[Top Ten Tuesday] – #93 – If I Had A Time Machine, I’d Send This Blogger To…

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.


This Week’s Theme:
If I Had A Time Machine,
I’d Send This Blogger To…

Initial Thoughts:

  1. The theme original featured  historical/futuristic settings you’d love to read about…
  2. …but I don’t have enough vested interest in timely fiction to say where/when I’d be interested in reading, so because I’m me, this change in prompt is necessary
  3. For this post, time/teleporatation machine is synonymous
  4. I could only include so many before this list got too lengthy
  5. Dear bloggers, I hope you enjoy your new world because this is a one way trip and irreversible from my end.” I apologize for nothing if you don’t enjoy your new home (blame your Goodreads favourites piles–okay byeeeeeeeeeeee.)

Format: [Blogger] + [Inspired Book] + [A Note]

Every link takes you to the respective blog and Goodreads.

Also: if I sound like I don’t know wtf I’m talking about in terms of locations or contents of the book and its world…it’s probably because I don’t and it’s all guesswork and minimal Google.

Jose @ Josie’s Book Corner – 1956 Germany (Wolf By Wolf by Graudin)

“May you find or become Yael… (ok but really I hope you survive because it sounds like stranger danger there)”

Summer @ Xing Sings – Sometime mid-1800s Victorian London (The Infernal Devices by Clare)


Aentee @ Read At Midnight – Stilled Earth, Year Unknown (The Fifth Season by Jemisin)

“I hope you like geology and bad weather, my Queentee LOL.”

Brittany @ Book Rambles – 1700s Russia (The Crown’s Game by Skye)

“I’ll live the Tsar experience vicariously through you…”

Jesse @ Books at Dawn – Mars? (Red Rising by Brown)

“To be honest, I would have sent you into Falling Kindoms universe but since you’re from Toronto anyways, it seemed less cool. SOOOO ENJOY YOUR TRIP INTO PB’S WORLD.”

Lois  @ My Midnight Musing – Henrietta, Virginia (The Raven Boys by Stiefvater)

“I can’t enroll you in Aglionby so this is the next best option. Enjoy riding in the Camaro and stuff.”

Mishma @ Chasing Faerytales – London (A Darker Shade of Magic by Schwab)

“You’re welcome.”

Jenna @ Reading With Jenna – 1940s Paris/Germany (All The Light We Cannot See by Doerr)

“Jenna, since you’ve pushed this book onto everyone, we will kindly push you into the world where it all began…

Kat @ The Impossible Girl Blog – Nebraska (Fangirl/Carry On by Rowell)

“Your masterplan: Befriend Cath. Get yourself written in Carry On. BFF status with Simon and Baz is the endgame. You’re welcome.”

Liam @ Liam’s Library – California (I’ll Give You The Sun by Nelson)

“I must also inform you that you have a twin. Find them, Liam, and you may even find yourself.”

Kelly @ Stellar Scrutiny – Year 3000, Beijing? (Cinder by Meyer)

“All I ask is that is that you eat all the food…especially street food omgimmeltingindeliciousness.”

Brett @ Brett Michael Orr – Albany, New York (Red Queen by Aveyard)

“Let’s set the date to something like year 3015. Sounds about right. Enjoy the sight seeing of your favourite book of 2015. Maybe this will encourage you to like Glass Sword more? OhwaitIshouldn’tadvertisethisshouldI?”

Ashley @ Socially Awkward Bookworm – Manitowoc County (Jasper Dent by Lyga)

“This is a very specific choice: October 2005 before you know what happened. Armed with the knowledge of reading Jasper Dent and the Docuseries Making a Murderer, the rage of the world rests on your shoulders, Ash. Do us proud.”

Deanna @ A Novel Glimpse – Briar University, Somewhere USA (The Deal by Kennedy)

“Wherever that is, you can go help good ol’ Garrett in his Philosophy class. Google told me there’s a Briar Cliff University but that’s a “Roman Catholic” institution. lolnope. QUENCH YOUR THIRST, DEANNA.”

Aila @ One Way Or An Author – Sloth Santuary (N/A)

“Send Aila back to 1990~ Costa Rica when Sloth Sanctuary was established. She is the sloth Wizard. She will guide you.”


Have you read or want to read any of the above books? Would you want to get sent there too?

I’m ridiculous, I know.


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56 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #93 – If I Had A Time Machine, I’d Send This Blogger To…”

  1. AAAAAAAH! I love it! I went through the list and really wanted to trade places with Summer or Jesse but then I read my own name :O AND IT’S PERFECT!!!! Cath and I would be insta-friends. AND SIMON AND BAZ ❤ You know me so well!


  2. OMG! YOU ARE A FREAKING GENIUS! Seriously. Love it! I’ll be happy to help Garrett…and John…and Dean…any of those beautiful hockey players from Briar. With Philosophy, of course!


  3. Omggg Jesse got sent to Mars? I am so jealous all the Golds are super hot. And how cruel of you to send Jenna back to WWII- though I suppose she did ask for it 😛

    A book about me in the Fifth Season universe won’t be too exciting as I would die almost instantly XD I DON’T HAVE THE METTLE TO BE A FANTASY HEROINE OK.


  4. Hahah! Great post!
    So much pressure being sent to Manitowac County. I got this though!! I’ll finally bring peace. And hopefully those shady ass police won’t frame me after freeing Avery again.


  5. YES this post is amazing!! Yeah, I’d kind of just like to tag along these time travelling escapades, okay, thanks? I swear, a time machine needs to be created JUST so I can go to the Victorian era and meet Jem and Will…!!!! (Oh, and all the other places because, I might as well, right?) XD


  6. I APPROVE OF THIS. I am all for some late night rides in the Camaro with my Raven boys. Plus this way I can help save a certain someone from his doom.

    I’m also kind of jealous that Jesse gets to go to Mars and I’d possibly hijack that trip to London if it means to can get Kell’s coat. 😉


  7. Thank you much for including me! You always have the most creative posts! =) I’d be interested to visit 1700s Russia if I was invisible XD but I’m too much of a chicken to actually time-travel there otherwise, because I think it wouldn’t be very safe lol. However, I do often watch the movie “Midnight In Paris” and daydream about Paris in the 1920s… ;D


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