[Top Ten Tuesday] – #46 – Top Ten Landscapes That Need A Visual Time-lapse

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.


This Week’s Theme:
Top Ten Landscapes That
Need A Visual Time-lapse

Initial Thoughts:

(Good ol’ freebies letting me take creative reign.)

World building gives body and context to the wtf-ness that happens in a story, and sometimes, they feel like characters themselves. The purpose of this theme was to consider landscapes that I wouldn’t mind visualizing its pre-storyline development to the actual happenings in the narratives (i.e. protagonists and their tomfoolery through haphazard wrecking of buildings for narrative effect). Think of this topic as an aerial 3D time-lapse of the construction-and-deconstruction of a focus setting and how the setting had to have begun somewhere.

If I’m making no sense at all: just imagine the Game of Thrones opening sequence and how kingdoms evolve throughout the series. Or…here is an example of a time-lapse.


Now take the above and change it into an aerial shot, then set it back nth years to the start of civilization in ABC Novel and watch the innovation turn nothingness into something.

The Arenas (Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins)

hunger games - suzanne collins (cover)The assumption being made is that most/all arenas were built in the same location (under the dome-like building as seen in CF). So what would be rad? A nth year time-lapse of the construction-to-final product of each arena. Add to that the events that take place during the competition. I mean, surely even if you don’t see kids die, the nuances in setting would be cool to witness.

Post-Calamity (Reckoners – Brandon Sandesron)

steelheart - coverChicago before it was Newcago.

Manhattan before it was Babilar.

And perhaps many more. Each setting was so unique that I’d take a liking to viewing the bustling city morph into the quirkiness under each epic reign. I mean, the descriptions were pretty on-point already but I guess you can’t go wrong with visualizing power as it corrupts.

Somewhere in England (More Than This – Patrick Ness)

more than this coverHighly debatable setting but between the allegorical everything, the simple existence of the scorched fields beyond the tracks, the maze of abandoned housing, the deteriorating hell-like world, the ominous prison and the entity at the center of it all—is more reason to want visualize an aerial time-lapse. And for bonus points, if the visual slowed time down to show the driver’s path. Creepy.

Mountain City (Proxy – Alex London)

proxy cover(I hope that was the name of the city because my memory is hazy).

One half of the city is a glowing futuristic goldmine; the other is a garbage dump of claustrophobic housing. But it all began with one city. Time-lapse the creation of the divide into two separate entities. But in all honesty: I think anything flashy just wins me over. I am easily entertained…

Mississauga/Halton (Rule of Three – Eric Walters)

eric walters - the rule of three (cover)The landmarks used in this story takes place near Toronto (close enough to home basically) and because of its proximity coupled with the fascination towards what-if terrorism, collapse of economies, and general survivalist antics of human nature when everything goes awry—it’d be cool to realize this small community band together against the stark activities of the self-serving individuals.

Haven (Artemis Fowl: Eternity Code – Eoin Colfer)

artemis fowl - eoin colfer (book one cover)Can you imagine the aerial time-lapse of how an futuristic underground city with fairies and other mythical creatures is established? That’d be pretty cool.

Luthadel (Mistborn – Brandon Sanderson)

mistborn - sanderson (cover)

Because magic systems and narrative events are integrative to the city landscapes and changes over time. (Or something to that extreme as I’ve been told by my friend who basically read this series in a week on my recommendation and has basically become a fanderson. whathaveIdone?! Alls I know is everything is epic in this read. Derp.)

Concentric Walls (Maria, Rose, Sina) (Shingeki No Kyojin – Hajime Isayama)

SNK Manga Cover 1I think an aerial view of the creation of the walls and the established cities within would be the coolest thing ever. Well, exciting for me. Not exciting for those who were part of the construction—I think I’d be so sad if all that hard work into building went to waste by some titan trolling humanity’s sense of safety. The aerial view and its concentric walls is drawing similarities from the Game of Thrones opening


That’s all I can think of at the moment.

But if you enjoy glorious world-building like I do, what are some settings/books that you’d love to see given an aerial (and perhaps panoramic) time-lapse of its construction/demolition of the landscape?


(Also: I am not completely crazy.)

51 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #46 – Top Ten Landscapes That Need A Visual Time-lapse”

  1. I love your idea for the freebie this week! In addition to the arenas in The Hunger Games, I would like to see all of Panem as the districts were formed. And same for the world of Divergent. I want to see how it evolve into the walled in society with factions.


