[Miscellaneous] – The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Miscellaneous is the tagline to store my random posts that don’t really belong elsewhere. It’s more for consistency sake so I can have an itty-bitty picture to follow suit with the post.

What’s Miscellaneous and Random Today?

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award


The Award Rules:
1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you.
2. List the rules and display the award.
3. Share seven facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Initial Thoughts:

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award has been making noticeable rounds in the community (or the miniscule community that I know of at least) recently and people are apparently inspired by my words (or bloggers just ran out of nominees and if so: THEN I BEAT THE SYSTEM). Either way, I will continue to laugh at the thought of being inspirational. But first and foremost, I’d like to thank these people for nominating me for said award:

Anna @
WP: Anna’s Reading List // Twitter: AnnieAnnnieee

Miguel @
WP: The Quirky Reader // Twitter: The Quirky Reader

Stefanie @
Bookmark’d In Bangkok // Twitter: Bookspry

Alex @
Alex In Bookland // Twitter: sambart93

Elyssa @
Books and Iced Coffee  // Twitter: elyssamesias
(A preemptive thanks. She’s apparently nominating me)

If you thought I was inspirational, well… shit, you better go check them out instead because they inspire…my inspiring…to inspire…?—that’s trippy.

The Facts

Now here’s where I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about how to live life on the edge as an inspirational...ist. And since I don’t curate content that often (suffice to say I don’t have regular scheduled posts to qualify for this award—re: beat the system comment), let’s buff this post up so you can learn more about this boymanthing behind thoughts and afterthoughts. So as a matter of bonus, let’s narrow (or expand?) these 7 facts to somewhat fit the category of the five main senses: sight, hear, taste, smell, touch – because I can…and because you, the reader, apparently find enjoyment in my keyboard smashing…

  • Skilled television binger who watches everything from hangry-inducing food network to guilty pleasures on CW/MTV Network and shameless reality television;
  • Digital alarm clock is set 30 minutes ahead of real time (instead of being set 30 minutes prior to needing to);
  • Finds the bi-polar Canadian weather to be the best— from sunshine one hour to 4-feet of snow the next;
  • Appears blind in public without glasses but doesn’t always wear them unless vision is crucial (i.e. movies) since the default vision isn’t even that poor;
  • Throws money at live entertainment; theatre, Cirque-related, orchestrated, comedy sketches;
  • Probably reads digital copies faster than in physical books;
  • Starts a book/manga/show/movie for the plot…stay for the ships #fandomswillunderstand;
  • Forever a bandie; 6 years in wind ensemble, 1 year in choir;
  • Mainly pop-rock, EDM, progressive house, everything acoustic, a lot of covers, and anything that doesn’t scream in your face;
  • Cinematic orchestral music gives the most feels (so, epic movie trailer, film, or video game scores);
  • Follows the ICCA (the a cappella competition Pitch Perfect is based off of);
  • Sometimes jams and covers songs with friends (i.e. I’ll Make A Man Out of You – Mulan);
  • But is really terribad at harmonizing.
  • Also owns a very resilient showerhead. It has yet to implode from belting Let It Go (Frozen).
  • Umami is the flavour profile of choice;
  • Poutine can be eaten everyday #sorryarteries;
  • And soft shell crab roll sushi #sorrywallet;
  • Genmaicha (brown rice tea) warms the soul;
  • Chip flavours: ketchup, barbeque, sweet chili and sour cream, or tostitos with 7-layer mexican dip;
  • Subway: assorted cold cut, Italian herbs and cheese, white cheddar, lettuce, green peppers, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, honey mustard, chipotle, white chocolate macademia nut cookies, iced tea (dear reader, we are at that point in friendship for you to know my order…thanks);
  • Not medically diagnosed to be lactose intolerant but will often steer clear of dairy products (…unless YOLO).
  • Cinnabon makes the knees go jelly.
  • Will take dry and cold winter -30 degrees Celcius air over being repeatedly smacked in the face by summer allergies;
  • Uses hair clay that basically tastes smells like lychee Hi-Chew candy (it’s also in a dragon ball-z container);
  • Does not simply sneeze once (one turns into several);
  • The first thought noticed after landing in England several years back: the air smells different…better, maybe.
  • Home is littered with Glade plug-in’s;
  • Owns the Adam Levine cologne primarily for the bottle that looks like a microphone #nojudgment #scentisonlyokay.
  • Enjoys holding reflector boards when assisting with (and sometimes modeling for) a friend’s photography start-up that can be found here @ J:Etude Photography. #shamelessplug #trytofindme;
  • Played four years of recreational league hockey and had a terrible shot albeit a decent skater; one career goal–legit;
  • Cold pillows, always.
  • Too cheap to carry around a notebook so instead jots random notes using sticky notes (i.e. has ~50 rad and questionable top ten topics  spread throughout pads of post-its);
  • Will likely require carpal tunnel surgery in the future;
  • Was beat up by the bro-ski for catching a Pokemon he couldn’t catch #familybonding;
  • Has yet to break a bone, but had to get switches around an ear for a rollerblading accident.



