[Top Ten Tuesday] – #6 – Top Ten Books That Made Me Cry (with FEELS)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.

This week’s theme:
Top Ten Books That Made Me Cry
(with FEELS)

Initial Thoughts:

I don’t read many books that prompt the water works so I’m adapting this week’s theme to involve crying…but with feels; loosely redefined as an emotional (happy or sad) response. My equivalent. These are done retrospectively from just thinking of the book title and the events I can conjure up on face value. But I’ll be extremely vague on certain fronts so I don’t spoil anything.

This list is adapted from books I’ve read during or were published in 2013 specifically.

1. Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Suzanne Collins)

Full disclosure: I decided to read the books as the movies came out so I’ve yet to read Mockingjay.

Feelsy moments: The death of certain individuals and the realization of the games design during the 75th hunger games. Although I must say that the book had a bigger impact for me than the movie. This isn’t even due to knowing what happens, it’s more about the build-up in the book that was more feels.

degree of feels: sad feels.

2. Allegiant (Veronica Roth)

Feelsy moments: Brain injury incurred from the explosion (WHY?!!!?!?!?) and the last scene of the book. Also, the Room B13 scene in Divergent is an honourable mention.

degree of feels: super sad feels.

3. Backward Glass (David Lomax)

Feelsy moments: When Kenny is introduced to Star wars and Mario (of Nintendo fame), the scene in the Silverlands, and the Prince Harming rhyme finally making sense.

degree of feels: gleeful and awestruck feels.

4. More Than This (Patrick Ness)

Feelsy moments: Distant sounds of an engine and the thematic choices of the novel.

degree of feels: cray cray feels.

5. The Distance Between Us (Kasie West)

Feelsy moment: The accumulation of dem career days.

degree of feels: shipping feels.

6. When You Were Here (Daisy Whitney)

Feelsy moment: Truthfully, I didn’t like this book for various reasons but I’ll give props to the pet-lationship.

degree of feels: pet feels.

7. The 5th Wave (Rick Yancey)

Feelsy moments: The parking garage scene after Zombie and company begin their mission and the bro feels between Zombie and Nugget (Cassie’s brother).

degree of feels: sad and sibling-esqe feels.

8. Book to Movie

Feelsy moments: Some notable book to movies that I watched (or re-watched) over the last year that I remember off the top of my head include: Children of Men (P.D. James) and Perks of Being a Wallflower (Steven Chbosky). Although Children of Men was sparsely different than its movie adaptation, the feels were still there for both (although I found the movie was more feelsy). Perks is one of those serious-but-uplifting coming of age films sold to me by stellar casting.

degree of feels: compelling movie adaptation feels.


And that’s all I can think of at the moment. I do wish books provoked the same response as television or movies for me but I’ll give credit to compelling actors and actresses that push me past the tipping point.

I’ll probably get major feels from watching the Olympic ceremonies and seeing certain athletes achieving their dream. Much excites.


14 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #6 – Top Ten Books That Made Me Cry (with FEELS)”

  1. I have not read enough of these. (Adds to already towering to-read pile). I just finished Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings (http://bit.ly/1gIXlG8), which had me crying for a good ten minutes after I finished (although, it’s also laugh-out-loud funny in places). I think John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars takes the Howler award though, with Richard Yates’ Revolutionary Road is right up there too.


  2. I like your adaptation. I had a hard time of thinking of five (my co-blogger and I always go splitsies) books that made me actually cry. I’ve had lots of feels, less so tears.


    1. Thanks! It’s often weird for me to approach these topics since I’m certain they’re geared toward the majority of female bloggers.
      But indeed the feels are awesome. I would take ALL the feels over waterworks any day.


    1. Thanks! It certainly takes a lot for books to make me cry as well (I actually don’t remember if I’ve actually teared) which is why having inexplicable feelings was a much better interpretation for me.


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