[Review] Mitosis – Brandon Sanderson

Book Title:                   Mitosis (Novella, Reckoners Series #1.5)
Author:                          Brandon Sandersonbrandon sanderson - mitosis (cover)
Number of pages:


Steelheart may be dead, but Epics still plague Newcago and David and the Reckoners have vowed to fight back.

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Should this book be picked up? the tl;dr spoiler-less review:

– A reminder of narrative elements that we love/hate from Steelheart (world building, metaphors/similes, etc).
– Quick read that has finality but also slightly hints at the next novel, Firefight.

Initial Thoughts

There are no thoughts or reasons behind why I had to read this. It is what it is.

If you want to read my extremely long review of the first book, Steelheart, you can click here.

Disclaimer: Potential spoilers inherent to this review from here onward.


[The day had finally arrived, a day I’d been awaiting for ten years. A glorious day, a momentous day, a day of import and distinction.

It was time to buy a hot dog.]

This short narrative takes place immediately following the end of the first novel. Even if you have stepped away for a few weeks from the meticulous world building in Steelheart, you’re immediately immersed into Newcago post-war under the unfathomable sunlight. Yet as much joy David can relish in petty things like hot dogs and his continual poor sense of crafting metaphors/similes, the civilians of Newcago are still very wary of the shift in scenery. A home once filled with darkness and of an Epic reign was normal – people stuck to that lifestyle with utmost comfort. But the fall of Steelheart and his godlike status is sure to make newsworthy waves through the far reaches of the Fractured States. It is that which people fear: a new Epic setting up shop in Newcago. But although it is something the Reckoner’s have mentally planned for, the forthcoming of a new arrival is what’s daunting…and he’s after the Steelslayer himself.

[I wanted people to stop thinking of themselves as refugees. They belonged to a community now.]

If you disliked David to begin with, you’ll be provided reminders as to why you might have hated him in the first place. He’s emotional about Firefight and still tries too hard with quipping bad ‘metaphors’. Yup, he’s that not-so-stellar protagonist we all grow to love/hate/whathaveyou. So when he’s faced with a proposition from Mitosis seeking out the Steelslayer, David will have to use his repository of Epic knowledge in saving the civilians and his city.

When the suspicious individual of this novella was introduced, I should have known that it was going to relate to the novella’s namesake: Mitosis. I think I just jumped into this novella without much thought other than to just re-immerse myself back into Newcago, Epics, and news of Firefight. Anyways, I found Mitosis’ powers were neat despite the open-ended interpretation of his weakness. But I guess it’s kind of refreshing to learn about an Epic’s kryptonite without cookie-cutter finality to it (unlike previous Epic’s).

Overall, it was a fun and short read that compacts all of the elements that stuck out to readers in Newcago going forward.

[“We can’t stand for something if we only move in shadows.”]

//short rambling is short.

Thanks for this book for nostalgic high school biology 101 again.



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