[Top Ten Tuesday] – #2 – Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.

This week’s theme:
Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014

Initial Thoughts:

I don’t really set goals or resolutions for myself anymore as the impending doom of the quarter-life crisis looms in a few years. So I just focus on taking the days as they come. And I’m also pretty sure I’m in the same boat with those who convince themselves to set resolutions fully knowing deep down that nothing will come out of it. So here’s to hoping that (at least) 1% of the listed ‘bullet-points-that-I-will-refrain-from-calling-a-goalsolution’ will be met.

1. Expand the library

thoughts: I read too much sci-fi…so the focus is on having a 1:2 ratio of alternative genre-to-sci-fi, unless I:

2. Pick up and/or complete older series

thoughts: need to read several series that I haven’t got the chance to yet. should be fun times writing a review for a trilogy/series/or more all at once.

3. Collaborate with other readers on reviews

thoughts: I think it would be neat to develop the basis of a review through conversation; feeding ideas and tangents back and forth.

4. Maybe get into reviewing ARCs?

thoughts: the hesitance is real (since I’m still a subpar reviewer). but then I think: why not? it’s just an expedited review…right?

5. Selflessness

thoughts: self-explanatory.


Great. Now I don’t have a choice; it’s set in blog-o-paper-stone.

But aside from the last one; which I believe more people should take the extra effort and time to exhibit/demonstrate/what-have-you, I can’t think of anymore bookish-centric ones for myself as a newbie reviewer/rambler/blogger/keyboard smasher.

And besides: baby steps yo’.

So bring on the New Year…or whatever that nifty catchphrase is… i wouldn’t know…


11 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #2 – Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014”

  1. Great goals! I feel like if I call mine goals rather than resolutions, I feel less pressure to achieve them! 😉


    1. Yeah I can understand that pressure thing. I think for me it’s totally all about ignorance is bliss. Pretty sure that I’ve told myself to try to eat healthier and then proceed to validate in my mind “okay, maybe after this poutine..”

      I’m real bad at these things, so here’s to hoping!



    1. Wait….did you finish that? I refuse to read it until it’s closer to the final movie installment.

      Indeed! I need to start planning out how to flesh out questions and answers to probe for review-worthy responses. Of course the typical ones are there (cover, plotting, characters and their development, world creation, etc.) But I need to think of the finer details.

      What do you think the timeline should be to finish the book anyways? A week?


      1. No I haven’t read the trilogy. I gave the first two books to a friend for Christmas and I was supposed to borrow them off him, but then I can’t go to Guelph to just borrow those lol. I should read the books though.

        It’s up to you when it comes to what you want to talk about in your review.

        I don’t like having deadlines when it comes to reading, but it all depends on the book and how you read as well.


        1. Please, it ain’t solely my review. Collaborative for a reason: giving credit where credit is due. I’ll think of some way to have it so it can go on both.

          I don’t particularly like deadlines either since it defeats the purpose of leisurely reading (and blogging) which is my main focus of this anyways. But I had to also take into consideration your trip plans yo. I’m sure you want that to be relaxing!


  2. I used fret about my reviews not being amazing, but I realized that the only way to get better at it is to keep doing it. I have found that the short and to the point approach works best for me. I say do it! Sign up for a Netgalley account and start reading and reviewing ARCS!
    Good luck! ~Megan


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