[Awards/Tags] — Kiss Me, I’m Irish Book Tag

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Kiss Me, I’m Irish Book Tag

I don’t even understand the title for this tag but it’s still a tag nonetheless. I was tagged by Nick @ The Paper Dragon.

Green: A Book With A Green Cover

The first book that comes to mind is that dress from The Winner’s Kiss. Though I don’t really know why there’s a difference of colour between the NA/UK version…like did they really make her (or perhaps photoshopped) change dresses just so they could uphold that need for cover disparity between the two…

Blarney: A book that deceived you into either liking it or was overhyped and you ended up disliking it.

lol. Just think of any super popular YA franchise within the past two years — yeah, that one.

Brogue (dialect): A book where one of the characters has an accent.

Between Cody and Abraham in Steelheart through to Calamity, there was something about how they spoke that made their voice stand out for this accent category.

Leprechaun: A book you enjoyed when you were a little person.

I’m gonna go out of the box and say the I Spy books just because they were coveted things to read (re limited copies) during library class in elementary school.

Pot of Gold: A book that cost you a lot or is of great value to you.

I’m going to go with my account on Book Outlet. Much like how you can check your debit/credit card history…holy shit I spent so much money hauling books I won’t even read after discovering this site, it’s unreal.

Four-leaf clover or shamrock: four leaves = more than one book. Pick your current or old favorite series.

There’s a special place for Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings as it was such an immerse world that leaked into other facets of my childhood through Neopets (yes, I played this), the fact that Legolas encouraged me to purchase a bow for funsies, and Lord of the Rings musical being the first show I spent cash to go see.

Magic: A book that you found magical or a book where you enjoyed a magic element that was found in the storyline.

… Kell’s coat a la Darker Shade of Magic.

I’m going to keep repeating this until someone convinces Tor/Macmillan or Schwab that I need this garment…

Kiss: Your current favorite book pairing or your all time favorite book pairing.

I’m the worst shipper cause whenever there’s a new dynamic, I always think of the what-ifs for that one to happen (even if I fully know slow burn relationships are mostly end-game). In light of that, I’m going to say Michaela Pratt and Asher Millstone from HTGAWM. Don’t judge me.

Luck: A book on your shelf that you will luckily get to… someday.

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned wanting to read this book before but it was actually [low key] really high on my TBR when it was first released. Although regrettably, most readers I feel hated this story but I don’t know…there’s this random desire to read this more-so than other popular series I’ve yet to (or will never) get to.

Jig: A book that if you don’t currently own but if could get a hold of it- it would make you dance with joy. (Can be a book that isn’t released yet or a book you would really like to own)

A book that’s going to be released soon? The Crown’s Game (Skye) or This Savage Song (Schwab). Otherwise, my real answer is probably the next Patrick Ness book.

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18 thoughts on “[Awards/Tags] — Kiss Me, I’m Irish Book Tag”

  1. Joey + Kell’s coat = OTP. 😉 I do agree that we need some sort of variation of his coat.
    I really don’t understand why they felt the need to change the dress colour on The Winner’s Trilogy covers. For one, I like both versions so I’m torn by which edition I should actually get and the dress colour just makes no difference in general.
    I must admit up until this month I’ve been pretty good at not going on a random, spur of the moment book buying spree. I still wouldn’t want to look at how much I spent on books though haha.


  2. I used to love those I SPY books, too! They were so much fun. I think my daughter even has one lying around here somewhere. Thanks for the tag! I just did this one a couple of days ago, so I will just add your tag to it. 🙂


  3. Agreed on Book Outlet 10000%. I just unhauled about 30 books I’ve bought from there that I know I’ll just never read. I still have the Bone Season to read, too! I remember seeing it everywhere a couple of years ago, but don’t actually remember hearing anything about it haha


    1. Damn I don’t think I have the heart to unhaul any of the books hauled from BO despite having very limited interest in them now (the off chance, you know?) I hope you get the spark to read Bone Season eventually if you’re still interested in it! I think I’m just lowkey looking for a new world to invest myself in without it being too cumbersome of a giant series haha.


  4. “kiss me, I’m Irish” is something that tends to be on shirts that Americans especially Irish wear on St. Patrick’s day- 17 of Mar. It’s a catchphrase that’s been associated with the stereotype of drunken fun and craze that is supposed to be the celebration.


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