[Retrospective] – A Rewind Of: October 2016

Retrospective is a monthly post to rewind all of the happenings, thoughts, and discussions here at thoughts and afterthoughts. 


A Rewind Of:
October 2016



Think Aloud/Terrible Protagonist:

Think Aloud: Technology in Fiction – Just Button Mash Everything


Movie Review: A Monster Calls (2016)

Memes (Top Ten Tuesday):

#126 – Villains in Books
#127 – Books Added to TBR Due to Recommendations
#128 – Horror/Spooky Fiction


[Blog Tour: So, You Want To Be Human?]

Day 1: 5 Reasons You Should Read Boy Robot by Simon Curtis
Day 2: Technology in Fiction – Just Button Mash Everything
Day 3: The Sound of Robotic Sex: EDM Music on My Playlist
Day 4: Boy Robot Review

Other Feels:

Television (Not a full list of what I watch):

(If you love to talk television, hit me up on Twitter and we can share feels together!)

Class S1: I wasn’t really a fan of Doctor Who but I gave this a try because Ness feels. And though this show is super cheese and the writing is pretty shoddy at best, it’s still brainless fun.  

Designated Survivor S1: I don’t wish ill on anyone but I’ll let it sink on the thought of this re: current election…


Kim’s Convenience: I didn’t know this store was actually relatively close to where I work but I’ve been finding it quite enjoyable in terms of Asian representation. 

Mr. Robot S2: …I still haven’t watched the last 2 episodes.

The Bachelorette Canada S1: My mind is telling me she’s going to choose Kevin (because chemistry) but MIKHEL IS SUCH A CINNAMON ROLL. FUCK.

The Blacklist S3: BEHIND.

The Good Place S1: Dropped (?)

The Mindy Project S5: I dig this Mindy + Ben dynamic.

The Real O’Neals S2: It’s alright.

Quantico S2: BEHIND.

Westworld S1: Still ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ …

Younger S3: Makes me want to work at a publishing house tbh.


Lights Out: What this film had to achieve: make me want to keep the lights on. Nope. Kept them off.

Oculus: A re-watch. Still pretty good.

Finding Dory: It was…good? But at the same time I couldn’t help but feel annoyed by some of the character antics. This is probably old grumpy me speaking but kid-me probably wouldn’t have had the same concerns.

Nerve: I have so many problems with the plot holes in this book. If I read this shit, I’d red flag EVERYTHING.


(Maroon bolded names link to the track for easy peasy listening)


The Chainsmokers – Setting Fires

Novaspace feat. Joseph Vincent – Since You’ve Been Gone

Martin Garrix – Sun Is Never Going Down

MAKO – Wish You Back (The Him Remix)


Time to pretend November XX (whenever this post fucking goes live) is the actual start of the month. I hope you’re ALL doing much better than I am!


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13 thoughts on “[Retrospective] – A Rewind Of: October 2016”

  1. I enjoyed Finding Dory but it will never beat the first film. That one was everything.

    I’ve still not caught up with Mr. Robot. I don’t even remember the last episode I watched. I might have to start from the beginning.


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