[Music Monday] – #3 – Pentatonix – Say Something

Music Monday is a weekly meme hosted by the Total Book Geek. The purpose of this bookish variant is to match a book with a particular song; whether it is character defining, a narrative element, or just an overall book defining track.

So why am I doing this? Well if I had to choose to only have one of the five traditional senses, it would be sound perception above all else. And hey I think it’d be neat to share music I listen to on a daily basis!

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This Week’s Song:
Pentatonix – Say Something
(Original by A Great Big World
feat. Christina Aguilera)

Book Selected:
Dublin in the Rain – Andrew Critchley


Initial Thoughts:

A stellar novel requires an equally stellar track pairing, right?

Andrew Critchley - Dublin in the Rain (Cover)

I’m pretty sure this song can be used for many romance-oriented novels but I found this particular cover to be a striking example of the core relationships and the engaged contemporary issues in Andrew Critchley’s Dublin in the Rain. With Kirstie taking forefront in this cover, it’s quite the homage to J.P’s mother and Sophia in the delivery of the song to drive the meaning and allowing the perspectives to resonate.

If you’re interested in learning more about Critchley’s Dublin in the Rain, you can read about my review here. Or you can click on the book cover to be redirected to Goodreads.

There is just so much ear candy in this cover of Say Something that lends itself to the lyrics as it relates to the pivotal stages in Jonathan Paul Melton’s (J.P.) life: as a child and as an adult. In both stages of life, there’s a nod to the parallelism and redemption drawn by the generation gap and the eventual fates of what would be the song’s general meaning. As a child, the playback would occur from his mother’s perspective toward Jonathan’s father – ultimately leading to divorce as the marriage was unsalvageable. In his adulthood, it’s the unexpected death of his and Sophia’s child that begins this song from her eyes as she falters in loving him as he grieves. But Jonathan is not his father. With the theme of redemption, J.P., who was once taking two steps forward and one step back, gains insight from self-reflection and proceeds with the once unimaginable: he says something. Haaaaaa, I’m so cheesy.


Pentaholic? Indeed – since their debut on The Sing Off! Feeling all the feels. All of it.

To be honest, I wouldn’t have imagined this cover to being a nice match for this book if it wasn’t Kirstie being the predominant lead. I mean, the song is nice in itself but the choice wouldn’t have been as compelling otherwise. Just my two cents (which is rather biased, derp.)



2 thoughts on “[Music Monday] – #3 – Pentatonix – Say Something”

  1. Sounds like quite the heavy read, dealing with some deep issues. This softer cover is really a great choice! Besides I love that song and those lyrics 🙂


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