[Top Ten Tuesday] – #65 – Top Ten Favourite TTT’s To Write About

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.


This Week’s Theme:
Top Ten Favourite TTT’s
To Write About

Initial Thoughts:

To celebrate 5-years of the Top Ten Tuesday meme, the prompt today looks at blogger-favourites. I calculated that since starting TTT, I’ve only missed 12 weeks of posts (65/77). That’s pretty intense if you quantify it like that—and I implore you do the same and give yourself a pat on the back for doing this week-in and week-out!

I’m just going through my index of Top Ten Tuesday posts to find completed topics that jump out at me (note: a lot of these topics may actually be adapted from that week’s original prompt). Not listed in any order.


#17 – Characters With Punishable Offences (4/22/14)

You know when a character/villain does something absurd or life-threatening and you wish they could suffer that same hardship (and you’re like “lol karma, bitch”). Yup, that’s how my brain functions.

#18 – Books If You Enjoy Literary Gastronomy (4/29/14)

Any time I see food being referenced, I am overwhelmed by the desire to stuff myself with said eats. We’re all secretly foodies at heart, you know?

#22 – Characters Who Could Pass As a Talk Show Host (5/28/14)

For day-or-night time talk show hosts like Conan, Ellen, or even the older Jerry Springer, there’s a certain level of charisma needed to pull such a role off. What character do you think could transition into the entertainment lifestyle?

#26 – Blogging Confessions (7/08/14)

This post lists my behind-the-scenes blogging mentality as I go about this wonderful journey. It is also the post that first listed the quest to find a male co-blogger to bro-out with (it’s in progress, sort of). However, it is also the post that sparked the brainchild of starting the He Said, She Said feature with Rachel @ Confessions of a Book Geek, which I know hasn’t seen the light of day recently but it’ll be back eventually (I’m sure). If you’re interested, you can take a look at our series so far on Sex in YA Fiction, Sex in [Adult] Fiction, and Sex in Erotic Fiction (i.e. BDSM).

#27 – Character Arcs in Recent Television (7/15/14)

If you didn’t know already, I love me some television. The scope of this post looked at the crazy bananas and feels on shows like Orphan Black, why I ship Gendrya in Game of Thrones, Caroline’s evolution on TVD, and FitzSimmons being everything on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D—and many more!

#29 – Book Considerations For Guys Who Don’t Read (8/05/14)

Guys don’t read this genre, enjoy these protagonists, or read at all.” How often have you heard this? I think these sentiments are half-baked and something that can be challenged if you just find the right book, manga, or comic at the right time to read.

#41 – Books Read In 2014 (Thinker Awards!) (12/16/14)

This list was my version of books I’ve (and some buds) have read during 2014. It reads like an award show (but not really). I’m probably going to end up creating more categories this year (for the categories I’m not familiar with) so if you’re interested in taking part, do let me know and I’ll write myself a note.

#46 – Landscapes That Need A Visual Timelapse (1/20/15)

You throw yourself into SF/F worlds all the time but wouldn’t it be cool to see a time lapse of how the terrain and landscape changes? For example, assuming they use the same building for the arena—how about a 75-year time lapse of the construction and destruction of the arenas? Sounds pretty awesome to me!

#50 – Anti-Heroines In Television (2/24/15)

Another television-ish post! This list was just a wonderful compilation of female leads that jumped out of the screen and felt extremely real and broke the conventions of female archetypes.

#60 – YA Cliches We Love/Hate (5/19/15)

A rant about clichés in YA-Fiction. What could be more fun?



Thanks TTT, for giving me a prompt to connect to the community and all these rad individuals around the world. I swear by the power of TTT to build bridges and make those connections. A lot of the people I speak to on the daily were met through this meme, so I encourage you to keep posting those lists and commenting on others–your next friend might be on the other side of that list!


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19 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #65 – Top Ten Favourite TTT’s To Write About”

  1. I love the blogging confessions topic too, and I’m so sad I missed yours! Definitely scrambling off to read it right after I leave my comment. 🙂 I also love ALL favorite books (also most anticipated books) topics because they give me a reason to add more books to my TBR!


    1. Thanks Aimee–the confessions topic was a particularly important one to write about because I found it quite grounding; as most of us (hopefully) come from the same beaten path to get to where we are in this blogging journey. And that particular week was just a good reminder that we’re all trying to figure out this blogging nonsense in our own unique ways!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I hate the “x people don’t read y” argument. If they don’t, it’s because they’ve been told they don’t. Broaden your horizons, people!

    Also, far too many books for women have embarrassingly girly covers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it’s the fact that these statements don’t even try open up the possibility that “x might enjoy y” that has me perplexed with others speaking for the preference of someone other than themselves.

      I’m not sure what to say about these girly covers LOL. Although it does seem like it’s something off a checklist at times that’s like “the higher the number the better the market value”: [ ] unrealistic bodybuilder, [ ] cowboy hat, [ ] romantic scenario.. the list is ennnnndlesssss!


  3. I love all your choices and I feel compelled to do all of them since these topics I have not done. I’ve only been doing these topics for about half a year now so I don’t have that much, compared the the massive 5 years its been going for! That’s insane! This is such a good meme that is great for connecting all of us bloggers and everyone in general together!


    1. Some of these choices aren’t actually on the official list because I always spin the TTT in my favour if I can’t think of anything for the original prompt (plus, sometimes I just find them too boring for my taste). But yeah, once you get going with them week-in and week-out, you’ll be surprised at how big of a commitment you’ve put into these after a while!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I giggled at your characters posts (punishable offenses and talk show hosts). Those sound like such fun posts that I wish I had done. It’s so much fun to go down memory lane with some of these, isn’t it?


  5. Some interesting topics here, i will go back for a read of a few.

    I didn’t bother this week as i’ve done less than 15 TTTs so far. I only join in on the weeks the topic genuinely interests me, but with 5 years’ backlog now, maybe i should choose an old subject for weeks where the new topic doesn’t thrill me. *ponders*


    1. Yeah I found I had to adjust my prompts to fit something that I’d be interested in writing about. I can sometimes tell when there’s lacking interest in a TTT post that’s just like “oh, here’s a list”. That’s just not fun (at least for me) so I took some time to think of things that I found half-interesting to explore and wrote about those (i.e. food in books, characters who should be punished etc.)


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