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I Messed Up Tag

It’s been a while since I did a tag (mainly because I ran out)

Thanks for tagging me Jonas @ Other Things!

Apparently the premise of this tag is to evaluate things you did “wrong” or “messed up” with books.

A Character’s Appearance You Misread or Imagined Differently

Surprisingly, I want to say that I rarely misinterpret what characters look like because they’re faceless voids to me…if that makes sense. It’s only when characters are visually nuanced that I’ll really be able to grasp a good sense of what they look like but I’m more drawn to the story than the intricacies of their appearance (which, I guess, is an unpopular opinion I think as people would love discrete and “proper” inclusion of POC etc.).

A Character Name You’ve Been Pronouncing Incorrectly

I don’t even read Throne of Glass and I’m like CHAOL?! Phonetics is clearly not your best friend.

If this is seriously Cole, I will murder someone.

An Overused Trope That Is Your Guilty Pleasure 

As a huge SF-F fan, I love “hero’s journey” stories where a normal person has to be the saviour. That’s not the trope I’m addicted to though. It’s the fact that once this hero defeats the baddie, everything returns to normal (re: all the underlings just convert to goodness because their big bad lord is gone). SO CONVENIENT.

A Cliched Character Type You Enjoy Viewing On Screen Than Reading About

The unpopular-turned-popular character trope is fun. Because it dominates so much of the television I watch. I’m so trash.

A Word/Phrase You Learned Because of Its Use In A Book

It’s the “catchy” one lines that I (and others on Twitter) poke fun of all the time. Example:



Have You Ever Not Read or Completed a Required Reading Book For School

For those who are unaware, I fucking hated Holden Caulfield  of Catcher in the Rye fame. I skimmed most of the book and grasp most of the themes through in-class discussions. Seriously, fuck this book and his phony bullshit.

Have You Ever (Or Wanted To) Skipped A Chapter From the POV of a Character You Weren’t Interested In

In Scott Westerfeld’s Zeroes, I didn’t really care for one of the POVs (for reference, it was back and forth between Crash and Mob — they were so boring to follow).

Have You Ever Cancelled Social Plans To Read A Book

For a book? No. For other reasons? Absolutely.

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I miss doing tags D; …


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21 thoughts on “[Awards/Tags] — I Messed Up Tag”

  1. I completely know what you mean about characters being faceless voids! I very rarely even have a picture of a character in my head. I feel like imagining characters is a skill I will simply never master. And I HATE Holden too. He is so whiney about literally nothing.


  2. I’m pretty sure I mispronounce most of the fictional characters’ names all the time. And probably the last name of authors, too. XD (But I’m not too hard on myself since people mispronounce my surname a lot despite how common it is.) Haha, usually they’re faceless voids for me as well but the magnetic bookmarks I’ve bought have helped!


  3. OMG! Loved reading this. Thanks for the tag!

    I think I need to start randomly using ANYONE CAN BETRAY ANYONE in my daily conversations. I would love to see if anyone would pick up on it. Sadly, probably not.

    And you are so not trash. Every TV show needs a good Jenna Hamilton. 😉


  4. OhmyGod, I’m not crazy! I don’t picture the characters either, I thought I was the only one. And I need to find out how to pronounce most of the names in Throne of Glass – Chaol, Celaena Sardothian, etc etc. It’s a difficult book!


  5. I’m the exact same way about character appearances. I’ll only picture them if they’re particularly distinct like scars or tattoos. And shamefully, if I watch a TV or film adaptation I’ll just picture them as they are in that production. I’m actually pretty good with character names but the one I will refuse to give up on is Rhysand. I’ll say it to my death like Rai-sand!


  6. I totally get you with the faceless void thing, I usually can’t fully visualize the characters by the author’s descriptions. I love watching the “unpopular-turned-popular character trope” especially when there’s a makeover involved. Thank you so much for the tag! 🙂


  7. I’m with you on character appearances… I don’t usually pay attention to those details unless the author really, really pushes them forward (i.e. always repeating them, having other characters point it out, etc.), and even then characters kind of remain faceless to me. Truth be told though I’m not a very visual reader — I don’t really visualise what I’m reading, character or setting or otherwise.

    I always pronounce ‘Chaol’ like chaos with an L. Is that not the way to do it? D:


  8. Chaol is definitely not pronounced Cole. That would be just messed up. But, here, ToG pronuncation guie – http://sarahjmaas.com/extras/throne-of-glass-pronunciation-guide/ which states that Chaol ir pronounced Kay-all (like “chaos”). No murder!
    I’ll have to agree with you on the appearance thing. I’m not bothered by race or anything in books, because those things don’t mater to me. It’s the story, it’s what happens to those characters. I guess, to me they’re somewhat faceless as well, unless I’ve seen the movie or seen some fan-art. Then I might imagine the characters as the actors or someone’s drawings, but otherwise. Heck if I know if this or that person is of what colour. I’m sorry, but in my mind they’re all pretty much the same. And not to sound stupid or inconsiderate, I guess that is also why I sometimes don’t get the deal with representation. Even if the books says the character is PoC, it probably won’t matter to me, since I don’t see the characters that way in my mind. Sorry, if I offend anyone with this.
    Actually, I gotta wonder, is there even a reader, who really imagines the characters as they are described? Like, I read that the person is dark-haired and with blue eyes (or whatever), such and such height and whatnot, I register those facts and then they’re pretty much gone. Okay, the hair part maybe sticks with me. I think my faceless imaginary people do have hair in a certain colour at certain length. Because, hell, hair is so much easier to imagine than a whole face. 😀


  9. Thank you for tagging me!! 🙂 I’ll be doing this tag on Monday!
    I laughed so hard at your answer for #2. I think it’s like Chaos but with L instead of S? Hahaha not really sure though


  10. Chaol’s name is fucking RIDICULOUS. “Chaos with an L” my ass. I call him Kale, or Chale if I’m feeling especially ungenerous. Which is often, because

    Okay, I’m not going to rant here. You already know everything I want to rant about, anyway.

    Hell yeah, hero’s journey. But are you serious, you’ve never skipped out on social plans for a book? You’re coming across like a reader who has a healthy interest in life outside of books, and I don’t know what to make of that. Now excuse me while I return to my library-hermitage.


  11. Lol you actually ran out of tags? I didn’t know that was possible xD

    I can’t take someone named Kale seriously, even if it’s spelled Chaol.

    And yess omg unpopular characters turned popular will always be an all time favorite movie trope because they’re so much fun to watch. I actually rewatched She’s All That not too long ago lol.


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