[Top Ten Tuesday] – #89 – 2016 Book Blogger Resolutions

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.


This Week’s Theme:
2016 Book Blogger Resolutions

Initial Thoughts:

Welcome to “How To Set Yourself Up To Fail Your Resolutions 101” — because seriously — last year I set myself up with goals I don’t even remember setting LOL. I’m just going to simplify everything down to the grit of what I’ve already been doing: reading books and curating content.

On Reading

A Benchmark

Maybe set a reading goal for 30? 40? Maybe. I set my reading goal on Goodreads at 1 book so anything I read will feel like an accomplishment anyways.

A New Bridge

With getting my NetGalley ratio up to 100% (after sending in DNF feedbacks for 2014 titles I’ll never get to read), I might put a pause to requesting eARCS because I still don’t have an e-reader (Christmas sales were garbage). But I was fortunate enough to be reached out by a publisher at the tail end of 2015 and it is my intent to start building bridges with other pubs even if I’m still a relatively small blog (in my view anyways).

A True North Strong and Free

Last year I wanted to read more Canadian Literature. I read one. My hope? 2. SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE. This means I will read Station Eleven this year my goodness.

A New Nessochist

Low key continue to push Patrick Ness’ books to everyone. As one does. I’m just kidding…

On Blogging

A Rebrand

The only thing I actively want to achieve is to actually figure out this damn blog rebranding and finally get self-hosted. That is all.

A Weirder Approach

So I know most of my discussions aren’t accessible for comments because they’re piles of thought vomit that don’t fall in the traditional realm of “book blogging discussions” (so I figure people just don’t know how to respond LOL). But I’m going to keep at it while also trying to work both angles this time around and hope that it doesn’t come off as some nonsensical hullabaloo.

Plus, I feel like I’ve been putting out less snark/humour in my content. Not sure if anyone has noticed it but it feels different. Gotta up my personality game, damn.

A Commitment To Comment

You may or may not have heard me complain that I followed a a lot of blogs resulting in seeing hundreds of new posts in my feed everyday. And that was incredibly daunting to peruse and comment through. This is why I’ve barely followed any new blogs for the past 2-3 months (for fear that it’d be even more daunting).

Last week, I began culling this list and hopefully with a more manageable number, I can [finally] get back to properly commenting back and building our friendship.

A New Voice

Hello co-blogger whom I have yet to meet. I will find you.

On Nonsense (With The Community)

A Time For Chill Squad

While my friends down south (that’s you, Murica) get all these fun book events and tours, the events that come to Canada are few and far between (or they cost me a limb). So you adapt. By that I mean attempt to have more impromptu gatherings or grabbing food to eat etc. with members in the community. Small things, you know? — some of us are even chilling this coming weekend (so this resolution is reached. bam.)

A Time For Chill Squad (feat. Dim Sum)

By extension of the previous resolution, This-Serious-But-Not-So-Serious-Idea is something I want because 1) I’ve talked to too many bloggers about dimsum NOT to go grab some and 2) because food.


One thing’s for sure: you’ll still get the same ol’ word vomiting goodness from yours truly.


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44 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #89 – 2016 Book Blogger Resolutions”

  1. Not sure how much this’ll mean, as this is the only post of yours I’ve read, but I thoroughly enjoy thought-vomit compilations. They are by far some of the most interesting pieces to wade through, and I fully support your continuing on with “ramblings”. Let your brain do it’s thing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I totally agree with you, and that’s why I usually don’t make resolutions every year. I forget, I don’t follow and I just set myself up for disappointment.
    And I love that you put your goal to 1 book. Now that’s something I should have done. I would already feel accomplished, ahah! 🙂 Loved this post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m terrible with resolutions – I start breaking them as soon as I think of them. I should have unresolutions (a bit like unbirhdays) then I’d probably be okay.
    Good luck with these – I like your idea for 1 book on Goodreads! Might steal that one.
    Lynn 😀


    1. I was like at 50%…and all of my books I still had to “review” were all 2014 titles that are expired. And I lost interest in reading them/not going to go out of my way to buy/borrow it from the library. Soooo I sent in my DNF review and thanked the publisher for every single one of these books LOL. And bam back to 100%.

