[Top Ten Tuesday] – #5 – Top Ten Worlds I’d Want/Never Want To Live In

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.

This week’s theme:
Top Ten Worlds I’d Want/Never Want To Live In

Initial Thoughts:

Pretty sure I’m not the only one, but I have this love-hate relationship with wanting to test the waters in a particular world. Either way, I’ll give reasons for several worlds that I’d want and not want to live in – because it’s one of those either-or situational debates. As long as there’s one positive aspect that I’d want to experience, it will somehow outweigh the thousands of reasons and negatives that suggest otherwise.

1. Hunger Games: Panem (or Battle Royale: Japan).

Why? I’d want to be reaped to be part of the Games. Call me crazy but I’d want to test my limits in the games, and let’s be honest, pretty sure there’s part of you that would want to as well. Don’t get me wrong though, you’ll hear my cannon and see my face on the first day. No question bout’ it.

2. Any Shakespeare-verse.

Why? I’m intrigued by conversing in fluid, lyrical diction. I can’t make much sense of it now but hopefully I’d be able to achieve clarity there. I guess my main reason for not wanting to live in this era is the lack of technology. So unless I was preoccupied every second of my life giving a monologue or plotting a death, I would sure wither in boredom.

3. The Wizarding World: London/Scotland.

Why? So it’s mostly London/Scotland and therefore not metaphysically far-off from current society. But the integration of the Wizarding World and bam I’m excited. But it is quite unfortunate that I’d be a muggle. So I guess that’s a downside.

4. Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth.

Why? I’m hoping I’d land in Rivendell or something because I’ve always had a fascination with Elves/High Elves/Dark Elves (not that it’s related), but I’ll settle for the Shire (which is funny because I lived on a street with the name “Shire” in it). Regardless of pre-or-post Frodo Journey, I’ll live ignorantly in New Zealand and hope that Quokka’s exist during this time (Google Quokka if you’ve never seen one before. And I’ll also hope I don’t get thrown into one-ring-to-rule-them-all antics.

5. Shounen Jump-related serializations, or the Pokémon World.

Why? I’m taking a tangent to include the manga/comics that I’ve read to date. So with the more fantasy-esqe one’s I’d be a regular ol’ chap (i.e. Bleach/Naruto), but at least in worlds like Shingeki no Kyojin or Pokemon, I’d totally have the ability to learn the ways. I would catch a Butterfree and not let it go like Ash did (Worst childhood memory. Ever.)

6. Avatar (Last Airbender/Korra, not the James Cameron movie)

Why? Let’s assume for a second that I’m born into a nation (water, hopefully) and I can learn blood bending. Yeeeessss. I will not settle for the sword fighting, boomerang throwing powers that is in Sokka. I would definitely not enjoy living in the Spirit World though. Some of those floating spirits creep me out for real.

7. Sunset Rising (S.M. McEachern) and Red Rising (Pierce Brown)

Why? I have Red Rising, I just haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. But from the synopsis alone it sounds kind of similar to Sunset Rising (which I have read, and you can find my review of here). Either way, this is one world that I’d probably fail at living in because physically taxing labour and I are not best friends. We aren’t even acquaintances.

8. Anything Zombie Themed

Why? I’ve always wanted to test the theory of “if you act like a Zombie, will they know?” From what I’ve seen at least, this possibility has been tested in Warm Bodies (Issac Marion) with a smidge of blood and bad acting but I’d like to experience this firsthand. Also, I’ve had many over dinner conversations about zombie apocalypse plans so it would be neat to actually see it through to some extreme.

9. The Catch All Group (links to Goodreads provided for your interest)

Why? Of the novels I have not read yet and are interested in their world, they include: Legend (Marie Lu), Maze Runner (James Dashner), Proxy (Alex London), Pawn (Aimee Carter), Steelheart (Brandon Sanderson), Asylum 54.0 (Nadège Richards), Shift (Jeff Povey), The Waking Engine (David Edison), Deviation (Christine Manzari), and pretty much [insert all other science-fiction titles here]. The list is indefinite.

10. Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking Trilogy or More Than This

Why? I haven’t read the Chaos Walking Trilogy but just the initial thought that someone can hear my already randomized and questionable thoughts is so not cool. Alternatively, I do not want to be chased by a Slender Man entity in More Than This (which you can check out my review of here.

11. Any Disney World.

So I’ve been pretty much listening to the Frozen soundtrack for a while and I figure that this option couldn’t hurt to be included. I wish everyday mundane tasks were suddenly filled with breakout impromptu singing and flash mobs. I’d imagine the world would be much more positive place to live regardless of the calibre of singing talent.


There’s a definite curiosity to any world we might want to enter; regardless of death or usefulness. We’re only human, so anything and everything out of the ordinary life on Earth is exciting, scary, and thought-provoking. A Schrodinger’s cat paradox of sorts.

Have you signed up for the Mars Colonization?


10 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #5 – Top Ten Worlds I’d Want/Never Want To Live In”

  1. I definitely chose Earth Bending over Water lol. Yay for including Attack on Titan. I was tempted to include Middle Earth, but then I’d only want to go to Rivendell or Mirkwood. Maybe Hobbitton, but I’m not entirely sure.Wizarding world is a given :). You have to read A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. I promise its a good book!


      1. How can Earth Bending not be appealing lol? It’s so awesome! I would never want the power associated with Blood bending. Okay to be fair I didn’t read When you were Here! I just suggested it to you. You chose to read it :P. But Monster Calls is so good! I cried okay!


  2. I’ve often wanted to live in a Disney world. It looks like so much fun. We could all do with lots of bursting into song at moments! 😉 I also wouldn’t want to live in the Chaos Walking world. I don’t want anyone to be able to hear/read my thoughts! Great list.


  3. Interesting take – although I have to disagree on the one positive outweighing the negatives. Sometimes the high chance of me being dead makes me not want to experience the rest of a spectacular world!
    The Chaos walking trilogy is one of my favorites, but I agree that it would be annoying to have people hearing your thoughts! And I definitely don’t want to be speaking in rhymed iambic pentameter.

    – Kritika @ Snowflakes & Spider silk


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