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[Think Aloud] – #1 – Spritz Smartphone Reading App


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Spritz Smartphone Reading App


I came across this interesting article yesterday on I Fucking Love Science! [IFLS] about this upcoming smartphone app that significantly hastens reading by optimizing the time it takes to read and understand a word. The thought-train behind this technology analyses and identifies the optimal recognition point (or a focal point) of every word and streams the text in alignment to the ORP so that words can be recognized quickly without strenuous ocular movement. By utilising this method in reading, books which would otherwise take several hours to days to complete can be easily read in a few hours depending on the words per minute (WPM) speed selected. The default speed is 250 WPM and increases by increments of 50, up to 1000.

To demonstrate, these are the images pulled from IFLS:

At 250 WPM and 500 WPM respectively.

  250 WPM Gif

500 WPM Gif

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