[Fierce Reads Fall 2015 Tour] — Toronto Event Recap


“Oh Shit, I’m Not Gonna Make it…”

Oh shit I’m not gonna make it…I’m not gonna make it…I’m not gonna make it…

— my thoughts the entire morning and afternoon leading to the signing.

But it’s true: I didn’t make it on time to the panel or the Q&A. I arrived borderline 5pm (the event started at 3) but I was notified via live-texts from Amanda @ Brains, Books, and Brawn (thank you!) that it started late — all the while I was sending telekinetic messages to every attendee to ask ALL THE QUESTIONS [to stall for time, obv].

The crowd during the panel (image from Fierce Reads Instagram):


When I actually arrived, the signing was in full swing in the upper level of Indigo Yonge & Eglinton and I was surprised as to the amount of people cramped into this room. They were on Group #2, my ticket read Group #5.

Onward to chill times.

Chilling With The Community

A funny thing happened in that Amir @ Not So Literary wasn’t initially getting books signed as she had to leave on account of getting a ride from another attendee. (She didn’t even own the books yet.) I’m pretty sure she wasn’t talking to me directly but the conversation happened around the group I was with (including Patty @ Bookish Wander Love) and considering I was in last group and was also signing for Jesse @ Books At DawnI asked if she wanted me to just add hers to the pile.

Note: I just met this person (~5 minutes?) and she’s trusting me with her books.

Long story short, I suddenly had the daunting task of not ruining 2 additional copies of Six of Crows and a First & Then (though I will say that it felt pretty cool to pretend that I owned 3 hardbacks of Six of Crows). Now the mission is to get these books back to her…

The chilling and mingling continued for the next while, and for me it was primarily with these cool kids, from left to right: Patty, Some Photo Bomber, Tiff @ MostlyYALit, Jerome (Amanda’s BF), and Amanda. My favourite conversation concerned ALL THINGS PATRICK NESS and some titles we found overrated that may or may not have drew side-glances from others LOL.  (Image courtesy of Tiff’s Instagram).


There were so many bloggers in attendance! And if you went and we didn’t greet each other —  chances are we haven’t formally met LOL. The thing I hate about these events is the feeling that grows inside you once you step back into the everyday. It’s extremely bittersweet. (But I won’t dwell on that — there’s always next time!)

Major thanks to Amanda and Jerome for sticking around with me till the end of the signing. They didn’t have to as they already got their books signed–so I really appreciate it!

Initiate Operation “[Don’t] Melt Into Puddle”

So it was time to get my books signed by Leigh (who seemed to be the crowd favourite with the longest line). What’s funny is that my camera seemed to have a mind of its own when it took this picture…


it must ship us, yeah? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

But in all seriousness, the abridged version of my conversation with Leigh led in with: “Thanks for creating/writing Nikolai, he’s one of my favourite characters — such that I’d really want a bromance with him.” Let’s just say her response implied that Nikolai would be game.

Ah, I can’t reiterate enough how glad I am that I was able to be part of this event even for just the tail-end of things. Wonderful people all around.

Swaggerific Signatures and Stuff

I got my copies of Shadow & Bone, Ruin & Rising, and Six of Crows signed. My copy of Seige and Storm was already signed when I bought it from Book Outlet so I decided against bringing it. Leigh actually wrote different personalizations in each of the Six of Crows signed; which is pretty cool, yeah?

I thought about bringing Trial By Fire given to me by Wendy @ A Cupcake and A Latte but I actually haven’t read it so I felt guilty (although I did want to read it prior to this event).

I wanted to take a picture of Jesse’s Six of Crows before handing it back to him that night but alas I forgot so I’m adding the picture he took instead.


…pretend my letter opener paperweight isn’t there.








Did you attend the Toronto Fierce Reads event or others? Let me know! Until the next event–


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(Disclaimer: Use of “Heart Brushes” credited to hawksmont at Brusheezy)

37 thoughts on “[Fierce Reads Fall 2015 Tour] — Toronto Event Recap”

  1. I totally can’t remember what we said was overrated. Crap. Is my old-person memory that bad? Also, does being an old person mean that I don’t notice other people side-eyeing me? Because I had no idea that happened either…but man, I’m excited for my future of fangirling like I just don’t care – because I really don’t.

    You’re a gem for getting all those books signed, and yeah, I’ll ship Joeigh. =) Great seeing you there, and hilarious recap!


    1. Tiff, you aren’t even old. Stop that!

      And we were speaking to Throne of Glass, Winners Trilogy, Demetrios fantasy that (and I quote from you) “is unlike her contemporaries which are A+ reads” LOL. I saw some glances when we were speaking [loudly] about Throne of Glass (as many of us haven’t read it for various reasons HAHA.)

      Great to see you at the event too Tiff! Nice to finally feel part of the community when you can be recognized at events.


  2. Hello, I’m finally back. Your pictures (and those of your friends) are amazing, and I’m glad it was fun! Didn’t go to the NYC one, I’m sure I’ll regret that when I read the book!


    1. I never thought you were gone–It’s always a “see you later” for me, especially on the interwebs of all places! I definitely couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go to the event; it’s such a rarity for these events in the Canadian market.

      And in the wise words of the community: “YOU MUST READ SIX OF CROWS!!!!!” (To which I hope hype does not disappoint.)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, it’s definitely interested me! It was in my library but I did not pick it up because I was looking for a specific set of books. I WILL


  3. EEEEEEK. I loved the Grisha. I need to get my hands on Six of Crows. JOEY YOU MUST READ THAT BOOK AND POST A REVIEW OR ELSE.

    Love and books and all thanks to this wonderfully calm conversation,


    1. Damn, everyone’s hyping this book up! This is scary. I wrecked the last majorly hyped book earlier this year (Red Queen) BUT I’m sure I’d enjoy this because it’s set in the Grisha world which I was completely enthralled by when I binged the first two books in 2 days.


  4. Oooh! So lucky and glad you had a good time! I wish there were more events in my area. I feel like they are everywhere except where I am or even close enough to travel to. That’s awesome that Leigh put something different in each book!


    1. I get that feeling a lot too with major festivals in the States. I’m blessed to live near Downtown Toronto as I’m gonna guess that’s a hub of Canadian markets. And I’m impressed she’d be able to have all those different quotes in her back pocket! But I guess she doesn’t turn to jello like the rest of us HAHA.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. JOEY THIS IS SO COOL. Once again you have me sitting at home wishing I was going to one of these events! Meeting fellow bookworms, meeting FELLOW AUTHORS SUCH AS LEIGH. I now have a copy of Shadow and Bone and cannot wait to read it!
    Great post!


  6. I’m so jealous! T___T
    Even though I got my book signed, I wish I was able to attend!

    Thank you forever and ever for doing this for me. That picture of you and Leigh is adorable btw.

    And I love how she personalized her books as well. That’s amazing 😀

    Glad you had fun! I’ll be at the next book event, I promise.


    1. Not a problem at all :D! I’m just glad we were able to meet so I could give it to you — I’d feel stressed to have it in my possession and the potential for it to be damaged in transit ahhhhhh.

      You better go to the next event — then you can join me in the blogger/community feels. It’s unreal.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I met Leigh when she was on her Six of Crows tour and really loved it! She is so sweet and such a joy to meet. I am so jealous you got to go to the tour with all 4 authors though. I do love the Fierce Reads tours. Sorry you missed the Q+A but hey! At least you met the authors? Loved the picture of you and Leigh and I hope you enjoy Six of Crows! 😀



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