[Top Ten Tuesday] – #82 – Debut Authors Sophomore Novels I Needed Yesterday

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.


This Week’s Theme:
Debut Authors Sophomore Novels
I Needed Yesterday

Initial Thoughts:

With so many 2014/15 debuts still to read, I split this list into halfsies between debuts to which I’ve already read and need more of and books that I’m pretty sure I’ll be invested enough to want to read more from that author.

Sophomore Books I Need From:

Victoria Aveyard

If you knew of this blog 4 months ago, you’d remember me writing a raging review of snark about Red Queen. But that doesn’t  mean that I won’t be picking up the sequel — because I will — just to see through some of the unresolved questions. I swear if it Second Book Syndromes me…

Francesca Haig

The Fire Sermon
held a lot of promise. It had a cool premise, an intriguing world, and decent writing (via poetry background) — but what it lacked was a presence of complex characters. Here’s to hoping the sequel is far better than the first book.

Kevin Sands

After the explosive opener that is The Blackthorn Key, I really want to go back into the London that was imagined with apothecaries and stuff and stuff. Thankfully, the sequel takes place immediately after the first book and it’s about the Great London Plague of 1665 and I just need it.

David Lomax

Quiet MG is quiet. Backward Glass was one of the better titles I read in 2013 when I first started blogging. Even though my rating style has changed since, I think I’d still rate this pretty high. It’s a fun take

Dawn Kurtagich

Kurtagich already has her next novel, The Creeper Man, slated to be released next year (the cover of which reminds me of Slender Man but I digress). What I enjoyed in The Dead House was the presentation of the narrative and I’m curious as to whether or not this will be continued in some capacity in her next title.

Sophomore Books I’m [Pretty Sure] I’ll Need:

Pierce Brown

Aside from every single person alive telling me he’s a stud-muffin of sorts (hello Jenna, Aentee, Jesse), I’ve actually been wanting to read his books FOREVER — and thank the Book Outlet Gods who granted me with a copy of Red Rising which I will probably get to sometime this month. Therefore, I will probably need Golden Son.

Sabaa Tahir

So….I thought this book was pegged as a standalone? I WAS WRONG. Now I have An Ember in the Ashes chilling on my nightstand waiting to be read and because Sanderson blurbed it, it surely must be good now. (But fun fact: I didn’t even notice the person standing in middle of the cover until recently LOL.) But, yes, series binge-ing seems to be much more appealing to me than reading and waiting (which is the reverse of how I am with television).

Tommy Wallach

I have this feeling that I’ll enjoy We All Looked Up — much to the mixed reviews of everyone in the community per the title. I hope my gut isn’t wrong. Not to mention that I re-watched the Coherence (2013) film the other week and the existential premise similarities are uncanny.

Josh Malerman

I’ll be honest: I’ve been waiting for Bird Box for quite some time (and by some time I mean a year+ LOL) with the cover that I want (not even for hardback #notsnobbing) and now that it’s on Book Outlet with a decent “safe” quantity, THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO HAUL. And so I wait for other titles that will encourage me to order a damn parcel. But. What I am certain of is that I’m sure this is a book I will enjoy. GUT FEELS AGAIN.


I think those are the immediate debut authors of recent that require my attention. Yes, I realize some are 2013/14 and so I stretched the prompt whateverrrrrr.


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11 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #82 – Debut Authors Sophomore Novels I Needed Yesterday”

  1. I need to read An Ember in the Ashes and Red Rising as well! I just fee left out of the club not knowing why theyre so brilliant! I’ve got to be honest, I can’t be the only girl out there that doesn’t find Pierce Brown attractive????? I just don’t get it?


  2. I really enjoyed Red Queen and I want to read the next book. I just hate that so much time has passed in between reading the two of them. I wonder if I’ll be as into the story with such a time lapse. But I guess that’s how it is with any series. I hope it treats us all well!


  3. haha Pierce Brown is most definitely a stud-muffin and his skills as a writer only adds to that hotness. I adore Red Rising and Golden Son is even better. I will note that these books are the definition of an emotional roller-coaster. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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