    1. I actually didn’t think of viewing how Panem was raised haha. I was pretty fixated on how the other arena’s turned out and evolved as technology and other aspects (as influenced by the districts) developed. But it would be neat indeed!

      I thought about Divergent too but I guess I don’t have a solid reason for not including it in the list.


  2. Where in all that is holy (if you’re into that kinda thing) do you get your ideas from?! Lol I have to admit it took me a minute or two to catch on to what you meant, and from there I just spent the ENTIRE post wondering where you got that idea from?! Lol not even that you want to see these worlds in a movie, oh no, Joey wants a time lapse. LOL love it.

    My TTT: ps you’re mentioned…



    1. I basically have a giant list of random/fun/quirky/questionable/etc top ten topics in-case a weekly prompt offered at Broke and Bookish didn’t interest me. In most cases, I just tweak the theme a bit, but sometimes it just calls for something completely new and different (like the one in this post).

      I thought about sending in some of these topics in but I’m not sure people would really dig some of these prompts that brews in my head lololol.

      I think a movie can work but it’d only take the source material from the books. A time-lapse would show so much more. Think about it: can you imagine Endovier or Rifthold starting out as nothing, just pure resources, but over time it develops into something more. Innovation and change; continual flux, and as time passes through all the books, you see it all unfold in a time lapse. Legit, RIGHT?

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  3. I haven’t read any of these books except for THG, but I think it would be super cool to see how each arena is conceived and built. I’d also like to see how Panem came to be. I mean, we hear some things about it, but wouldn’t it be cool to read more about the years in between now and that maybe-not-so-distant future?
    I did my TTT on reasons to read comics. 🙂


    1. I’m curious as to if they ever rehashed some of the older arenas and then if they learned from what worked/didn’t work and made adjustments etc.! I’m sure Panem would secretly encourage innovation and change in their battlegrounds.

      (Which is why I still want a Victor’s Anthology I wrote about a while back…even if it were simply short stories, it’d be sadistically fun to read about!)

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  4. Wow, You chose a really awesome topic! I would have never thought of this and I’m kinda jealous of your creativity. Yeah I admit it 🙂
    I really want to see a visual from More Than This as well. I think in addition to that one I would like to see Eretz from The Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy! Again major props on the topic!

    My TTT


    1. The world calls it creativity, I just think my brain is a bit of a weirdo.

      I’ve heard nothing but wondrous praise for Daughter of Smoke and Bone but haven’t found myself wanting to read it anytime soon. But by the sounds of it, the world building sounds wonderful and worthy of a time-lapse!

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  5. THIS IS SO CREATIVE.:D Wow. My topic is lazy compared to this. Anyways.

    I think the Hunger Games would make a great time lapse, both in the arena and outside in the Capitol. Witnessing the creation of the center of Panem from top to bottom would be a sight to see, too. The Rule of Three works as well, and I’m looking to the next book in the series to see more of the setting develop. (I’d love to know more about outside the community). On a different note, I think seeing the demolition and recreation of New Beijing from the Lunar Chronicles series before war, during war, and post war would also make a cool one. Thanks for sharing:)

    Claire @ Cover to Cover


    1. Nonsense–nothing is lazy if you put effort into something!

      It would be interesting to explore the beginnings of Panem’s infrastructure. I actually didn’t think too much into that as I was pretty focused on imagining the possibilities of arenas in previous arenas haha.

      I saw The Rule of Three #2 in stores last week and I didn’t even know it was coming out this month (notwithstanding even knowing that it was a trillogy–I was so sad when I read the last chapter of TRo3 only to find that out).

      Everyone seems to recommend Lunar Chronicles to me. I’m still not too sure about it though haha.


  6. what a great theme for this week’s freebie! Super creative. It took a minute to grasp the idea but now I kinda need visual time laps’ for all my favorite fictional places (Narnia, Neverland, Oz, etc). This week I did My TTT on my favorite standalone novels.


  7. I’m liking this solely because Luthadel. I can’t remember the Artemis Fowl series very much, but I do remember finding the underground world fascinating. It would definitely be cool to see the time lapse there.


  8. YES!!! Steelheart, Hunger Games, and Mistborn would be awesome! I’m actually re-reading Mistborn: The Final Empire right now 😀


    1. I’m not sure if I’d enjoy seeing Chicago turn into Newcago or Manhattan transform into Babilar more! (Not to spoil that much from Firefight if you haven’t read it).

      Although I do want to read MB (hopefully soon), I can see myself starting Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive first (for some unknown reason even though it’s not complete).

