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Theory Crafting:
HTGAWM S02 Predictions

If you haven’t watched the first season of How To Get Away With Murder, then stop reading now because I’m encouraging spoilers to be discussed.


From what I recall, a lot of you have watched and enjoyed How To Get Away With Murder. And if you recall, I wrote up a lengthy post a few months back about potential avenues of thought per the meaning of:


With season two starting next week, it’ll be really fun to see the reveal (which I’m hoping isn’t too convoluted). But fan predictions and theory crafting is fun stuff and so I have some questions to get the brain flowing again:

1) Who do you think did it (re: Rebecca)?

A popular answer in the classroom is Bonnie, Laurel, and perhaps not surprisingly, Wes. I feel like it’d be super lame if Frank did it [again] but it’d be like “nah, he can’t do it” “oh, he actually did…oh…” type  of scenario. I’m really interested in the phone number that Rebecca texted because it did have the same area code-ish as the number that was given to Lahey. But we shall see.

2) Which character is your favourite thus far?

As much as Wes is the “main” character, he’s actually my least favourite student of the bunch LOL. Between Annalise wrecking her monologues in court, Asher’s dynamic between the Keating-5, Connor’s charisma, and Laurel being a completely wildcard (and one of the most grounded and morally ambiguous “ally”), it’ll be interesting to see how my feels change.

3) Which character arc do you think developed the most? Which character needs more growth?

While I could talk about badass Annalise falling from her graces to return to being badass again (with the help of her mother — praise Cicily Tyson!), it would be unfair if I discredited Wes’ growth (and the fact that there are predictions of Wes being related to Annalise by kin).

As much as Laurel is the wildcard among the students, Bonnie is perhaps being set up as someone to watch out for in this upcoming season. Or maybe it’s a red herring.

4) What do you want to see happen in Seas. 2?

I really hope each season doesn’t end with 1 death of a core cast to perpetuate this murder escapism to keep the narrative going.



What do you think per the questions above?

Would any of you be interested in joining a Twitter DM group with other bloggers to talk through each episode HTGAWM stuff? I already spam a number of you concerning different shows (not sorry) so I’d just be centralizing it haha.

Happy thinking, murderers.


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8 thoughts on “[Alternatives] – Television – Theory Crafting: HTGAWM S02 Predictions”

  1. Wes probably did it. I get the psycho vibe off him. I love Connor and Annalise the most so far and would love to see more growth in the Connor department. To be honest I don’t know what I want to see in Season 2… maybe equally as much mystery and drama?


  2. My favorite character is, obviously, Annalise. Viola Davis’s acting is phenomenal, and I look forward to seeing her own it again. She makes me proud. The mist developed character over time would probably be Wes, but also Annalise?? They have both been through a lot. Honestly? What I look forward to most in this season is just seeing Viola own it. Oh my god, I’m enraptured, and SO excited to see more of her work. She never had an off moment. She makes this show the beauty that it is, and I feel her talent really works well with the others. SO EXCITED TO WATCH. Feel free to add me, I’d love people to flail with!


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