[Miscellaneous] – Bout Of Books 14 – Recap

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What’s Miscellaneous Today?
Bout of Books 14 – Recap

So close to achieving my willy nilly goal…

What’s Bout of Books?

Read an introduction here.


While it is unfortunate that I wasn’t able to tackle my reading goals in Kurtagich’s The Dead House and LaMarche’s Don’t Fail Me Now, I still managed to finish a book in the week on track to read 4 ARCs this month for #ARCAugustThat being said, I’m so stoked that I chose to read TDH instead of The Scorpion Rules (well, actually, I’ll confirm this statement after I finish reading this book instead) because TDH stood as one of the better debuts I’ve read this year! Hype hype hype hype hype.


Una LaMarche’s “Don’t Fail Me Now – # of pages: 127/288

Dawn Kurtagich’s “The Dead House – # of pages: 400/400

Shokugeki no Soma – # of pages: 21 (Chapter 131)

Saki – # of pages: 45 (Chapters 144-146)

Challenge Posts:

I was only able to participate in the opening twitter chat and two of the earlier challenges:

Book Scavenger Hunt – Where my central theme for all the pictures taken were the colour “blue” influenced.


MASH (click to learn more about this childhood game) – …my results were as follows:

I’m an [Awkward] [Teacher at a fantastical school with all the knowledge but only speaks in riddles] who lives in [1844 Edinburgh] with [Camryn Bennett] and our [septuplet children]. When I’m not teaching, I travel around in my haunted [1958 Plymouth named Christine] with my bud [Christian Grey], mentor [Big Brother], and my [Pet Rock] hoping to not run into my sworn enemy, [Queen Levana].

BoutOfBooks14 - MASH Game


I’d still consider this round of Bout a success since I haven’t actively participated in the twitter chat or challenge posts until this time around. What it really came down to is my attention span for contemporary reads; which is blergiahduashdah. That is all.

Until the next Bout or reading challenge–wait…#ARCAugust is still ongoing ahhhhhhh.

How did you do on your goals if you participated?


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4 thoughts on “[Miscellaneous] – Bout Of Books 14 – Recap”

  1. You did great. And you made me even more excited about reading The Dead House, because if you enjoyed it, it must be worth reading.


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