[Top Ten Tuesday] – #120 – Characters Who’d Have Songs Written About Them

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.


This Week’s Theme:
Characters Who’d Have Songs
Written About Them

Initial Thoughts:

Rewind = freebie = I can talk about random shit that I think is a lot funnier than it actually is.

Seige and Storm (Bardugo)

Nikolai Lantsov is the life of the party and his song would reflect that. Probably some dance track with robotic sex sounds (re: beeps and boops) because obviously. It would also be written by Tamar and Tolya probably, because who else would know him best? Nikolai is his own boy band, after all.

Red Queen (Aveyard)

The Calore Brothers would have penned the most angsty and emotionally repressive (expressive?) song about Mare Barrow. Life must be tough without her…ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? YOU’RE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Zeroes (Westerfeld)

So there’s this character named Anonymous (first name Thibault) and his abilities allow him to be unseen on command; meaning, he can cut the link he has to others to see him. It’s really poignant but anyways, he’d totally have a song about pain and loss because life continues to pass him by and though he’s living in it, he’s rarely part of it. Anon would have to write his own song though.

The 5th Wave (Yancey)

There are two ways I can look at this…and they both involve Evan Walker and Cassie Sullivan. One one hand, Evan Walker would write the sincerest or love ballads (which is actually some creepy and stalker-ish tune, if I’m being honest). On the other hand, Cassie’s track would be that familiar tune of some all-encompassing hope of finding and fighting for the one.

Knife of Never Letting Go (Ness)

“Old Macdonald had a dog, poo poo poo Todd poo…”

If you understand this reference, you are my new best friend. Seriously. I can definitely see Viola singing this song for the children of New Haven.

Harry Potter (Rowling)

I could talk about Harry and his emotional pity-me song or perhaps his generic go-get-em uplifting tune…

I could also talk about Ron having a upbeat track about being young and letting inhibitions run wild…

But no, I will talk about Hermione Granger and her power anthem about kicking ass and taking names because I still stand by the main cast being good as dead without this gem of a character.

(…was also tempted to describe Neville’s song.)

A Gathering of Shadows (Schwab)

Am I the only one who thinks Kell “The Cinnamon Roll” Maresh would actually be a legit pianist? And with every keystroke, he’d be beckoning for Lila Bard (or his coat if he ever lost it) to return…FUCK THESE FEEEEEELSSSSSS.

The Serpent King (Zentner)

What a no-brainer of a book inclusion for a musically-focused prompt.

The resilience of friendship is what Dillard Early would write his song about and with the sincerest of dedications to Travis and Lydia, but more importantly, with just his voice and guitar. (Let’s also talk about how he’d be a popular acoustic cover artist on YouTube…)

We Were Liars (Lockhart)

I cannot understate how underwhelmed I was with this book.

However, for this prompt, it features one of the most interesting of song themes in the disillusionment of escapism (?), confusion (?), and inspiration (?). I don’t know if I’m making much sense with this explanation but a song about Cadence Sinclair would be really trippy and fucked up. Basically.

The Deal (Kennedy)

…I was skimming through the books I’ve reviewed and I stared at this title and thought if I could come up with something. And yes, of course I could.

I bet if Garrett played the guitar and had a soothing voice with [your choice of accent], readers would implode. But I can’t think of anything further than your typical love/break-up song in the vein of every single fucking NA contemporary book that lacks proper communication oh my god.

(Can you imagine if everyone important on Garrett’s team played on a band together and omg fans would go cray cray.)


I was going to provide music recommendations for each of these characters but that would have been a shit ton of more work and also very tedious because my library is extensively EDM-based lololol.


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16 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #120 – Characters Who’d Have Songs Written About Them”

  1. I’ve never thought about characters having songs written about them while reading, but now as I look back, this should totally be a thing. I definitely laughed at the song you have for Harry…


  2. Can Garrett’s song have a lot of improper hockey references too? Lol. You know I loved that you picked The Deal. And, yes, a ton of us would go crazy for a Garrett, Logan, Dean and Tucker band!


  3. “Can you imagine if everyone important on Garrett’s team played on a band together and omg fans would go cray cray”

    This is asking for a fanfic. A panty-dropper one, if you ask me.


  4. I could so see Kell playing piano and he’d either play it when he’s super sad or really angry and he has the excuse to juts aggressively hit the keys. 😛

    The Deal wasn’t as angsty as most NA reads and since Garrett is so smitten with Hannah I can so see him writing a cheesy love song. 😛


  5. The angst and torture that Mare put those brothers through, I’m preeeetty sure you’re right. I would listen to that song.

    And Kell’s song is something that I would totally, totally pay to read. Or watch. FEELS INDEED.


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