[Top Ten Tuesday] – #62 – Top Ten Books That I’d Love To See Adapted

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.


This Week’s Theme:
Top Ten Books That
I’d Love To See Adapted

Initial Thoughts:

Being #TeamAdaptation, I enjoy not knowing the source material (over and beyond the synopsis) before diving into any film/television series. That being said, the curated list includes books/series that I have yet to read but would be interested in seeing it adapted on screen (because I am notoriously good at saying “oh, yeah, I’ll read this before the film/show” only to not do that and still find enjoyment in the adaptation).

mistborn - sanderson (cover)the night circus - erin morgenstern - book coverthe marbury lens - andrew smith - book cover
Mistborn – Brandon Sanderson

It cannot be a cartoon otherwise it’d feel like Avatar 2.0. I just want one of Sandy’s magic systems to translate on screen because it’d be basically euphoric eye candy.

The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern

I have this love/hate thing with circuses. While clowns are the devil (like Twisty from AHS), I appreciate Cirque du SolielEloize and other troupes that I wouldn’t mind seeing a film similar to The Prestige.

Marbury Lens – Andrew Smith

There’s a novelty to this concept of a parallel world spawned by a trinket which is very much in the same vein as the current Tomorrowland movie (even if it feels more grim).

jellicoe roaddavid levithan - everydayvicious - v.e. schwab - book cover

Jellicoe Road – Melina Marchetta

I am obviously the 1% who has not/could not read this book but I’d be open to discovering the experience as a film. I think it’d be more accessible to me personally.

Every Day – David Levithan

From my understanding, they’d need to find a compelling narrator to essentially voice-over every perspective.

Vicious – Victoria Schwab

I needed something superhero-y because I couldn’t choose Sanderson’s Steelheart. Superheros are necessary.

the martian - andy weir - book covergolden boy - abigail tarttelin (cover)joe abercrombie - half a king (cover)the selection - kiera cass - book cover
The Martian – Andy Weir

This is more a reminder for me as there’s already a film for this with a pretty stellar cast. It will also be neat to see Matt Damon/Jessica Chastain go from Interstellar to The Martian.

Golden Boy – Abigail Tarttelin

I’ve only come across a small handful of intersex representation in media today that it’d be incredibly refreshing to see these stories portrayed on the big screen. It does pander to singling out these non-issues but I feel like visibility is necessary to push society toward a better direction.

Shattered Sea – Joe Abercrombie

…because it’d be epic? Do you need a better reason?

The Selection – Kiera Cass

On face value, this series looks like The Bachelor + MTV + Dystopian bananas + cattiness + unnecessary drama. Am I being superficial? Of course but I’m secretly thinking that it’d make good television even if it’s heading to the movies already (because MTV-esqe shows are a guilty pleasure).


Ack—with ABEA wrapping up, I need to get back to replying to comments for last weeks TTT.

Instead of asking you what books you’d want to see as a film/tv show, you should tell me which actor/actress you’d like to see in a specific role! (And, hopefully, you’re conscientious about the age of the protagonist and who you choose. I do not need another Theo James as 18 year old Tobias)

Or let me know if you’re of the type to have to read the book before going to see an adaptation!



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19 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #62 – Top Ten Books That I’d Love To See Adapted”

  1. Oh my gosh, haha. I didn’t think you’d put something down like The Selection! Though I haven’t read the series, your description does sound pretty accurate and, you’re right, it’d be a total guilty pleasure indulgence. 😛


  2. I thought at some point the selection was going to be a TV series. Having read the book, it would be an amusing show for brainless fun.


  3. Or a Brendon Thwaites as 12-year-old Jonas! I’m confused. Are all these titles you haven’t read? If yes, I’d say go with The Night Circus (which I know you’d totally ignore like the antagonist that you are)! NOW. There are no clowns involved. And there’s actually a movie in the works but I’ve heard zero news about it. I guess they’re having trouble looking for the right director. I just wish Del Torro or Burton would helm this one. With possibly Carey Mulligan and James McAvoy as the leads. In the later years, of course, coz the narrative jumps from different times back and forth.


    1. Indeed these are titles I haven’t read. And you would be correct to think that I won’t read it for a long while. I think that’s a requirement on most books: “must sit on shelves for half a year”.

      Both Del Toro and Burton have their own merits–I wouldn’t know which one would imagine it better (but I can’t really say since I haven’t read it).


  4. HAHAHA! I laughed so hard at “books/series that I have yet to read” because, dude! Usually people read a book first, then decide whether or not they’d wanna see it on screen. On the other hand, there are books that suck and I would never read that could possibly make for good TV show material.

    As for your selection of books, I’m all game for The Night Circus. I loved the prose but what ultimately drew me in was the magical world of it. It would look amazing on screen, I’m sure!

    Every Day might be a director’s casting nightmare but the voice-over idea would surely work well for it. And it would make for a lot of cool onscreen surprises.

    And there’s The Selection. I’ve not read it but I from the sound of it, I’m with you on it being good fun to watch in the background while doing other things. Haha.


    1. HAVE YOU MET ME? 95% of the time, I’d watch something (even if I own the book) before I even read it because I’m a screen junkie for either television or film.

      I think with every day, as long as the voice is compelling, I can imagine the acting being super shit and it’d still hold up…kinda.

      Just imagine the drama for The Selection = The Bachelor on television playing in the background; the pretentiousness and cattiness of it all. Ugh…guilty pleasures.


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