[Alternatives] – Movie Review – Nerve (2016)

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Movie Review – Nerve (2016)

Genre: Contemporary, Thriller, Crime, Teens
Duration: 96 Minutes
Directed By: Ariel Schulman, Henry Joost

Screenplay By: Jessica Sharzer
Starring: Emma Roberts, Dave Franco

A high school senior finds herself immersed in an online game of truth or dare, where her every move starts to become manipulated by an anonymous community of “watchers.”


Please note that I have not and probably will not read this book.

And I don’t even think reading the book would affect my judgment on this story as my problems stem from a plotting standpoint. It’s not that the dares were ludicrous — because they are [mostly] plausible — it’s that there’s the foundation to this contemporary (and technological) world building that becomes so conveniently accepted for what it is and it is never really explained to support everything else around it.

I think the only thing that might have impressed me is if this whole film was shot on a potato of a phone’s camera to further prove the ubiquitousness eye of Team Internet and the thinning line blurring reality and the online world. And we do get some of that, just not all of it.

I totally understand its subtext in attaining fame and the baggage it comes with (at least, that’s what I think it’s about???) but how its presented seems to miss the mark for me when it leans on stock archetypes of unsung nomads who assist the hero(ine) along in getting through the thick of things.

Like the best friend who basically plays God with his Get Out of Jail Free Card? Stop it.

Or that there’s a mystery Accountant secret level boss who’s actually the one fudging the numbers and the cash pot isn’t actually real? (I’d be okay with that if it were actually a thing but it isn’t…)

Even the fact that literally zero people gave any fucks as to the harm their subjects were put under and were so focused on their entertainment value — which, to me, goes against how focal Team Internet really is. But, you know, FILM STUFF.

And the shenanigans of the resolution re: third act? Bananas. Sublime, nonsensical bananas.


I can’t even begin to poke at the casting and how well they acted when even the most well-acted role in this film falls short to the conflict of this story. So what I will say is that it’s your standard adult-as-teen role.


Don’t even get me started with “For fans of the Hunger Games…”


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5 thoughts on “[Alternatives] – Movie Review – Nerve (2016)”

  1. Okay this book was soooo unrealistic I annoyed my friends who I watched it in theaters with by pointing out obvious plotholes and ridiculous situations. I did not know it was based on a book! But I do know that it’s propaganda for internet safety. Which is probably why all these teens and their parents love it.

    One good thing was looking at Dave Franco’s symmetrically pleasing face. Oh and that naked scene, very nice.


    1. Did you lose 2 hours as well watching this film as well? Man, so many shortcomings in this film that people just continue onward watching with zero cares as to the realism of it all. I mean, for a film painting the problems with the social structure of the Internet and fame, it does a poor job supporting it… gahhhhh.


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