[Miscellaneous] Armchair BEA 2015 – Day 2: Social Media

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What’s Miscellaneous Today?
Armchair BEA 2015 —
Day 2: Social Media

What is it?

Armchair BEA takes the essence of Book Expo America without actually being at the convention and makes the experience virtual. It’s hosted over at http://www.armchairbea.com from May 26-31 and the theme for 2015 is DiversityUse the hashtag #ArmchairBEA on twitter to keep up-to-date.


Day 2 looks at Visual Expressions & Social Media. Normally I’d combine the topics into one post—so as to not inundate you all—but I think both of these need to be separated into different posts. This post will concern Social Media. For part 1, click here to be redirected to look at Visual Expressions.

Social Media

How do you use social media to expand your blogging/writing horizons?  Social Media is all about networking and connections, and utilizing today’s technology to the fullest.  Make sure you mention your own social media pages. Do you have another blog, maybe a Tumblr? Have a Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook? Or maybe there’s an underrated social media program that you like.


I personally don’t use social media to its potential. I do have a Twitter account (@afterthoughtAn) and I know I should go on a following spree and what-not but it just hasn’t happened yet. But one thing’s for certain is that I actually don’t “tweet” out to followers too often. I don’t know. I love it when people do it but most time I just don’t know if the world is interested in what I have to say—so I just don’t say it. Which you might be wondering given my proclivity to rant about utter nonsense on this blog how this is possible; well, it just is. I’ll make connections when tweeted at but sending out original tweets is intimidating! So, today, I am making it my duty to follow a bunch of you; to become better with it.


I made one the other day and I’m still trying to sort of the kinks in it. Actually, no, I have no idea what I’m doing on it LOL. (Everything is too new-age for old me.) WordPress will obviously be my home for the time being but I’m interested in seeing what Tumblr has to offer (aside from spoiling me for things I’m not even searching for…it has definitely earned the notoriety).


It hasn’t crossed my mind to create a blog for Facebook as I’ve only had a personal one. Perhaps in the future.


I think I’d use this more if I was actually connected to 3G-telecom and not strictly bound by WiFi networks to connect to the Internet. This is just how I cut costs since phone packages are ridiculous in Canada (when compared to my use of them).


I underutilise this as well; mainly focusing on cross-posting book reviews or searching up titles. Ahh—I’m made of so much suck. Feel free to add me on Goodreads (joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts) too.


I think I’d honestly love to try this but maybe when I’m a bit more established. I’m still a pretty small fish in this big sea of other bloggers/booktubers/booklrs. I did have a project in mind that I could start but the thought of organizing sounds stressful even if the payoff could be rewarding. I’m just unsure at the moment if it’s something audiences want.


This is part 2 of today’s posts for Armchair BEA! For part 1, click here to be redirected to look at Visual Expressions.

What are some of your favourite Social Media platforms to connect?


connect: afterthoughtAn // twitter  |  anotherafterthought // goodreads


12 thoughts on “[Miscellaneous] Armchair BEA 2015 – Day 2: Social Media”

  1. Lmao Tumblr takes a while to get used to. I remember almost crying when I couldn’t find my blog homepage when I first started. It’s crazy though, because you can get up to thousands of followers just from re blogging stuff.

    I’d love to see your project though! You never know what people like until you actually share it~


    1. Tumblr makes me feel old (even though I’m not old at all). WHERE’S MY LIVE JOURNAL AND XANGA? LOL.

      The project is still in the early stages of conceptualizing.I definitely need to flesh out this idea more before I actually start it. Although part of me wants to wait until I go self-hosted and actually brand myself properly before I walk on these new roads.


  2. Twitter is the one social media that I still can’t get the hang of. The inundation of information once I followed some accounts was in itself so intimidating to keep up. Plus trying to perfect the 140 characters seems an even more daunting task than a 1000-word blog post, doesn’t it?

    The mystery surrounding your project makes it sound even more intriguing 😛 Personally I’d say go for it – it might even work out synergistically for both the blog and the project, who knows?


    1. Yeah that whole 140 thing to “get to the point” does not work for me after I send like 4 more tweets to validate my thoughts. Ahhh the struggle of writing too much.

      Who knows indeed! But it was a passing thought (well, it keeps coming up in my head) that it’d be a fun experience. I just have to slowly plan out the kinks in it before actually going about it because it is definitely not a solo mission.


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