[Toronto International Book Fair] — Journal: Day 0 (Nov 12/13)

TIBF - Welcome Sign

Hello to all you cool people of the world!

Just thought I’d share with you some details of what I’ve been up to this week (considering my lack of responses to replying to the memes/discussion posts–for which I’m very sorry for!).

I’ve been quite the busy Canuck these past two days helping wherever I can at the TIBF convention center to build the event from ground up. So maybe I stubbed my toe a few times and strained a few muscles here and there, but this inaugural fair is looking mighty rad! (Pain is beauty…?) Not to mention working alongside the swarms of bomb ass, down-to-earth ladies and gents. Can I just say that every single exhibitor I had a conversation with were some of most genuine and extremely kind people I have ever met. Like, really, rainbows were shooting out of them or something magical like that. So as the hours passed, edging closer to the opening night of the fair, I basically got more excited because everyone else was getting pumped. Perhaps some voodoo mob mentality? Either way, I’m not complaining.

While I decided not to take progress pictures to account of what the bare bones of the convention looked like, I’ll definitely be pointing my viewfinder to give you a look through my eyes, as both a volunteer and an attendee.

So the journey continues onto Day 1!

I’ll be volunteering at the fair today and tomorrow (shifts around 12-5pm), and I’ll be working alongside Savindi (The Streetlight Reader), another fellow blogger! That’s exciting…considering I haven’t seen her in eons. And maybe if you come across a dopey looking Asian kid wearing the blue volunteer t-shirts, it just might be me—so come say hi—I’m probably completely awkward in person but that’s okay! (I think?)

So yes, the INSPIRE! Toronto International Book Fair is now live! It’s hosted in the North Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre starting today and runs till Sunday (Nov 14-16, 2014). So come on down and get INSPIRED!


Disclaimer: Photo-cred taken from the Inspire! TIBF Facebook group.


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