[Top Ten Tuesday] – #81 – YA Antagonists You Shouldn’t Trick Or Treat From

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.


This Week’s Theme:
YA Antagonists You
Shouldn’t Trick Or Treat From

Initial Thoughts:

“Trick or Treat”-ing is basically the time of night during Hallowe’en where people go door to door and ask for candy. Now imagine if you hit up Young-Adult Villain Street. Let me tell you why you shouldn’t ring those doorbells and set yourself up for disappointment...or death?

I mainly poke fun at young-adult trilogies for the sake of satire, yeah? So enjoy the laugh and don’t take anything I say too seriously!

President Snow – The Hunger Games

Don’t. You’ll be asked to fight for your life against a ghost-kid in a white bedspread, a witch who can’t outrun shit because high-heels (note: Jurassic World lies), and probably Katniss.


He Who Must Not be Named – Harry Potter

Don’t even ring that doorbell. Just don’t. You think Voldy would hand out candy? Please. The doorbell is probably hardwired to some wand that’ll avada kedavra your face off before you even get to ask for a trick.

Jeanine Matthews a la Faction – Divergent

Trick or treat, you say?

Candor be like: “your costume disappoints me”
Abnegation be like: “thanks for your candy, we’ll distribute it to everyone else not you.”
Amity be like: “some medicinal Cannibis with your candy–PEACE!”
Erudite be like: “have a book.”
Dauntless be like: *throws you off the roof*


WICKED – The Maze Runner

It’s honestly not even worth the expedition to make your way to anyone’s home. Just go to the drug store and buy yourself discounted candy after Hallowe’en or something idk…

The Darkling – The Grisha

Darkling: “Enjoy your candy!”
You: “Where? I don’t see it…?”
Darkling: “Don’t make me out to be a villain. It’s in there.”
You: “…O-okay!”

Later that evening:
You: “Hey do you see what the Darkling gave us?”

… #thecandyisntreal #shadows

Mayor Prentiss – Chaos Walking

Be wary. You’ll ring that doorbell thinking you’ll get candy but he’ll end up convincing you that he needs the candy more and make you feel bad for your night out and you end up giving him everything you’ve got instead.

Vosch – The Fifth Wave

Honestly? You’d probably get a good haul from this guy. The more I think about it…the more I question this dude actually being a true villain.

The King – Throne of Glass

If you’re ready for a soulless life rid of the Hallowe’en spirit then yeah, sure, go ahead and request some candy. Otherwise, you’re just setting yourself up to get collar’d up...and not in the kinky way either.

— contributed by Rachel @ Confessions of a Book Geek

Ruby/Clancy – The Darkest Minds

What’s worse than ringing the doorbell of a villains house? Trailing the footsteps of trick-or-treaters who can mind control candy-givers into giving them everything. Now I’m not saying Ruby and Clancy have a sweet tooth but you’re definitely going to face continual disappointment of houses who ran out of candy to give. Because no feeling is worse than when pumpkins lose their glow and the house-light is off.

— contributed by Mariam @ Flying Through Fiction

The Volturi – Twilight

Aro: “Where did you get those?”
You: Oh, the Cullens residence :)!
Aro: “…kill them.”

…  #pretendvolturicandyisthebestandyouwilllive


(Ah…I make myself laff.)

The nostalgia of trick-or-treating is real. Now I wait for discounts to happen on November 1 and I will buy all the discounted goods.


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41 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #81 – YA Antagonists You Shouldn’t Trick Or Treat From”

  1. Awesome post as always! When I saw the title, I was just thinking about the Darkling! Haha, I’m trying to imagine President Snow as an old grandpa handing out candy 😉


      1. That’s true. I don’t think he meant to be that condescending; he just wanted Alina by his side. 🙂


  2. One of the best Halloween ttt I’ve read (eventhough the season of creep and scare is over for this year). Very creative take 🙂 Thanks for the entertaining read, I definitely enjoyed this!


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