[Top Ten Tuesday] – #101 – Characters Bad At Taking April Fools Joke

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.


This Week’s Theme:
Characters Bad At
Taking April Fools Joke

Initial Thoughts:

I was surprised this weeks theme wasn’t April Fools inspired–so I’ll just do what I do and fix that.

Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter – Rowling)

People will hate her (and perhaps rightfully so) but I’ll say she’s one of the baddest bitches around and ain’t gonna take your shit if you pull a prank on her. I must not prank Umbridge.

Dillard Early (The Serpent King – Zentner)

Dill wouldn’t get angry at you for cracking a joke — he’d probably elicit a nervous laugh — but it’s that he’s someone you’d feel bad for cracking a joke with because of all the shit he’s been through.

Thibault / Anonymous (Zeroes – Westerfeld)

For those of you unaware, Anonymous is a kid with abilities to cut ties and the personal connection shared with him and remain unseen — stemming from his childhood of non-existence.

Now think about: you’re all ready to go to fool someone when–why am I here again?

Safiya Fon Hasstrel (Truthwitch – Dennard)

The only joke you could get by her is if it was something that could be set up tangibly and not prompted via words — she’d call your shit out from a mile away…and that’s no fun.

Kaz Brekker (Six of Crows – Bardugo)

He’d laugh with you…then he’d get even. More than even,  probably.

The Driver (More Than This – Ness)

You get yourself hyped up to pull a fast one on it when suddenly you find yourself [redacted revelation re driver shenanigans].

Garrett Graham (The Deal – Kennedy)

This choice is for all you people who love this NA college-y romance shenanigans. I mentioned it in my review but while Garrett has a solid social game, if you created a joke that revolved around having to read something–the dude’s not the smartest cookie. Sorry bout it.

Rhy Maresh (ADSOM – Schwab)

If you read the first book, you would have remembered that [redacted evidence] because of [redacted evidence re Kell] which means that it’d be [redacted explanation] meaning Rhy is an idiot if. Kudos to you if you understood that.

Any Competitor in The Hunger Games (Collins)

Just hear me out: what if THG landed on April Fools?

Kekeke, I’m going to pretend to eat Nightlock and scare Peeta.

“Want some?” *munch munch munch*
What is it?
“I’m joking, it’s only blue berr–” *dies*


Alex Parrish (Quantico)

Okay, as I’m writing this, I just finished watching the episode of Quantico (re the episode where Alex is bat shit crazy–which is every episode in existence). I just think she’d twist what your prank is into some conspiracy theory.


Which character would you want to prank on April Fools or what has been the best prank you’ve given/ received?


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11 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #101 – Characters Bad At Taking April Fools Joke”

  1. Hey now! I think Garrett is smarter than you give him credit for. 😉 and he’s gotta be good at pranks with all those hockey buddies.
    I would love to see someone try and prank Kaz!


  2. Ahahahaa!! I like that Alex Parrish one.
    I’d also add Cersei from A Song of Ice and Fire series. Similar to Alex except Cersei would think the prank’s some sort of political maneuver to get her away from the throne.


  3. Alex from Quantico! Oh yeah, she was completely insane on that episode, LOL. Also, don’t dish Garrett, the guy was smart, he was just doing bad in this one class and he recovered… 😛


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