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Inside Out Book Tag

This might be my favourite animated movie of 2015 (well…have there been other blockbuster animated films? I don’t remember). Anyhow, I was tagged by the exuberant Deanna @ A Novel Glimpse!

Also disclosed is my feels toward each character in the film. Just because.

A book that brings you joy

zeroes - scott westerfeld - book coverYou know what? Symbolic shit aside, I loathed Joy and hated how she treated Sadness. In terms of books that give joy; the pre-requisite being “putting a smile on my face” then I’ll have to give it to Scott Westerfeld’s Zeroesit is pure fun that just doesn’t take itself seriously (and that was wonderful!). This book releases in North America on Sept 29. Hype. Bye.

A book that makes you sad

blackthorn key - kevin sands - book coverSadness was such a trooper throughout the film and probably my favourite of the bunch (with good reason). The benchmark I’m going with maintains that I need to elicit some tears; which is a rare feat given what I’ve read. I don’t typically reach for books that are inherently sad (e.g. realistic fiction), so I wouldn’t know if I’d break down and roll up into a fetal position after reading I’ll Give You The Sun or something to that extreme.

Otherwise, I’m going to say my current favourite book of 2015, The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands. If you’re looking for low-key fantasy in a medieval-ish town with alchemy brewing, then this title is something you ought to consider.

A book that makes you angry

the here and now coverAnger was one cool fella in the film. But anger, when reading, isn’t fun at all; especially when you’ve been primed to enjoy it by hype and other shit. Which one do I choose? The fact the I loathed The Red Queen’s Mare? The fact that Cadence and friends in We Were Liars ate so much fufu food and probably wasted most of it? No, that’d be too easy.

Instead, I will say Ann Brashares The Here and Now. At the time, I gave it a 2/5. (I was so generous then). But this book here is like the love child (of a love child) between RQ and WWL. It was terribly annoying and anger comes in the form of wasting my damn time because remember kids: when you’re humanities last hope and baddies are chasing you, don’t forget to play cards for half the book. Maybe they’ll be distracted by you being distracted…or something.

A book that disgusts you

Dawn Kurtagich - The Dead House - Book CoverInside Out’s Disgust was more like Mindy Kaling playing Mindy Kaling in an animated film about her own brain. Secretly. I don’t take joy in naming books that baffled me to the point of rage (well, that’s not true…I kind of enjoy those), but the key focus for one variant to disgust is for something to elicit a “what the fuck?!” reaction (which happens in real life more than in literature). From recent memory, this award goes to one particular scene in Dawn Kurtigich’s The Dead House. If you’ve read it, you know…YOU KNOW.

A book that brings you fear

shadow and bone - leigh bardugo - book coverI kinda wished for fear to have a larger role in the film (maybe it’s because I’m super boring, non-adventurous, and  mostly risk-adverse LOL). Either way, what’s scarier than some random schmuck who knows your life story? A morally ambiguous person who deems themselves to be fair and just. This isn’t the traditional heebie-jeebie scare tactics, it’s more unsettling than anything. And while I could have said Mayor Prentiss in The Ask and The Answer (Patrick Ness), I will instead go with The Darkling in The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. (But, really, Mayor Prentiss is still the most morally ambiguous icon I’ve met.)

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25 thoughts on “[Miscellaneous] Awards/Tags — Inside Out Book Tag”

  1. I’m starting Siege and Storm in the next couple days! 😀 – Hopefully if I finish my current read this weekend.
    And I plan to start The Dead House sometime in October.
    I also really need to read The Ask and the Answer. I feel like I have to mentally prepare myself for it though, because the roller coaster of emotions I went through while reading The Knife of Never Letting Go was insane.
    And I really want to read Zeroes!


      1. Ooooooh I’m more excited about Siege and Storm now!
        I was seriously so heartbroken (and emotionally drained lol) after reading The Knife of Never Letting Go, that I needed something happy. All hope was lost and I couldn’t take it anymore LOL!


  2. Inside Out is definitely the best of 2015! Seriously, how can Disney consider this a film for children if it leaves you bawling in the theater?
    I’m getting my hands on Grisha soon after TOG series. That Darkling thing is just intriguing everyone’s talking about it!


    1. I can’t even think of a better animated film this year. It better win an Oscar. I was saddened when Lego Movie wasn’t even nominated for best animated (although I’m okay with Big Hero 6 won…)



  3. Lol, so with Fall television, does that mean reading is going to suffer?!? You better read a COHO book.

    My daughter loved this movie. It is the first movie I took her to see in the theater, and she had to have the headquarters and all the characters for her birthday. Sadness is definitely my favorite.


  4. Awesome answers, Joey! I haven’t seen this movie yet, but seeing how it hit so many people with the feels, I definitely hope to watch it sometime soon. I currently have Zeroes in my possession, and I can’t wait to read it! Since I’m devouring Six of Crows right now, I haven’t started it yet, but I will be getting around to it for sure.
    Thanks so much for the tag! 🙂


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