[Top Ten Tuesday] – #108 – Books Picked Up on a Whim

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.


This Week’s Theme:
Books Picked Up on a Whim

Initial Thoughts:

This is essentially every purchase ever because while I do have all the best intentions on reading them…life is like distractions! new covers! interesting blurbs! derp smile fuck memefavourite authors! challenges! rereads! commitments! arcs! more covers! more blurbs! more recommendations! nostalgia! a-wild-book-you-TBRd-10-years-ago-appears! — and my mind is basically like:

The Marbury Lens (Smith)

Cause of whim: After the experimentalism in The Alex Crow, I really wanted to try another Smith book and this one caught my eye the most (sorry Winger, sorry Grasshopper Jungle).

Not a Drop to Drink (McGinnis)

Cause of whim: TeaTime ARC Party when Epic Reads featured the second book in this duology (?) and I was like yes want need when now.

The Luminaries (Catton)

Cause of whim: …how can I say no to $3 hardcovers? Don’t test my grabby hands like that.

Room (Donoghue)

Cause of whim: See above. In truth, I’ll probably watch the film instead of reading the book. Whateverrrrrrrrrrr.

Simon Vs The Homosapiens Agenda (Albertalli)

Cause of whim: So…I actually read a few chapters the week this book was released in the store and I didn’t think much of it. Then I found a first edition (not sure if there’s been a reprint already?) hardcover at a local discount book chain and I thought “why not?” — clearly the theme to all of these. — All them people who loved this book and hype ain’t got nothing on my slow reading and Mr. Moody chilling on my head and heart.

Incidents in the Life of Markus Paul (Richards)

Cause of whim: I told myself to read more Canadian Literature.  I told myself to read more Canadian Literature.  I told myself to read more Canadian Literature. I told myself–

Bog Child (Dowd)

Cause of whim: [author was] brainchild of A Monster Calls therefore it must be good. #soundlogic.

In A World Just Right (Brooks)

Cause of whim: This is honestly one of those “how did you get into my cart/how did I check out without evaluating this book” purchase. Here’s the thing: I throw a bunch of shit into my shopping cart (skyward 30-40 books) and then run through them again prior to placing my order (whittling them down to like 3-8 usually).

Far Far Away (McNeal)

Cause of whim: it was like $1.49 CAD (or 0.99 USD?) on Book Outlet and had favourable reviews so my wallet wasn’t going to cry or anything.

Ruins (Card)

Cause of whim: Found this at a library sale and I thought “oh, I know this author!” not even bothering to check that this was the second (?) book in the series. I’ll probably end up unhauling this one.


I could keep adding to this list all day…


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15 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #108 – Books Picked Up on a Whim”

  1. Epic Reads and the ladies at Cover Wars pretty much sent my TBR list into a massive black hole. It’s never going to decrease at the amount of things I’m adding on there on a whim. NEVER.


    1. IT’S SO GOOD! Sorry for the caps lock but I have so many feelings about Simon. 🙂 Also I got to interview the author, which I’m thrilled about.


  2. Room is on my list too, but also constantly distracted with other books I want to read first!
    And I didn’t know about Book Outlet, so thank you for that 🙂


  3. $3 Hardcovers!? Talk about a bargain buy!!!
    I can also see myself just watching Room instead of reading it but I’m told it’s a great adaptation and so that is how I’m justifying watching it instead of reading it first haha.


  4. The only one of these I’ve read is Simon Vs. The cover and title looked and sounded so fun I couldn’t resist picking it up, and the book itself definitely lived up to my expectations. I hope you enjoy it too when you get around to finishing it.
    Some of the others sound interesting too, I may have to add them to my to-read list 😀


  5. Used book sales are hazardous, hazardous places. I should know, considering I walked out of the major annual one in my area yesterday with a lot more books than I went in looking for.


  6. Room & Not a Drop to Drink are amazing reads. Hope you enjoy them! I haven’t heard great things about the Marbury Lens, though :/


  7. I tried to read Room a little while ago, but I just wasn’t feeling it so I put it aside. OMG you should’ve picked up Winger, it’s so good. I still need to read Grasshopper Jungle and Alex Crow. I’ve actually heard Marbury Lens was his worst book, but you never know, ya know lol?


  8. Oh my gosh I love your intro to this list. That’s exactly how I feel. Awesome cover! ARC! Someone said I’ll like this! This book is on sale! Here’s a classic I never read and I feel guilty and know I should read it! This one has a dog on the front! Squirrel!

    Also I love your reasons for picking them up. Super fun list this week! 🙂


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