[Ontario Book Blogger Meet-Up 2015] – Introduction


WHAT: Ontario Book Blogger Meet-Up (4th Annual)
WHEN: Saturday July 25, 2015 (1-4PM)
WHERE: The Ballroom (145 John Street, Toronto, ON)
GUESTS: K.A. Tucker, Kevin Sands, Danielle Younge-Ullman, Erin Bow, Leah Bobet

Hello to all you wonderful readers!

I’ll be attending the Fourth Annual Ontario Book Blogger Meet-Up this coming Saturday. This will be my first year attending and after seeing pictures (and blog posts) of past experiences, it just sounds like a cool time with wonderful people in this niche community. Especially true is the fact that in my little pocket in the blogosphere, I only know of a few Canadian bloggers (I just haven’t discovered most of them tbh), so it’ll be an interesting experience to meet other voices within this region.

The longer I linger on this post, the more I feel excitedly apprehensive…? I don’t know, I’m kind of going into this blind and seeing what happens. I thought about preparing blog-based business cards but with it being a week until the event, time isn’t my friend. In truth, I didn’t even know about this event until two weeks-ish ago so cranking out a solid design I’d be happy with isn’t likely.

That being said: I’d like to give major thanks to C.J. @ ebookclassics for letting me have her ticket in lieu of her heading out of town—I will eat all the foods, experience all the awkward jitters, and vomit all the words for the both of us. (Or at least I’ll try.)

So, yeah, since you unwillingly followed me on my journey to the Toronto International Book Fair, I figured why not for this event too. Do tell if you’ve attended similar community meet-ups in your area. I’d love to hear about your experiences and random bananas that I should do/bring/what-have-you prior to walking in those doors!

On another note–for all of my Philippine-ish area friends:


There’s a book blogger/reader meet-up this Sunday (July 26, 2015) from 1-4pm at Book and Borders Café, 281 Tomas Morato, Diliman, Quezon City. Click here to view the full details. 

If you decide to attend the PH meet-up, I’ll pass along some virtual hugs and word vomits if you greet and address someone in the crowd named “Shelumiel” as “Lumi”. Thanks!)


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17 thoughts on “[Ontario Book Blogger Meet-Up 2015] – Introduction”

      1. Just a pop-in visit. I live in one of the nearby cities. I’ll be having bookish adventures with my blogging buddy over on Danforth, so the day will still be awesome. I just have to keep an eye out for events like this, and hopefully I can go next year. 🙂


  1. LOL to the Lumi thing. Have fun. If you’re not bringing any busines cards, I don’t know what to tell you; just be yourself, I guess! I haven’t been to an official NYC meetup but at the book events I’ve been to, some bring business cards, eat food, and talk. You’ll do fine!


    1. He doesn’t appreciate it 😦 but I thought it would be a nod to the fact that “since-I-cannot-attend-such-event-around-the-world-if-someone-were-to-say-Lumi-to-you-it’s-like-I’m-there-kind-of” VERY MINDFUL, RIGHT?

      I wish I had time to craft some business card up (although you could say that a haphazard one is better than none at all) buuuuuut no. I am not using a generic template (even if most cards look the same). I’ll just embrace my awkward and see where it takes me haha.

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      1. Lol, yes, very mindful. It’s good to have high standards, and I think almost everyone is a little awkward at a first event. You’ll be fine!


      1. That’s great to hear, it feels to me like Canadians are becoming a dying race in the blogging world. Lol. I live in Ottawa, though I kind of wished I lived in Toronto. On the good side, I visit Toronto often because of family!


        1. I hear you. Until I heard about this event (and by proxy the Ontario b-blogger directory), I had no idea there were people from the true north strong and free! I also think I’ve read about past bloggers from Ottawa who do make the trip down for this event. (That’s dedication.)

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Wow, that definitely is dedication! I don’t think I’d be able to make the trip to Toronto just for the sake of this event (even though it sounds really cool!) but if it would be great if I happen to be in Toronto the week of this event next year. Lol, fingers crossed! It’s great that you have a ticket, hope you enjoy your time at the event!


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