[Top Ten Tuesday] – #97 – Books To Read For Mentor/Pupil Dynamics

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.


This Week’s Theme:
Books If You’re in the Mood For: Mentor/Pupil Dynamics

Initial Thoughts:

This week’s theme centers around featuring “books if you’re in the mood for X”. Since most mentor-to-pupil moments hit me right in the feels, bam, that’s my topic.

Many of these choices you’ve seen before but I’ll try to shine a different light on each. You know…satire and stuff.

 Harry Potter (Rowling)

This one’s a bit of a throwaway but there are so many old mentor-y feels that I guess just had to be included. Raise your wands, Potterheads.

The Blackthorn Key (Sands)

Orphan gets adopted and is taught the ways to be an apothecary. Suddenly the feeling of belonging.

Lord of the Rings (Tolkien)

Much like how Harry Potter would be dead with his close friends, surely these hobbits would slow roastin’ on the fire pit for not the wizardry ways of Gandalf and co. You shall not pass, indeed.

A Monster Calls (Ness)

An ancient tree. A young boy. A crying reader.

The Rule of Three (Walters)

If your community is going to the shits, befriend the senile old survivalist. They’re probably keeping you alive so they can devour your youth–wait, what?

Red Queen (Aveyard)

Maybe I just didn’t notice it but was Mare ever grateful of the list she received from Julian? Probably not.

The Hunger Games (Collins)

Sure Katniss, don’t thank Haymitch for putting down his swig and evolving into a door-to-door salesman to get those salves and food for you. No worries. You wouldn’t be dead or anything.

Shadow and Bone (Bardugo)

Sorry but nothing you do will ever impress Baghra.

A Darker Shade of Magic (Schwab)

This one’s to all those who’ve finished or are currently reading A Gathering of Shadows–Master Tieren will pretend he can’t see your feels.

The Magicians (Grossman)

This is more of a television choice (as I probably won’t read the books) but in yesterday’s episode of The Magicians, some of my favourite parts of the episode featured Mayakovsky and his weird way of teaching (like when he flicked droplets of vodka at Quentin LOLOLOL).


All fun aside, we ought to remember those individuals who–good or bad–have shaped us to who we are.

Who are some of your favourite mentors in books that inspire the protagonist?


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23 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #97 – Books To Read For Mentor/Pupil Dynamics”

  1. I was a little worried when I saw the mentor/pupil title. I was wondering if you were going to be spotlighting the romantic relationships between them and I was about to be all EWWWWWW. I like your take on this one better!


  2. I feel like Master Tieren knows all about the hidden secrets I desperately need to be revealed *cough* Kell’s biological family *cough* I NEED answers!!!
    The Fellowship would have definitely been screwed if Gandalf hadn’t been there with them.


    1. If you had one question to ask TIeren, what would it be? Or is your thirst for Kell’s heritage what you want to know? Damn, I’d be asking him about Kell’s coat #noshame.

      Can you imagine if roles were reversed and Gandalf was the “evil” one and Saruman was the token leader of the Fellowship. What a journey that would be…TO ISENGARDDDDD.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I need to know about Kell’s heritage. Something smells fishy and I am positive that if he can’t get answers from the king/queen he can get them from Tieren. And yes, I need to know how to get my hands on Kell’s coat.

        NOPE! Not even going down that road, Gandalf can do no wrong and he can’t be evil but the shock factor would be up there in the heart failure department haha.


  3. That awkward moment when you don’t know the Magicians was a TV show. I fail at so many things – keeping up with the times is one of them.
    Mentor-pupil relationships are so great. Why do most YA novels ignore adults, as a general rule? How do sixteen year olds do everything without someone to give them a little bit of guidance? I wish I knew their secrets. I’m 20 and I’m still clueless without my mother.


  4. Nope

    In which Nope means I haven’t read it and therefore can neither agree or disagree with you.
    Yes, means I have, but does not necessarily mean I completely agree with you.

    Vampire Academy has a great mentor/pupil relationship.

    Great list. My brain literally hurts whenever I try to create a Top Ten list.

    You da bomb diggity.


  5. “Sorry but nothing you do will ever impress Baghra.” THIS! I totally cracked up reading that line…how true…she would just whack you over the head with her stick regardless 😂 great list 👍


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