[Top Ten Tuesday] – #42 – Top Ten Things I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Bringing This Year

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.


This Week’s Theme:
Top Ten Things I Wouldn’t
Mind Santa Bringing This Year

Initial Thoughts:

Between the recent top ten lists, I’m sure I’ve listed the books I’d want immediately. So I’ll just omit the book-specific portion and just go with things that I need more of this holiday (which may be alleviated thanks to Boxing Day). Nothing below is really extravagant—I’m a simple person to please.

Feedback for Thoughts and Afterthoughts

This might be shameless advertising but if you’re willing, I’d be happy if you took some time to fill in this survey regarding the success of this blog so far. This link will take you to GoogleDocs.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

I’ll admit: some of them do look pretty tacky but there are others I’d actually want. There’s this limited Toronto Maple Leafs one that began sales early September but now is sold out everywhere. So sad.

Seashell Chocolates/Peppermint Chocolate

Not sure if these are my favourite but I certainly haven’t had them in a looooong time.

Moleskin Journals

So I don’t need to write down notes on post-it notes anymore when I’m out and output and get a hit of inspiration in writing LOL (not to mention I lose a lot of these post-its ahhhh).

Writing Inspiration

I wouldn’t call it writers block but it is surely something close to that. Ahhh poor book writing planning will be the bane of this endeavour.

Backpack/Messenger Bag

There was an incident with my previous bag involving the scent of oranges…and ants—a colony of ants. I require a new messenger bag. Perhaps a Herschel but who knows.

Continuation of midseason finale shows/New season of television.

Suits. Orphan Black. Game of Thrones. Now.

More Time

We all say it: where did this year go? But then again I’m not sure I would have really done much else differently.

Canadian Literature

This will be expanded on next week in resolutions but I just realized I haven’t dabbled with much CanLit (aside from Atwood…but even then..) despite living here all my life. I’ll gladly take past/future upcoming CanLit recommendations if you have any.


Yeah, that’s all I can really think of LOL. Fun fact (and perhaps it was a cultural thing to not care as much for this holiday) but I was introduced at an early age that Santa wasn’t real.

What are some things you’d want in general (book/non-book related)?

Anyhow, I must proceed to Christmas-y shenanigans. I will hopefully blog hop later. I hope you all have wonderful and a safe holiday!


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