…well I guess that’s 7 35 things I’m sure you didn’t care to know. You’ll realize that some of the facts required stretching the imagination to involve the sensory organ. Furthermore, that was probably a few minutes of your life gone if you cared to read all of that. So…I do apologize for always writing long posts (not really).

Now here’s where I’m supposed to nominate 15 people…but if there’s one thing that these facts didn’t tell you is that I’m pretty lazy (note: this post took over a week to compile…). So to check who hasn’t done it and who would be willing to do it…oh man that’s difficult. So am I killing the chain by not nominating people? Possibly. Do I feel bad about it? Of course! I wish people would stop eating all that humble pie and self-nominate themselves for my sake. I would be so pleased if that happened (even though we all know that people wouldn’t self-nominate themselves for an award–let’s be honest, I wouldn’t either). But if this post sparked any sense of wanting to partake in this networking business…then be my guest, share with me your 7 (or 35) facts and write up a post and let me know!

Otherwise…I guess we’re at a stalemate then (and I hope you enjoyed that read?)


8 thoughts on “[Miscellaneous] – The Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

    1. Hahaha, you know me and my beat the system attitude on these default awards/lists (I’m a good kid in real life though, I swear!)

      Maybe you’d like to take on something similar if you haven’t completed this award yet :D? I’m sure I could also throw some ideas out there for inspirations-sake too. (Then I can say I nominated someone and I didn’t totally skip over rule numero four).


  1. Hey, great post! It’s always nice to know more about the person behind the blog. I think I relate most to orchestra music and Cinnabon. I attend orchestra symphony concerts several times a year, even if I can’t recognize Mozart from Bach. Still, I’d consider orchestral music for the Final Fantasy games as perfection. Also, I didn’t realize how much I love Cinnabon until I saw it in Bangkok. I took it for granted in the U.S.!


    1. Yesssss final fantasy concerts are so feels…SO MUCH FEELS. I’ve only attended 3 I think (Play: A Video Game Symphony, Distant Worlds) but I have recordings from the ones in Japan as well. I’m debating to go the new “Replay” show and another session of distant worlds later this year buuuut the wallet cries.

      I’m not even that huge of a cinnamon fan elsewhere (I don’t even know where else I’d find cinnamon in the noms/beverages)–it’s just cinnabon that makes me feel so elated.


  2. Great post! I’ve got to admit that I was going to nominate you too but Anna nominated me and I noticed that she’d nominated you in the same list! I’m a TV binger too! I’ve got worse since I found Netflix!!


    1. Regardless of nomination or not, thank you for your consideration and support–I haven’t been invested in this whole book blogosphere for that long but I’m more than ecstatic that people follow this somewhat regularly (when I do decide to post..haha).

      I think I’d have to shoot myself in the foot if I got Netflix! I’m pretty consistent and sort of restricted (by month) with the shows I keep up with due to my bandwidth capacity but man if I had Netflix…so long life!


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