[Top Ten Tuesday] – #102 – Male Book Bloggers In The Community

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.


This Week’s Theme:
Male Book Bloggers In The Community
(And Where To Find Them)

Initial Thoughts:

Where are all the male book bloggers?” you ponder.

They don’t exist.

Nah, we’re just a tiny minority (last I heard, we’re 12% strong), so I’mma just vomit as many names I know of despite not actually having interacted with most of them (?) — and this is going to read very stalker-ish — but I assure you, I’m only slightly creepy. Huh?

This isn’t some master list of curated voices from all platforms (re: I didn’t highlight booklr because I don’t really use tumblr).

This list will be updated if/when I discover more voices.

Blogger Tally: 35 (not including Bookstagram/BookTube)

Canada: 3 (yes, I included myself)
USA: 14
South America: 1
Australia: 4
UK: 6
Europe: 2
Southeast Asia: 6


Jesse Nicholas – Books at Dawn (Canada)books-at-dawn-banner

Lashaan – Bookidote (Canada)bookidote-book-blog-banner

Andrew – Endlessly Reading (USA)endlessly-reading-book-blog-banner

Bayram – Never Ending Books (USA)

bayram - never ending books banner

Brian – The Guy’s Side (USA)

brian - the guys side banner

Cody – Roecker Reviews (USA)

roecker reviews - banner

Drew – The Tattooed Book Geek (USA)


Jon – Bookish Antics (USA)


Liam – Hey Ashers! (USA)


Mikey – Josie & Mikey Read

josie mikey read - banner

Nazahet – Read Diverse Books (USA)


Ryan – Ryan’s Bookish Confessions (USA)ryans-bookish-confessions-book-blog-banner

Ryy – Dem Books Doee (USA) 

dembooksdoe - banner

Thomas – The Quiet Voice (USA)the-quiet-voice-book-blog-banner

Tod – YA Lit Reader (USA)yalitreader-book-blog-banner

Xander – Forever Bookish (USA)forever-bookish-book-blog-banner

Gervan – G. J. Alvi (Trinidad and Tobago)

gjalvi - banner

Brett Michael Orr  (Australia)brett-michael-orr-banner

Brett – Demons Read Too (Australia)demons-read-too-blog-banner

Liam – Liam’s Library (Australia)liams-library-book-blog-banner

Paul – The Galaxial Word (Australia)the-galaxial-word-book-blog-banner

Christopher – YAfictionados (England)yafictionados-book-blog-banner

Josh – One With the Words (England)


Nathan – A Walk Into the Wild (England)


Rhys – Thirst For Fiction (England)thirstforfiction-book-blog-banner


Thomas – Intro to Blurb (Somewhere UK?)intro-to-blurb-book-blogger-banner

Michael – Michael Reads (Scotland) 


Jonas – Other Things (Belgium)other-things-book-blog-banner

Nick – The Paper Dragon (Belgium)the-paper-dragon-book-blog-banner

Kevin – Bookevin (Malaysia)bookevin-book-blog-banner

JM – Book Freak Revelations (Philippines)book-freak-revelations-book-blog-banner

Josiah – The Bookish Fanboy (Philippines)


Justine – Bookwormaniac (Philippines)bookwormaniac-book-blog-banner

Mark – Bongbongbooks (Philippines)bongbongbooks-book-blog-banner

Miguel – The Quirky Reader (Philippines)


Shelumiel – Bookish and Awesome (Philippines) bookish-and-awesome-book-blog-banner


Danny – The Book Order (Canada)the-book-order-bookstagram

that’s all I got LOL.


You’re probably already familiar with the bigger names so I’m not going to give them a shout. Just going to highlight a few that I watch on occasion:

Jason Purcell – The Heavy Blanks (Canada)the-heavy-blanks-booktuber-banner

…if you need CanLit, this dude’s an awesome reference point.

Andrew – Drew the Reviewer (USA)

…if you’re familiar with Khanh (“the Grinch”) on Goodreads, then listening to Andrew shit on books is the equivalent. I’m serious.

Jeff – Ermahgerd Berks (Canada)ermahgerdberks-booktube-banner

…this isn’t really his channel (it’s Jamie’s) but whenever he sporadically appears here and there on the tubes. Plus, they’re a wonderful couple.


Holy fuck this post took forever to curate.

