[Top Ten Tuesday] – #131 – Book Community Recommends Their Fave 2016 Reads

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.


This Week’s Theme:
Holiday Gift Guide:
Book Community Recommends
Their Fave 2016 Reads

Initial Thoughts:

You and I both know that I am le terrible at reviewing books with some semblance of positivity…so I will instead highlight other community members and their favourite books they’ve read this year that you should probably gift to all your buds instead.

I have linked all of their Twitter handles if you want to go stalk my dear friends.

The Star Touched Queen (Chokshi)

Patty hates me that I never got around to finishing Part 2 of The Star Touched Queen…so I request that you read this in my stead.

We Are The Ants (Hutchinson)

This comes highly recommended from Professional Tea Spiller Tika. …actually it comes recommended by a lot of people.

When The Moon Was Ours (McLemore)

If you know of Shelly and my relationship — you know that she has recommended me books on countless occasions and all (?) of them have made it past the impossible threshold of 3*+. That’s saying something. Her recommendations cannot fail, it seems.

Flashfall (Moyer)

It is said that Brittany likes to dig things. Like…graves maybe, idk, no judgment. But Flashfall has dug into her heart as a surprise dystopian favourite this year!

Captive Prince (Pacat)

Liam, with his honorary Canadian Hufflepuff status, is a lot more ruder than me in his critiques…BUT HE LIKED THIS ONE!

Crooked Kingdom (Bardugo)

99% Australian, 1% Canadian Jenna is broke.

(Please refrain from saying anything because I — and many others — have been spoiled as to certain revelations in this story)

Rebel in the Sands (Hamilton)

Aila is the carbon copy version of me. Almost. She basically likes/hates the same shit as me and so I do not have to take her recommendation with a grain of salt when she lists this as one of her favourites of this year.

A Gathering of Shadows (Schwab)

Ambur‘s top pick is among my favourites of this year as well…but at least the recommendation doesn’t come from me. So if you end up disliking it, I can shrug it all off because it’s not technically my recommendation lololol.

The Serpent King (Zentner)

FINE. I’ll give you one recommendation from yours truly. This book is extremely quiet YA. Like nothing happens degree of quietness — but the words are incredibly effusive and poignant.


Moral of this post: you should listen to other voices in this community instead of the Grinch in me.


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5 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #131 – Book Community Recommends Their Fave 2016 Reads”

  1. I heard a lot of good things about the Star Touched Queen. I finally got a copy, so hopefully I’ll read it next year. I’ll let you know how part 2 is. The Serpent King, yesssss! That book was probably one of my top reads this year. I still tear up when I think about it.


  2. Bahaha thanks for the shout-out/throwing-under-the-bus, Joey! ;D I’d 100% recommend A GATHERING OF SHADOWS…after reading A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC, of course…and if anyone doesn’t like it, they’ll have me to answer to! 😛 Who am I kidding, I’m such a Hufflepuff, I’d make them cookies as they insulted one of my favourite books. 😛


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