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Movies – It Follows (2014)

Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Thriller
Rating: R
Duration: 100 Minutes
Directed/Written By: David Robert Mitchell

Horror typically falls into the categories of gore-horror, supernatural-gtfo-horror, and simply wtf-terror horror. It Follows is in between the two latter options. I’m not even sure if I’d call it horror to be honest.

It’s approach? Minimalistic.

It’s delivery? Compelling.

It-Follows-Movie-PosterA novel concept of human fragility and resilience exploited through the beaten path of contemporary Detroit. Its soundtrack riffs with robust tension and Mitchell employs a keen directive eye in a particular set of static shots; adding the cherry on top of the proverbial cake. This movie is a winner—and among the films I’ve seen so far in 2015—it’s definitely up there.

But in all the praise I can sing, I need to say this: It Follows is downright weird.

The thrills by design are not gimmicky for that jump-out-of-your-seat sensation. It’s tense, visceral, and mouth-agape-worthy but the scare tactics smile at a deep part of your core; on a very psychological level. The film immerses viewers into shifty-eye compulsion to watch for pursuer candidates; and it is in this is that makes the experience so unsettling and eerie.

The central theme may rub viewers the wrong way and is one that might have moviegoers humming the mantra to “live by abstinence and you’ll be safe”. Except that’s not entirely the case at all (even if it involves a walking, stalking, cootie).

To fully appreciate the narrative intent, you should look past the intermittent nudity, the learning mechanics of tomfoolery in modern adolescence, and this lame seashell e-reader with an infinite battery source carried around by one particular character. If at all else fails, listen for the key passage that brings the film back full-circle to it’s bone-chilling core: that the things that follow will always be there; willingly or unwillingly, and so you grow into accepting its inevitable truth. (Well, that’s my take on the message at least.)

It Follows is a coming of age wrapped with a supernatural bow.

It’s a film that lingers.

If not now then later; and if not later then eventually because it will follow…just remember to look forward [and back] and hope it doesn’t pull a fast one on you.


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9 thoughts on “[Alternatives] – Movies – It Follows”

          1. Wow you didn’t have to but thanks! I’m actually haven’t encountered Captive Cinema so I Googled it…and it’s very far from where I live. I’ll just put my faith on my local movie houses then. *fingers crossed*


  1. This calls to me! I enjoy horror with more than the skip-a-heartbeat shockers (although those scenes are plus too). And “disturbing” and “visceral,” right? Sign me up! Thanks for putting this on my radar.


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