[Top Ten Tuesday] – #59 – Top Ten Authors I’d Love To Meet

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.


This Week’s Theme:
Top Ten Authors I’d Love To Meet

Initial Thoughts:

This could turn out to be a fun topic in exposing bloggers to their inner Annie Wilkes (of Stephen King fame). For those who don’t know, she’s a “kind” soul in the Misery novel who’s obsessed with the protagonist, an author (go figure), until he writes something she doesn’t approve of. Cue crazy, villainous bananas. I mean, I wouldn’t torture said author the way Annie did but maybe I’d hide them away in a basement with only a pad of paper and pen, food delivered often enough, give them hope by letting a tiny ray of sunlight through a barred window—wow, I am not as crazy as these words seem. (Although I apologize for nothing.)

This isn’t really a love to meet anymore than a day of necessary tomfoolery. Necessary.

Anyhow, I’d probably start off the day grabbing doughnuts (possibly beignets, possibly cronuts, definitely all three) with Patrick Ness, and though part of me thinks he’s not a morning type of dude…I know he’ll never fold to doughnuts.

Upon leaving the bakery, we overhear Veronica Roth, clad in hipster-chic attire placing an order for a chocolate cake (okay, she just seems like she’d dress like this LOL. Hipster-culture is pretty in), and I finally have an opportunity to ask her a much needed question regarding Allegiant (that does not relate to the ending but rather a character). No, but seriously, I need validation.

With [hopefully] being satisfied by the answer, brunch rolls around; the time for elevenses with Tolkien. I’ll even wave that pinky in the air with conviction; noms are serious business. After the grub, it is likely that itis (food coma) punches us in the face. We’re old-spirited, obviously,  so a nap is in order.

Upon waking up at midday, I make my way to one of Brandon Sanderson’s lectures at Brigham Young University. Seriously though, someone uploaded part of his lectures on YouTube. Highly engaging and entertaining lecturer.

I’d probably call everyone that I’ve met so far and we’d have a soiree via watching one of William Shakespeare’s plays because I’m certain I’d hopefully be able to understand the viewing more than reading about it. If not…well, at least he’s there to give me a rundown.

With shadows building upon shadows under the night sky, I’d move the crew over to some low-key cafe/pub where Theodore Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss) can grace us with his slam-poetry-rhyme-time-thing of whatever he want (but I’d secretly hope that he’d perform a whimsical version of the happenings during the day).

The night would fade into a dream soon after we sneak into a drive-in movie screening on the recommendation of S.E. Hinton; more patrons roll up to their spots, excited for the experience under the shimmering sky.

But a dream does not materialise as the night of festivities is graced by Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl rolling away on the Super 8. Bat-shit craziness ensues.

A discussion begins of the drama llama that is Amy Dunne when George Martin shows up and argues that Amy ain’t got nothin’ on his anti-heroines. The Great Debate of 2015 carries on as the scene and music entitled, “Technically, missing” plays in the background.

But above all, and as my pick numero 10, it’d be super swell to meet some of you bloggers. I know many of you aren’t authors (or even aspire to be writers), but that doesn’t discount this experience being what it has been without you ladies and gents being yourselves in blogging. Pat yourself on your back for me, thanks.


You know how I do—tying everything together in narrative form haha. I hope you enjoyed reading this as I had fun writing it!

If you had to choose an adrenaline pumping thrill for you and your list of authors (i.e. skydiving, bungee jumping, …cheese rolling, diving with sharks, etc.) what would you end up partaking in?

Let me know and feel free to link up your list/post and I’ll check it out!


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44 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #59 – Top Ten Authors I’d Love To Meet”

  1. Love how you made your post a day in the life of meeting authors. Fabulous! But man, Misery was pretty creepy. Glad you didn’t have your axe with you. 😉


  2. The only adrenaline pumping from me would be from all the wine I’d drink while hanging out and laughing with my favorite authors. You forgot to add how much you want to meet CoHo because I JUST KNOW YOU DO.

    Seriously, this was awesome the way you did this post. And lol about Misery. You’re not being crazy at all…


    1. LOL I wrote on Rachel’s list I think that I was about to do a “Top Ten Authors I Wish Some Bloggers Could Meet” and started with CoHo for you and Rachel. But then it didn’t go elsewhere after that.

      Wouldn’t you want to store CoHo away in a cellar and have her write Maybe Someday [I’ll Get Out of Here] LOL…jokes. (no, but really…)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooh, I never thought of Patrick Ness or Veronica Roth. I want to see if Veronica still has crazy hair.


  4. So that sounds like the best day ever! I have met Patrick Ness and Veronica Roth, they were both lovely. Patrick Ness especially, got more of a chance to talk to him 🙂


    1. I am super jelly that you’ve met them; especially Ness! Except there’s this love-hate turmoil in me that I won’t realize until I see him. I know that when I do, I’ll be reminded of Knife of Never Letting Go. Then I’ll be angry and yell at him “WHY DID YOU…WUHAUDHG”, followed by me breaking down into tears.

      …such is life.


  5. This post was super fun to read. I might go ghost hunting with some authors. I don’t know why , but it was the first thing to come to mind.


  6. First, you’re seriously demented for wanting to dive in with sharks! Okay. So now, do I need to point out THE OBVIOUS? *Smiles knowingly.* (But, oh gods, you sly you! The use of doughnuts is both genius and cringe-worthy because, poor soul, he wouldn’t resist!) Roth, Flynn and Martin are interesting choices. If the interview of Roth I’ve listened to in a podcast is any gauge, I’d say she is an overall rad person. And Gillian Flynn, just imagining being around her is kind of scary. As for Martin, just be sure to check if there’s no wedding nearby. We wouldn’t want casualties, would we?


    1. Okay, even if it’s not swimming with sharks, there’s so much to do in the Asia-Pacific region (it makes me jelly).

      I TO NESS IS LIKE YOU TO LONDON OR ABERTALLI. That is all I will say.

      And why would you feel scared being around Flynn or Martin? At least they’re upfront about pain and casualties, right? IT’S THE QUIET ONES TO WATCH OUT FOR.


      1. I guess that just goes to prove the irony of life, doesn’t it?

        I don’t even know what to say to this. (Although, I was expecting you’d bring up Smith.)

        Because Gone Girl is so messed up. And I’m not afraid around Martin.


  7. I loved how the vast majority of those revolved around food
    I know I’d do the exact same thing
    Dumplings with Gao Xingjian, sushi with Haruki Murakami, something horribly weird and Heston Blumenthal-esk with China Miéville
    In fact, forget about the authors
    Just give me the food


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