[Top Ten Tuesday] – #94 – Inseparable Fictional Pairs

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.


This Week’s Theme:
Inseparable Fictional Pairs

Initial Thoughts:

Continuing on with Day 2 of my random Valentines themed week, the V-Day inspired TTT theme is all about romance and ships and OTPs and all that lovey dovey stuff. It was sort of a freebie! So, you know, of course this edit was fitting

Day 1: “Books, Be Mine: Valentines Day Event Introduction”



Kell and his Coat (A Darker Shade of Magic/Victoria Schwab)

Regular followers will know that I love Kell’s coat [arguably] more than enjoying Kell himself. Totes materialistic but wouldn’t you be for presto-chango coat over there probably laced with undetectable extension charms (re: Hermione’s bag). Or Doraemon.

Inej Ghafa and her Knives (Six of Crows/Leigh Bardugo)

You know…in the real world, if you saw someone whispering to their knives and stroking them, you’d call them out on their sketchiness (unless they’re a chef I guess). So why not Inej?! CAN YOU ANSWER THAT? No seriously, can you?

Jared and the Mountain Cats (The Rest of Us Just Live Here/Patrick Ness)

Thy shalt not address Jared without first bowing down four times to the Many Cat God.

Todd and Manchee the Dog (The Knife of Never Letting Go/Patrick Ness)

Todd is a pretty shitty pops to Manchee but they’re like the dynamic duo, so…

David Charleston and his Metaphors (Steelheart/Brandon Sanderson)

Insufferable but true.

Cassie Sullivan and the Promise Bear (The 5th Wave/Rick Yancey)

Considering how much one is able to carry in a backpack (for example), to what extent would you keep your little siblings stuffed bear safe among all the other survivalist shit you have to lug around. WOULD YOU GET RID OF THE BEAR?

Malorie and the Blindfold (Bird Box/Josh Malerman)

Okay this sounds more kinky than intended it to be but the point is seeing it = dying.

Nikolai Lantsov and his Emerald Ring (Shadow and Bone/Leigh Bardugo)

Bet you 78% of this community wouldn’t reject the offer.

Christopher Rowe and Bridget the Pigeon (The Blackthorn Key/Kevin Sands)

Bridget is perhaps the only pigeon I wouldn’t eat (note: pigeon/squab is delicious).

Mare Barrow and her Cruel Reminders (Red Queen/Victoria Aveyard)



Raymond Redding and his Hat (The Blacklist)

I never seem to be able to pull off wearing hats but RayRed can work every head apparel.

Tatiana Maslany and Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black)


Green Arrow and the Facial Hair (Arrow)

I know you’re baffled as well by how no one could put one-and-one together via. facial hair recognition…

Leopold Fitz and Jemma Simmons (Agents of SHIELD)

I told myself I wouldn’t pair OTPs together but I couldn’t help you. You can’t stop it. It’s done. Go away, cosmos.

Olivia Moore and her Hot Sauce (iZombie)

Sriracha or whoever should endorse Liv for all the product placement…

Clary Fray and her Need-To-Find-Her-Mom (Shadowhunters)

Drinking game: take a shot for every reference of her mother. Get wasted.

Harvey Specter, Donna Paulsen, and the Can Opener (Suits)

The can opener makes things canon.

Elliot Alderson and his Wizardry (Mr. Robot)

At first I thought a computer hacker without his computer would make for such a terrible premise but then if it’s Elliot, I feel like there’s still a story there…


The more I stare at some of these pairings, the more they look like titles for a short story of some kind.


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53 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #94 – Inseparable Fictional Pairs”

  1. Joey, Valentine’s Day is supposed to be fluffy. YOU DO NOT JUST MENTION MANCHEE THE DOG AND MAKE PEOPLE (aka me) CRY.


  2. I might have to start watching Shadowhunters again just to partake in this new game of yours.
    Oh, and I know you’re constantly whispering Anyonecanbetrayanyoneanyonecanbetrayanyone to yourself all of the time.


  3. I came here because I expected you to do something out of the box with this week’s topic, and I was not disappointed in the slightest. A+ list… Also, “Tatiana Maslany and Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black)” BYEEEE. lol


  4. LOVELOVELOVE this theme so much! So unique and creative! Also, the Bird Box reference? I lol’d, but SO MUCH YES. I didn’t like the ending for that book, though–it greatly disappointed me, as there were like twenty OTHER ways he could have ended it that would have been much better (in my opinion.) Great list and topic idea!


  5. THE COAAAAAT!!! Yes! Perfect way to start! Couldn’t have done better. Loving this series and didn’t think of the blindfold as kinky until you said that. Now I’m crying 😂


  6. Has it really been that long? Because, gosh, I really don’t recall Nikolai having an emerald ring! XD AND HAHA, I knew it! You like Kell for his coat! He’s honestly pretty cardboard but I hope that changes. I pitifully have only started Kell’s first section of the book. (Meaning I am not at all that far into the AGoS, but I have my divided attention between only it and The Iliad now; I will surely make progress and finish it this week!)


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