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[Book Events] Books, Be Mine: Valentines 2016


What Is Books, Be Mine 2016?

VDay2016_YoureInvitedYou might gravitate towards paranormal or horror during Halloween and cozy up to a fluffy Christmas-themed story during the New Years, but with Valentines coming up, it’s time to send those candygrams to your favourite one true love book.

This is my way of inviting you to an online event hosted by Simon & Schuster Canada to spread the joy of reading during Valentines Day (February 14, 2016). It’s low key, chill, and if you read a page or two, you’ve already won (yes, it is now a competition).

[Link to the official Facebook event is here.]

What To Read?

Maybe you’re a book polygamist and have several books you’re hoping to put a dent in–go for it!

Maybe you’ve just been busy, in a reading slump, or getting over a hangover–try to read one page and see where that takes you! 

Or maybe you just don’t know what to read.

Since Valentines is all about romance…ish–a genre I actually don’t have much insight on–I’ve enlisted the help of  Brandie (Brandie is a Book Junkie), Deanna (A Novel Glimpse), and the Community to recommend some titles for you to dig into this holiday.

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