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[Toronto International Book Fair] — Journal: Day 3 (Nov 16)

TIBF - Welcome Sign

And so it begins: the bittersweet Sunday and the beginning to the end of a weekend of labour and fun and books. Today was the day that I could finally enjoy being a consumer. It just didn’t help that I was stuck on commute because it didn’t occur to me to find out that it was also the Santa Clause Parade in downtown Toronto. So there were many kids and semi-agitated parents stuck in the same vehicle. I was kind of disgruntled when we were stuck in traffic for 45-minutes in a 10-meter stretch because I knew I had to get down earlier to buy a book for a signing. But I’m a pretty patient person. So even if the world went to the crapper and those on the commuter bus went manic, I’ll still be the one in the corner patiently waiting hoping for some salvation. Tangents.

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