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Dashing Through The Snow Book Tag

This tag was created by Astra @ A Stranger’s Guide to Novels. The focus of this tag brings in the cheer of Winter by rolling up little Olafs and throwing them at each other or something idk. WINTER STUFF.

I was tagged by Kat @ The Impossible Girl Blog and Deanna @ A Novel Glimpse!

Name a book you’d like to see under your Christmas tree?

Maybe the third and final book to so many series that I’ve started? Like: Calamity (Steelheart #3), The Last Star (The 5th Wave #3), Morningstar (Red Rising #3 — so I can just binge the trilogy even though I’m only on Red Rising).

A book you’ll be reading during the Christmas season?

My TBR is pretty much set for the remainder of December. I had to expedite reviewing This Is Where It Ends (Nijkamp) and crammed finishing The Girl Who Fell (Parker) yesterday so I could set myself up for reading Truthwitch next week (which the lovely Amanda @ Brains, Books, Brawn is letting me borrow).

Otherwise, I’m trucking along to possibly finish CoHo’s Hopeless, Pierce Brown’s Red Rising (I haven’t really given it a fair chance because I read it over 3 weeks), and will probably start The Scorpio Races (Stiefvater) sometime in the debacle of Glass Sword (Aveyard) and The Serpent King (Zentner) — both of which are somewhere in the mail system. C’mon Canada Post…

Favourite Christmas movie?

I won’t say it’s a favourite, but I do remember coming across Home Alone all the fucking time on a YTV (a Canadian television network) back when I was in elementary school.

Do you like snow?

Snow is in my blood. Perhaps literally and figuratively.

Name a character you would like to spend Christmas day with?

I’d trade my spot for Leopold Fitz (Iain de Caestecker) and Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) of Agents of SHIELD fame to just actually have a day together not being ripped apart from the cosmos. I swear if some bad shit happens to them again…

To give or to receive?

Neither. I don’t like receiving because I feel the need to give something in return. But then if I give something, it means the other person may feel burdened into giving something back (and you should do unto others as you would have done onto you). So it’s a stalemate, really.

Think about it: “here’s some money to buy yourself something nice!” Oh, you shouldn’t have…here’s some money for you too! $50 bucks exchanged for $50 bucks — THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. #realtalk

What fictional place would you like to spend Christmas at?

Television: iZombie world (which is Seattle?). Where Liv eats the brains of both Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus and inherit their spirits for a day…but with the personality of Liv.

Book: The Hunger Games. Hear me out: imagine it’s like “eyyy, time to celebrate Christmas with a festive ball and food!” then halfway through they announce: “WELCOME TO THE 128371th ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES” *doors locked*. I’d die, probably, BUT HOW FUN!?

Fondest Christmas memory?

Probably when I was told that Santa wasn’t real in our lifetime (thanks, dad).

Can you say “Christmas tree” ten times fast in a row (while pronouncing them correctly)?

Can I say it? How about YOU say it.

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Winter is perhaps my favourite season.


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26 thoughts on “[Awards/Tags] — Dashing Through The Snow Book Tag”

  1. Haha oh hey from Seattle! I haven’t seen any zombies lately.. just a lot of rain. I think this is the most negative you can be about Christmas without actually hating on Christmas. Bah humbug.


      1. Jesse wrote an awesome review on Steelheart, so it’s what made me buy it! Yes, go watch Home Alone NOW! I just watched Home Alone 2 last night. Still my favorite ever! 🙂


  2. Omg yes with regards to the gift giving thing, it gives me hives just thinking about the burden that goes around and around. I sometimes just like to buy something randomly if I think the person might like it – but Christmas and its commercialism irks me a little.

    I like the idea of snow, until I see it and realise I’d much rather go back to the desert that is Australia in summer XD


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