      I think the stupid part is that whenever you’re accepted for a galley, your % automatically drops. So dumb. But that’s another story…

      Self-hosting basically just means to have more control over content.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. LOL! “I will find you” When I read that Liam Neeson from that scene in Taken popped in my head. For whatever it’s worth, your thought vomit makes an entertaining read 🙂


  5. The only resolution I seem to be able to keep is the one where I vow not to make a resolution haha. Word vomit is always fun and are definitely fun to read.
    Good luck with reading the 1 book for your godreads challenge. Don’t stress too much over it 😛
    Also everytime you mention dimsum in a post I get hungry haha.


  6. These all sound like really good goals. I definitely agree with slow and steady wins the race. You can totally read 2 books by Canadian authors. I believe in you!

    Also culling because too many blogs and not enough commenting, though I think I’m getting better at that.


    1. Ok but cultural/nationalistic-ish books are like boredom to me LOL. The only reason I was able to read one in 2015 was because it was a super short book about Asian literature a la immigration-ish. Like, I really want to read Station Eleven because dystopia and all (and it’s CanLit) but there’s some underlying literary merit that I’m like ugh, the struggle. I’m probably not making sense LOL.

      Yesss cull awayyyy

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  7. I totally get what you mean by Christmas sales being garbage this year! I was hoping to walk away with an ereader too – the glare from reading ebooks on my phone is starting to get to me… But yes, good luck with these resolutions, especially with finding a new coblogger 🙂


  8. eReader sales were garbage this past Christmas! I thought they might go on sale but they didn’t. Seems like Black Friday/Cyber Monday was the best chance and even then they weren’t fantastic.

    I had resolved not to self-host last year but I’m sooooo tempted to look into it again this year…guess we’ll see! Best of luck!


      1. lol – it could be a sign but that’s an awful one 😛
        I just bought the domain name last year. “seriesousbookreviews” is long enough without having to add “wordpress.com” haha
        It was much easier to commit to a one time fee than a monthly one for self-hosting


  9. I noticed that you set your goal to 1, haha. I thought maybe it was a typo or something. HAH!
    Once I finish the last two eARCs I have on Netgalley, I’ll probably stop requesting for awhile. I have so many books that I already own that I need to read.
    You definitely have a lot of personality though. I love your discussions, but yeah, what you said about sometimes people not sure how to respond. Sometimes I have no clue how to respond to them. I still love them though!
    Throughout the year I was weeding out a lot of blogs that I followed, but just didn’t really read their posts. It helped a lot. I still kind of want to look through again.
    GOOD LUCK! 😀


    1. I basically stopped requesting halfway through 2015 unless there was something I really wanted (but that was rare). I think it’s cause I just didn’t have an easy way to read the galleys.

      I don’t know what else to do for culling that doesn’t run into removing people who are still active. Ugh, the struggle.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve been removing people that I tend to skip over their blog posts. I guess there isn’t a point to having them on my list if I don’t plan to read their posts anyway.


  10. I too want to rebrand my blog this year! I have been thinking about doing it for literally AGESSS but have I made any moves to doing it… a big nope! I’m also planning on getting rid of blogs I never look at! I almost never read anyones posts anymore because there’s just so many of them I don’t even want to sit down and go through them!
    Good luck sticking to your goals 🙂


  11. I love your goals, Joey! Resolutions are a total trap in the new year – almost all of us get none of them completed, because most of us are so over-ambitious with them (me included)!
    I know what you mean about the blog thing – I follow so many that blog hopping and commenting on all the blogs I follow takes HOURS. (Sometimes longer than 4 hours)!
    Good luck with everything this year, and especially your search for a co-blogger!


    1. I’m sure I’ll get 1/10 from this list done for sure in reading 1 book in 2016 (here’s to hoping).

      Even the days when I do have time to peruse all 1287318237 posts, watching tv or YouTube is so much more satisfying at the moment LOL. I’m becoming a terrible, non-responsive member of the community.

      Liked by 1 person

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