[Top Ten Tuesday] – #79 – Author/Blogger Dream Teams

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.


This Week’s Theme:
Author/Blogger Dream Teams

Initial Thoughts:

There is no easier way to say two brains melding into one product other than shipping the minds of their owners. That being said, while I actually wanted to mainly focus on bloggers, I did have some authors in mind that I’d love to see work together. And with that, I give you this nonsensical post.

None of these bloggers have consented to being featured…I did it because reasons.

Author Dream Teams

Neil Gaiman and Patrick Ness

My world would explode tho…

Brandon Sanderson & Leigh Bardugo


Wab Kinew & Richard Wagamese

Approach to life and aboriginal issues compliment each other. It’d be interesting to see them collaborate on a children’s story. (It’s Savindi’s inclusion into this list — if you remember her from The Streetlight Reader!)

Andrew Smith & S.E. Hinton

I’d love to meet one of Smith’s male characters in the nostalgia of an Outsiders-esqe story.

George Orwell & Ray Bradbury & Aldous Huxley

Can you imagine what a shitty world these three could conjure together? So bad that I’d love it.

Blogger Dream Teams

Aentee (Read At Midnight) & Brett Michael Orr

Have you readers ever shipped bloggers before? Just think about it: their love-child-blog-post would be magical, yeah? Considering Brett’s penmanship as an author and Aentee’s eye for visuals — kabloomy — it’d be such a creative product. Please don’t hate me, my Brentee ship.

Erika (ErikaChung182) & Jesse Nicholas (Books At Dawn)

Erika’s a BookTuber I met at a blogger event this past summer that has recently started a blog (go give her some love)! But through my stalking ways (re: her first post and Jesse’s comment therein) both of these two know each other (WHAT A SMALL WORLD!) — and for the sake of this post — it would be awesome to see them featured on each other’s blog/booktube.

Brittany (Brittany’s Book Ramble)Brian (Brian’s Book Thoughts)

Niche blogging or not, we’re more than our content, and it’s neat when you find others who share sporting interests that you can connect with. These two are avid Ice Hockey viewers who surely share similar reading tastes (at least, that’s the vibe I get?) and it’d be neat to see what kind of blogging nonsense they’d end up rambling about.

“The Dimsum Squad”

(feat. Aentee (Read At Midnight), Jenna (Reading With Jenna), Aila (One Way Or An Author), Jasmine (Jasmine Pearl Reads), Lillie (Little Little Reads), CW (Read, Think, Ponder), Justine (Bookwormaniac))

Yep–you read that correctly. So…this cult-like food porn thing happened. I’m sure something good would come out of this; if not a blog thing, then wonderful squad fun-times a la dimsum cart pushing antics. And eating.

Shelumiel (Bookish and Awesome) & Wesaun (Oreos & Books)

This blogger pairing came so naturally to me. If you remember (you probably don’t) a past discussion topic I wrote about Blogger Blurbs, I drew comparisons between Lumi and Wesaun’s reading choices and blogging style. I’m sure they’d be able to pack a one-two punch of realness in any post being written about.

Miriam (Flying Through Fiction) & Summer (Xing Sings)

As a cappella fanatics go, Miriam is perhaps the most positive book blogging fan I know of who actively promotes the genre. Summer, on the other hand, seems less intense (correct me if I’m wrong, Xingy) but still enjoys the eargasmic experience of it all. Aside from my hopes that they join together in creating a new group and cover every song ever, I think this mutual interest is definitely a wonderful starting point.

Josie (Josie’s Book Corner) & Sam Whitehouse (Sam Whitehouse Writer)

Of all of the people whom I follow, I get positive fantastical vibes from both Josie and Sam in blogging about all things fantasy. (Maybe I’m just shooting blanks here but I’m pretty sure fantasy is among their favourite genres.) Either way, I’m sure they could work together like the fellowship or something and come up with amazeballs blogs on all things fantasy.

Joy (Joyousreads) & Brandie (Brandie is a Book Junkie)

Is it weird that I want to say that both mothers are like my blog…mother…older person to look up to? (I’m not trying to sound creepy, okay?) I paired Joy and Brandie together because both read New Adult and it isn’t uncommon to feel the push of certain titles my way. It’d be interesting to see them give life to any dialogue. Anything. 

Faye (The Social Potato) & Aentee (Read At Midnight)

Sorry I had to use you again, Aentee, but it actually makes a lot of sense for you to be next in line to get lightning interviewed by Faye (seeing as how you’re also part of The Social Potato). Why does this need to happen? Because accents, obviously.

Now You Choose!

I’m interested in hearing which 2+ bloggers/booktubers/etc. would you want to see work together? You can totally include yourself into the mix if you want!


Yup. This post happened at a time I was bed-ridden over this past Thanksgiving weekend with my vaporub inhaler and being drugged up on Tylenol. I couldn’t include every potential pairing+ from those that I follow, so I do apologize.


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21 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #79 – Author/Blogger Dream Teams”

  1. OH THANK GOD. Seeing it’s you I thought it was going to be some awful song tribute to your ship XD I APPROVE OF THIS POST AND WOULD LOVEEEE TO BLOG WITH BRETT. sigh distance stops our dimsum squad, come visit Australia and we shall take you to yumcha 😉 OH FAYE AND I ARE TALKING ABOUT THE MARTIAN THOUGH. I sorta got forced into it, the lady is mighty persuasive *cough and bossy*.

    Liked by 5 people

  2. I love the idea of Aentee and Brett collabing! Actually Aentee doing all the collabs you suggested sound pretty boss! Lol. And I definitely would die to see “the dimsum squad” 😂!
    You slay TTT’s Joey, each week, IDK how you do it but yours are hands down the best.


  3. Okay so Brandon Sanderson and Leigh Bardugo are a match made in fantasy heaven, I am all for this collaboration!!

    I love that you’ve included bloggers into this post and all of your pairings are spot on. The Dimsum Suqad is a particular favourite of mine haha.


  4. Okay so this was actually a little better than I was dreading – a clever post and I do like the combination of authors there. And you know what? Blogging with Aentee would be awesome! 😀


  5. George Orwell & Ray Bradbury & Aldous Huxley
    O_O I’d read that just so I can have nightmares (do you hear me?! I want to see the twisted world they’d come up with bc they’re that good!).

    ;D Yes, it is indeed I small world! I met Jesse this past summer too lol! We met when we both attend the book launch of Morgan Rhodes A Book of Spirits and Thieves. Good times, good times X)


  6. Ok, this is awesome, and I am honored. I’m going to look up Joy’s blog now. I hope you’re feeling better now? Being bed ridden is always a good time to try reading CoHo…just sayin. You know I had to.

    And I just finished the newest CoHo book on Monday and omgwoeirhtiehekdlhaodoaidhfuiotheo!!!!!!! I can’t even, Joey. I’m in NA heaven again.


  7. Joey, this is simply BRILLIANT. I love this incredibly and you never fail to take an awesome new spin on these Top Ten posts! I agree with every single pairing you made here. And the DIM SUM SQUAD. FABULOUS.
    I can totally see Aentee and Brett concocting one heck of a blogger storm! It would be awesome! The same goes for Faye and Aentee!


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