[Top Ten Tuesday] – #98 – Characters Other Readers Enjoy Whom I Could Do Without

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.


This Week’s Theme:
Characters Other Readers Enjoy
Whom I Could Do Without

Initial Thoughts:

The real tagline for this post is “it’s not me…it’s you”.

Alina Starkov (The Grisha – Bardugo)

You chose the wrong one.

Malyen Oretsev (The Grisha – Bardugo)

Imagine paint drying. Okay, now you’ve met Mal.

Mare Barrow (Red Queen – Aveyard)

Everyone’s selfish in their own way…then there’s Mare tier.

Mara Todd (Messenger of Fear – Grant)

Just bland.

Holden Caulfield (Catcher in the Rye – Salinger)


Sky (Hopeless – Hoover)

21st Century Amish.

Safiya fon Hasstrel (Truthwitch – Dennard)

If Truthwitch is a fan fiction based loosely off of an author’s friendship, does that mean I’m anti their friendship too?

Cadence Sinclair (We Were Liars – Lockhart)

Boo hoo you didn’t get to eat with your favourite spork.

Evan Walker (The 5th Wave – Yancey)

The alien version of Edward Cullen is–wait for it–still a creeper.

Clary Fray (The Mortal Instruments – Clare)

Based on the television show, you could get hella turnt if you made watching Shadowhunters into a drinking game. Two shots every time Clary mentions her mother. Three shots every parabatai gaze. Ten shots every time they mention the cup.


Mad. I am mad.


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20 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #98 – Characters Other Readers Enjoy Whom I Could Do Without”

  1. I seriously didn’t like Evan either. Not sure why everyone shipped him with whatever the girl’s name is. Or was that Ben Parrish?? I don’t even know…I didn’t like any potential love interest w/ the girl.


  2. haha I couldn’t even remember the names of the We Were Liars characters and to be honest the only part of the book I do remember is the ending.
    I’ve still not watched The Shadowhunters. Is it worth the watch or should I just give it a pass. I don’t know how much cheesiness I could cope with haha.


  3. Holden Caulfield was pessimistic, and annoying as one can be. While I didn’t HATE Catcher in the Rye, I really didn’t like him.


  4. Awww…. I keep seeing Safiya on these lists. that makes me kind of sad.

    But then I can totally agree on Clary and Mare. Especially Mare. *shudders* Glass Sword was a mess.


  5. I’m only 15% into Glass Sword, so I haven’t met overly annoying Mare yet. I did laugh at Sky being on your list, though. 21st Century Amish? LOL. I liked her, though. I am surprised I didn’t see a particular sweet brown cracker on here!


  6. It’s so nice to see that other people are creeped out by Evan Walker too. He’s honestly one of the scariest love interests I’ve read in YA and I don’t get the appeal at all.


  7. I didn’t think Alina and Mal were that bad since Nikolai was so ridiculously underdeveloped and under-utilised. Like why was he turned into a BAT?! And omg, I totally understand Safi. Remove Safi and whatshisname, and make the series about Iseult and Aeduan instead!


  8. So is Safi Susan Dennard or Sarah J. Maas in the friendship? I’m 30 pages in and I don’t really see where the book is going. -.-
    Do people actually like Holden? I always thought he was one of those characters everybody hates; oh well, guess I’m in the minority here with you. *virtual fist bump*


  9. Mare Barrow I could do without. I didn’t connect to her character, and had no investment whatsoever to her cause. I’ve only watched the movie for The 5th Wave, so I don’t know if I can really judge Evan. But based off the movie, I don’t know how I feel about him. He was more of an eye-candy for the movie more than anything.


  10. I agree so much about Mal and Alina. Not far enough into 5th Wave to have met Evan/have an opinion on him.
    And I just like the commentary on the others, even though I haven’t read any of their books and thus can’t have an opinion on them.


  11. I didn’t like Alina either! That’s why I never finished the series. The TV show got Clary so wrong, I stopped watching. She was always my least favorite Cassandra Clare character, but the show makes it really bad.


  12. In the books I’m not a fan of Simon, but you’re right about Clary in the show. I laughed out loud at your drinking game; the show is bad enough that I keep watching just for the amusement (and to stare at Alec because good god is that boy good looking!).


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