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[Miscellaneous] Awards/Tags — The Sunshine Blogger Award

Miscellaneous is the tagline to store random posts that don’t really belong elsewhere. They may involve tags, awards, challenges, and other book blogging nonsense.


What’s Miscellaneous Today?
The Sunshine Blogger Award

Why hello there!

I’ve decided to take a weeklong break from meme tags and decided to go on the award route instead. I was nominated by Ashley @ Dear World, McKenzie @ Bookish Things and Tea, and Daniela @ Only Books and Horses (I’m sorry it’s taken over a year to get this up LOL). If you nominated me and I forgot, do let me know. The premise for this award is…I don’t really know. By its namesake, I’m going to assume that it features bloggers who have brightened…my day? (SUPER CHEESEBALLS, I KNOW.)

The questions/answers will be colour coded by the individual asking, and because I don’t want to inundate you with 33 total questions, I’ve chosen 5-6 questions from each to answer.

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