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      1. I’ve begun collecting his books, and I have the first Stormlight Archives novel as well. I just happened to start Mistborn first lol


  9. Watching the conceptualisation and building of the arenas would really be quite amazing. I recall there was a girl on tumblr called Bruni who did a set of graphics of possible arenas, and it was quite something.

    As for Shingeki, didn’t they do an aerial of the walls in the first episodes of the anime? I know it’s not quite the same, but I have a feeling it was shown somewhere in the manga and/or anime. I could be imagining things though.

    And I have to say, I’d be down to watch the construction of Hogwarts. It’d be nicer to actually be in the castle, but if one can’t have that… 😛 That and Rivendell or any of the other elven dwellings in Middle Earth.


    1. Tumblr seems like it’d be the place for these kind of creativity! I must go peruse now (even though I don’t use tumblr myself).

      It’s been so long since I actually read/watched SNK. I’m like a year+ behind on manga (oops). THE ONLY CLEAR MEMORY I HAVE IS EPISODE 21 IN THE ANIME. IT IS MY FAVOURITE BUT ALSO THE ONE THAT HURTS ME SO MUCH…………………. :((((((((((((( the music, the action, the feels. Nooooooooo.

      It would be neat to see the construction of Rivendell or Lothlorien!


          1. Oh yes. That was some very heavy stuff. From what I’ve heard it’ll only get worse now! But I can’t wait for it 😀 Mm… I wonder if they have a release date for season 2 yet.


  10. I’d love to see the landscape from both Steelheart and The Final Empire! Sanderson’s descriptions have made it come so alive for me, And it would be awesome seeing how the cities changed, especially Luthadel.


  11. Your ideas blow my mind. Seriously. I would have never even considered this but you make me think, damn it!

    It won’t come as a surprise that I haven’t read any of these books except the Hunger Games. And I disliked it immensely because of the whole kids killing kids. But there is no doubt that the setting itself is fascinating and would be cool to see the whole before and after


    1. Making people think = I have achieved success!

      I’m sure you could even translate this time-lapsing to books in the genres you fancy! A NA fiction set in Paris? Wouldn’t it be awesome to see landmarks (i.e. Eiffel) and popular destinations start off as nothing; dirt even, and then innovation takes reign and bam–glorious culture!

      (Just an example that could be grossly misrepresented based on limited knowledge haha.)

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  12. I love trying to figure out what the map of Panem would look like (mostly because I’m curious as to which district I would be in) but I never really considered just how vast the arena would have to be!


  13. OMG–love this idea! Great list as usual XP

    Mistborn, Artemis Fowl, & The Hunger Games are honestly the only ones I could relate to (and agree with you on!). Buuuut I’ll be checking out the other books you’ve listed to see what they’re all about !

    Danee @ Fiction Function


  14. Wow this post is so cool and unique! I love the idea of it! You’ve also succeeded in making me want to read Steelheart, Proxy, and More Than This even more. I have to say, it would be AMAZING to watch the Hunger Games arena constructions in time lapse. Whoaaaaa that would just be the coolest.

    And god, I really need to catch up on Shingeki no Kyojin!


    1. Glad you enjoyed some of the nonsense that happens in my brain!

      Sanderson and Ness are my bros (figuratively). They never seem to disappoint me! And you could totally read Proxy/More Than This for your LGBT challenge…thing.

      There’s over 70 arenas that are unaccounted for (in terms of vivid descriptions) so those environments could really be anything!

      And have no fear–I’m also a year behind on SNK manga haha.


  15. What a brilliant idea for a topic (and incidentally, great example, using Game of Thrones, because they’re my all time favourite opening titles. I love the way the map changes depending on what’s featuring in the episode, and the music is gorgeous too).
    The only one I’ve read on your list is The Hunger Games, and I have Mistborn on my TBR as well. Might have to check out some of the others you’ve mentioned as I do love books with great world building.


  16. Ahh, I’d love to see how the cities in Reckoners came to be. Same with the Arenas. And yesss, the Walls would probably be coolest, especially knowing what’s inside them 😉 I’m not one of those really big HP fans, but I think it would be pretty cool to see the construction of Hogwarts in time lapse as well. Although, maybe they did it with magic and it was all done and ready to be moved in in like a blink of an eye 😀


    1. I’d question the lineage of wizards/witches who would be able to conjure up all of Hogwarts with a flick of the wand. Because then I’d say the person connected to the individual who constructed Hogwarts (assuming they also got a shred of the power) just trolled all of Hogwarts and watched as their lineage-made school get wrecked by Voldy hahaha.


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