…and I’m not even going to begin with Goodreads only users.


connect: afterthoughtAn // twitter  |  anotherafterthought // goodreads



89 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #102 – Male Book Bloggers In The Community”

      1. Hahaha, this is gold! No offence taken at all, so don’t feel bad. In fact, my full name is also quite the androgynous one and quite often when I pick up the phone or when I am doing calls for work, they reply with ‘miss’ 😛 Hence why I go for a permanent stubble. At least when people see me, they use the correct pronouns for I no longer look like a preteen androgynous child :’)
        I don’t help matters along by mentioning the boyfriend every other post or so, as well.
        Perhaps I should consider adding a photo or so. Something very manly 😛


  1. This list is fantastic and while it took a hell of a long time to make I am so grateful. It’s always nice to hear things from a different perspective. Even more, I have a few male students who are working on a blogging project for English and said they felt weird because boys to blog about books. Now I can show them this. Thank you so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yoo Joey, big thank you for the shout out. I honestly didn’t expect this many fellow male bloggers. Thought they were all hidden on Goodreads (good thing you didn’t start that list; doubt it would have an end).

    Keep on vomiting bruh. Always a pleasure to read your reviews.

    – Lashaan


  3. This was your perfect chance to link your “male bloggers” WP list and you didn’t?? But awesome post anyway, Joey! LOL. Adding the male Goodreads users would take forever. Plus, I don’t know how you would include an image of them… Their profile pictures? Now that would be sort of awkward, haha. Glad you stopped yourself. XD


    1. I had it in initially but then thought people wouldn’t read the entirety if they could just go to the list. Plus, it doesn’t really “list” them out as opposed to just throwing up a feed I think (at least for WP readers specifically). I HAVE REASONS FOR WHAT I DO–JUST NOT THAT ONE TIME FOR NOT TAGGING YOU DESPITE TAGGING YOU. SHEEESSSSH.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol. Oh, Joey. I guess it makes sense I mean after all that work with screenshoting all the banners and uploading them to your media, etc. XD (That’s why I totally decided not to do that and made mine text heavy instead-even though I know no one will read any of them unless it’s theirs. Oh well. 😅)


    1. Felt the need to say HI to a fellow Malaysian blogger 😁 I’ve actually not met many (none in fact), granted I had just started book blogging quite recently (perhaps not that recently). Still this is pretty amazing to me 😀

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks a lot Joey 👍 the regional tagging did help! It’s always nice to see our own country being represented 😉 esp when I feel it’s sorta a minority in book blogging… (perhaps I’ve just not met enough malaysian book bloggers…there might be tons of them out there) thanks for the effort!


  4. Thanks for including me, Joey! I’m disappointed that there is only one Bookstagram here, haha just kidding. What’s your Instagram? I should follow you.

    Awesome post, by the way. You never disappoint (except for the Bookstagram part, I should see you taking Bookstagram seriously)


  5. Amazing list – and quite a long one too, I can only imagine just how difficult it was to curate! I (surprisingly) already follow some of these people but will be on the lookout for others I haven’t. Thanks for making it easy for us to find male bloggers! 🙂


  6. I was literally wondering this the other day when I realised that most of the blogsI follow are run by females!! So thank you for this insight! 😀


  7. You’re right, male book bloggers are rare. Booktube isn’t that much better too, I had to dig my brain to find some to include in my TTT list. Gonna check some of these out when I get the chance.


      1. You’re right. Booktube does have a higher ratio of male booktubers, but I still think the number of female booktubers dwarf male booktubers. Then again, it might just be the channels I’ve come in contact with. I don’t think we’ll know for sure unless YouTube releases some official numbers.


    1. I always feel like with this [female dominated] community, if I post something “guy centric” (e.g. this post featuring males), I’ll get scolded or something because it omits the inclusion of females — so I’m glad no one who read this thought this way (but then again I have the most pessimistic thoughts LOL).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahah, oh no reason to be pessimistic about this, you always manage to make great posts, and this one doesn’t fail. The community is indeed very female dominated, and it makes me happy to see there are lots of guys out there doing this as well, it’s kind of refreshing, actually, ahah 🙂


  8. Why don’t I know any male book bloggers?! Honestly I expected the male percentage to be less than 12%. But the amount of people I need to get following here is ridiculous. Thanks for sharing this list, the effort is appreciated!


      1. Wow. We’re obviously a reading bunch. I feel like all the male bloggers I know come from the Philippines or around that area. I need to look harder…


  9. Woah, what a great list, looks like I’ve got a lot of following to do! Thanks so much for including me on it! 🙂


  10. Wonder if I might’ve made a mistake putting my blog on Blogger instead of WordPress…seems like that’s a community where it’s easier to make friends. 🙂


    1. Couldn’t tell you. WP might be easier to connect to but I do feel like there’s more creative freedom on Blogger. Plus, in-house connections (via WPs RSS-like feed isn’t really necessary if you can garner a wide enough audience elsewhere e.g. Twitter). But hey if you ever decide to switch over, let me know!


  11. Omg so many! I have to be honest and say I only knew you and Bookevin off this list but now I really really must go through and check out these blogs!


      1. I looked back through the list after making this comment and was like oh yeah, how’d I forget him and him and him ect hahaha! So yeah, you’re totally right!


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