get different baristas or drink-preparers to know me by a different alias at every shop. Truthfully, I’ve only used Ash (of Pokemon fame) at Starbucks only a handful of times. Just sayin’, this isn’t anything new to anyone…. it’s just acting on it to become a norm is a definitely a bucket list goal.

Drink in hand, time to wander again. Men and women clad in suits, it’s all part of the bustling commute. The cavernous tunnel tremors in the dark, the subway appears and screeches to a park. A seat untaken is a throne for the restless, gallant behaviours are all to be tested. Time unravels slow and steady but with a book I’m gone already. Mark the page for the yet to be told, have no fear the rest will soon unfold.

7. Bookmarks – Kosha-Feather-Bookmark-steelFor as long as I can remember, of the paper-based bookmarks that I’ve owned, I was definitely too scared to ever ruin the pristine form of it to use them. And from the plastic ones that I purchased from book fairs, they didn’t last very long. So I think I’ve used string as a bookmark for most of the years and it was generally fine until those times that one end gets caught and gets pulled out of the marked page. Rambles. But I’ve always wanted a super thin stainless steel (or alternative) bookmark. Needn’t be a design on them but the possibility of being engraved or having etched treatment on them is a consideration. Plus there’s the added bonus of being a light paperweight when the spine is already cracked and you want to reading assistance.

Enter your work or your job if you will, to make the monies and pay for the bills (and all the bookish shit that you want?) The end of the day continues the fun as they say. Spend it with friends and family or alone, nothing is quite like being at home. Set the mood by cooking up an aroma, nothing is relaxing as a food coma (seriously though, I am pretty guilty of itis…) Wake from the nap and begin the search, through the Internet on the lookout for merch(andise).

8. Random Purchases – E-reader/tablet cases: so, in my alternate reality, I’d totally have a tablet of sorts already and I can imagine myself mindlessly wading through pages and pages of potential purchases. Because let’s be honest: it’s not even about playing dress-up with your tech. Newer items come out constantly and there’s always something seemingly different than what we previously purchased. Apparel: I already rep plenty of comic book inspired clothes with witty logos or designs so it’s nothing new to me if I wear bookish clothes loud and proud.

Money spent and I’m down several thousand cents, my wallet can’t handle so let’s refocus the angle. To game, read, or write, they’re all activities but which one is right?

9. Augmented Reality – oculus-2-970x0I’m hoping they integrate reading with the means of an augmented reality of sorts. It would be so rad to use an Oculus Rift (or something to that extreme, maybe Google Glasses?) and be involved in real-time virtual reality narration of a book. Of course the long-winded debate of physical books is present but it’s worth a try nonetheless since individuals are enthralled towards the tangibility of new experiences.

vintage-typewriter10. Vintage Typewriter –
I actually have an old typewriter somewhere in the recesses of my basement and although it hasn’t been used in some time, just having one to be used is a cool thought. It’s definitely one of those things I wouldn’t use all the time since I’m pretty prone to typing too fast and making mistakes (Thank goodness for backspace and ctrl+z).

Hours wasted and you ponder the day, tomorrow’s anew so what more can I say?


Well that was sort of…fun? -shrug- Although now I realise my rhyming is real terribad and I’m less witty than I think of myself to be. But I hope you enjoyed this week’s unnecessary spin on how I list things despite being quite long.

If there’s anything you think I’d enjoy to own, do let me know! I enjoy throwing my money at everything and nothing. At the same time.


51 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #16 – Top Ten Bookish Items I Own In An Alternate Reality”

  1. I enjoyed it as always. I liked the idea of the staircase/bookcase. Interesting! I’d never make it up the stairs though. I’d be stopping to look at my pretty books!


    1. Thanks Chrissi! As someone who is very accident prone, I feel like I’d either: lock myself into the panic room or fall a lot heading up/down those stairs (I think I read somewhere that even the slightest millimeter difference is pretty huge in whether you’re successful or trip over).


  2. I like the rhyming, very fun! 🙂 Also that book staircase is so neat, but very distracting since I would end up just sitting down to read all the time and forget what I’m doing lol.


  3. I love your twist on the broke and bookish list! and yes, I tried to make that rhyme. lol.

    so many things I want… do the stainless steel bookmarks actually exist? I like this sounds of those. I’m totally inspired to use bookish names for my coffee orders now. We don’t have a Starbucks in Gisborne so I will try all the coffee shops until one asks for a name!


    1. Haha, duly noted!

      Metal/steel bookmarks most certainly do exist online somewhere! I’ve seldom come across ones in stores though. You should definitely try to say a well-known buzzworthy name with a straight face to properly sell it. And if they question it, just give them the stink eye and question them for not knowing such a common name.


  4. I loved this! Very creative.
    I would like the staircase – except I’d probably break my neck trying to read and go up and down at the same time!
    Also, I kind of like the idea of your beat up messenger bag – it’s more lived in!
    Lynn 😀


    1. Aye — I would probably earn a few bruises from tripping on those stairs (especially the tiny stair ledges of the image I posted above). I swear there’s a difference in successful stair-walking by even a margin deviation of the default size!.


  5. As always, love your twist on the theme. If I had all the money in the world, I’d have the bookshelf staircase. I’d also have the panic room thing, except mine would be the secret room kind that has a reading room behind it. Somewhere I could disappear to when I needed to get away.
    I have four literary tattoos. 🙂


    1. I definitely didn’t continue reading after the link (which I should have) but wondered while it was loading up “if this is HP…” I should have known. But I do agree that they’re reasonably priced but I still must spend wisely!


      1. Shock horror – you didn’t read after the link?! For shame. I guess it just depends what you’re after, and right now I fancy some bookish swag 🙂


  6. Awesome list is awesome. I covet that typewriter. And the staircase bookshelf and book carvings are also very cool. You have a way with words and I enjoyed reading your post!


  7. Oh man! I’d love a vintage typewriter! And bookmarks, I can not get enough of them!!! That messenger bag you have listed is sweet! I’ll take that one lol
    Thanks for stoppin by my blog earlier xoxo


  8. I LOVE the book staircase and the art… Currently most of the walls in our tiny apt are occupied by bookshelves but I can’t help wishing for more 😉


    1. If there’s a will there’s a way! Maybe now there’s more incentive to get a bigger apartment and/or rent a storage facility or something to that degree (but parting with your books might be iffy).


      1. No no cannot part with my books…If the Zombie apocalypse ever comes I have plans to save them. Actually my survival plan involves moving into a used bookstore…..


  9. Book art is wicked cool, but I’d be terrified that my dogs would knock it over and destroy it. Augmented reality would be sweet. Imagine how much people would pay to enter into HP world.


    1. The name of the game: dog who destroys first is winner.

      I haven’t thought of how lucrative that would be for HP specifically. I was just in awe at the possibility of it all. But now that you mention it…I wonder how many arms and legs would be admission.


  10. Oooh, I love the coffee cup 🙂 And I love that page art that people do – I’ve seen books where the pages have been made to look like waves and painted blue. So pretty. I have a thing about not harming books though, so I’d probably have a fit watching someone cut pages, haha. 🙂


  11. A bookish staircase would be amazing, although I would probably pay more attention to the books then the stairs and end up tripping up the stairs. If I ever need a panic room then it will definately be behind a bookcase, that is awesome. Great list 🙂


    1. Too bad media portrays panic rooms behind bookcases (for the most part anyways). To the untrained eye and vast majority of non-readers, I’m sure they’d just gloss over the fact that it’s just books and less of a fortified barrier!


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