[Beta Bloggers Project] – An Open Call To Bloggers


Hello friends!

I’ll be honest: as try-hard humorous, snarky or plain as my content is, uncertainty plagues a lot of what gets green-lit or remains tinkering in the woodshed. With a two-month drought in my discussion feature, I really wanted to get back into the swing of things.

From blogging experience, I found comfort in talking through the topic with someone else — it’s a bit validating but it’s the affirmation that helps (at least for me). I’ve previously had posts beta-read on occasion by Savindi but she’s since stopped blogging.

So I’m shooting this into the void with no expectations but I’m curious as to whether any of you bloggers would be interested in being part of a beta-reading group for blogging purposes—an outlet to test the waters with any post before it goes live. I’m mainly looking at discussions and features that could use a good eye to skim-over (not to be a Grammar police though).

While everyone’s welcome to join, what I do ask is that you’re:

– interested in discussion writing (ideally but not limited to bookish content); and,
– open to listening to alternative ways of thought.

The reason I’d prefer bloggers who want to work on their discussion writing is because at least you’d have something to gain from participating — I’d just feel bad if you don’t have something tangible to gain from beta-ing.

Since I don’t know how much traction this will garner (I’m hoping at least one person will join me on my crusade!), just drop me a line here or on Twitter–thanks so kindly!


And with it being Halloween, remember to eat lots of candy!


connect: afterthoughtAn // twitter  |  anotherafterthought // goodreads


(disclaimer: puzzle vectors in banner from Freepik — which looks a tad weird but I’ll fix it another day because I wanted to get this post up aha.)

24 thoughts on “[Beta Bloggers Project] – An Open Call To Bloggers”

  1. What a brilliant idea Joey! Which you have so many, I can’t ever keep up. I am crazy interested in being a part of this if there is still room?! (please let there be, lol) I struggle with discussion posts (having never actually mustered up the courage to write one) and would love to learn/help in any way that I could.


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